Faction elections and president

We are electing a new president for new EvE but it “only” influences the future of all capsulere.

What if we could elect our own president by faction so that each faction could create there own politics?
That would create a rivalry between each faction.

For example:
Ammar could ban citizen from other factions or lower there taxes to improve there economy, increase there security that would prevent drugs and other boosts but at the same time increase there security at 0.4 sectors.

That would increase/decrease there popularity and could create a coup and new elections.

CCP could also help creating a random material need in some regions to help with the imbalance off power.
For example:
Only Gallente territories could harvest Tritanium or anything that everybody needs, and it would tax a export or import tax. That would be used to help people living inside there borders (lower taxes, more shield’s, more armor resistance or something that could make a difference).

Or if a decision could cost every char extra taxes and make the change there home…

Each NPC station would cost some money and it would prevent stupid decisions (or not, the world is full off lieders with stupid decisions).

President’s could send messages to there citizen to create some point of views and lead them to act in a certain way and create clashed between each faction (CCP could verify this messages to prevent nonsense messages).

In EVE there is no difference within factions.
In real world, some people are more intelligent, some have more strength, some have more imagination and some don’t need anything and just want to burn everything.
Everybody is different. Some people will never be doctors and some will never be killers or painters.

I know it’s quite a challenge to code all this but all this changes could create a REAL and interesting sand box. With really unfair/fair collisions (the real world is not fair most of the times).

EVE was a sandbox in 2004, when I started, but now it’s a equality sandbox, and the world is not really like that (that’s why we have countries, and different people, with different ways of thinking that makes life so interesting ).

PS: CCP could also make a monetary reward to the presidents of each faction to make them do coherent decisions. Although they could be kicked by a coup, lose all there ISK and be bounty by 1 zillion Isk.

PSS: This is just a draft. I’m sure your project managers can put all the pieces together and create a real good “world”.
Your coders will kill you if you bring 10% this to them. I know it because I’m a coder.

I’ll start off with saying that this isn’t the first time this idea have been presented.

Starting with the core concept:
“Players can elect other players to affect the policies of NPC factions”

This idea would not be as fun as it sounds.
Much like actual politics, a person is not elected by a majority of a population but through “voting blocs” who are actively interested in seeing their person/interests elected.

Large, organized groups would (by and large) fall into this category as CSM elections of the past have shown.
This puts smaller groups at a disadvantage as they don’t have the organization, resources, and/or active followers to put up a challenge.
As for rebelling… guess which groups have more organization, numbers, resources, and/or active followers?

This is further compounded by the fact that this is a game. Which means that whoever becomes a political leader in the game has no incentive to represent anyone besides those who got them there.
For better or worse.
Not even for an ISK incentive.

I would categorize this idea as DoA (Dead on Arrival) for the most part.

Referring back to the first point, if a player comes along and they want to simply “watch everything burn” then this would be the easiest and most simple method of doing so.
(note: A player obviously wouldn’t be elected if this is what they wanted to do… but they could lie simply so they CAN do it)

I know this is simply a draft of an idea… but being able to affect fundamental game mechanics across huge swaths of the game is definitely ripe for abuse.

If I recall correctly… this is still the case?
Some ore types only appear in certain areas of space… making some ores and minerals more valuable in certain areas than in others.

Of course… with ore compression and the new moon mining this is not really a big deal. Huge amounts of ores (and minerals) ship across the spacelanes every day from Null-sec to different empires.

As for taxing it… I don’t see how one could do that unless ores and minerals have to be sold across a “border market” between empires (which many, MANY players would outright scream about due to the amount of tedium this would cause).

Yes… and this gives people freedom to choose what bonds and interests they prefer… rather than become part of some narrative they do not care for.

A good example was my time in the Minmatar Militia (Faction War).
I could have cared less about the narrative that some of the more hardcore role player groups were spouting.
I just wanted to blow up other like-minded people.
Hell… I teamed up with my “enemy” a few times for fun suicide ganks in Minmatar and Amarr space. Or declare war on groups in each our own respective factions because they were being annoying twats.

Players will divide themselves up according to their differences. Simply them the option and the time to do so.

And this is why the game has so many different professions and activities.

Different people already gravitate towards what they want to do and organize with the people they want to organize with.

If anything… the idea you are presenting here does the opposite and gives tools to a single player (and his/her organization) to encourage or discourage people from doing certain things based on mere whims (see also: homogenize behavior).

Methinks you need to go out and explore things a bit more. Perhaps join groups other than those you have been a part of in the past?

The politics between different corporations and alliances are quite diverse and think/act in VERY different ways.

tldr: Mechanically enforced “differences” between players because they chose one portrait over another is a no-go for me.

Players already create differences and factions between themselves.

Granted… there should be more incentive for players to come into conflict and fight each other (in my opinion), but this is not the way to do it.

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