so I would like to share my idea with you: elections
so I already have a half system thought of it goes like this:

there will be a tab for political parties it is just like corporations but for elections (e.g.: the communist party of eden)

Presidents will be players

There shall be ministiries elected by the president

if a presidents tries to become a dictator or is not a good president a referandum shall be put if the votes are more than 60 percent the president shall be removed

a president will be a president for four months

you can’t be a president for more than 2 consecutive times.

if the president makes racial slurs they shall be banned from being the president altogether

please add more to my set of rules pelase contribute because this is for EVE this is for our amusement.

Presidents have control over high sec and a special concord force to protect him

can people upvote this so the developers can see it? hopefully they put this system in place

So still I have strong hope for this idea

we already have something like this with the CSM that is elected. People get to vote for them, send them to talk to CCP for us.

I guess I am a little confused into what this would really do for the game as a whole, as in eve lore each faction already has a leader or leaders…

I mean the faction leaders should also be players trust me this would also push the game to its limits making it a true space game (it already is pretty darn realistic)

But it is possible to be a president for more than 2 times the presidents can go like this
president A
President A
President B
President A

I don’t see what functionality or purpose that a player-base elected leader would be granted. You’re proposing a cart before the horse - what purpose is there for electing a leader?

I have thoughts on how an election could be implemented but until there is a reason to I don’t see why it needs to be fleshed out.

so that the players can also improve EVE And since the president would get specialised people like ministries the ministries would be specialised people and then they all have subministries like little offices so a player for example working under the ministry of defence would be specialised in defensive combat and leadership and also I suggest that these government workers should be payed and anyone can apply for a job but they would ned to pass some tests

I would also like to see like government jobs like medical and police help like recruiting medical personnel and police officers and border patrols and also we can make like consulates this can be the most realistic sci-fi game ever and we can make advertisiments about this so newer people would also come to EVE and we ened more advertisements for EVE and also we need an in depth explanation of everything for starter players so they wont quit.

So you’re proposing a leadership structure representing all of Eve’s player-base? This would be a replacement of the existing CSM. I don’t say that to dismiss the notion - but my suggestion is that it would be better to improve the exosting system rather than replace it wholesale.

What specifically would you suggest is wrong with the existing CSM system?

no the CSM is for the development of the game while the elections would be improving the game plus specialised people that are in big numbers would be easier to contact than the CSM I think CSM is doing fine I guess they should focus on developing while the election player based structures (like the main factions) can focus on individual problems specialised people.

So please people don’t be shy improve the post because it is for everyone.

I just don’t understand what’s the difference between a body of elected player representatives that are assisting CCP with “development of the game”… in contrast to what you are proposing as even more player representatives, that are “paid” - again, elected by a player-base - for “improving the game”.

development is more code based like V.203 etc. but improving is more like using what the game already has with a little deveoping if necessary.

hopefully that clears it up

İf you have any other questions do write it here

it seems that I have done a great job of explaining myself.

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