Is this how Liberty Dies?!

Jacus Roden, our so called “President” (Read:Dictator), has undermined the very essence of what it means to be Gallentean.

Elected in YC111, he has remained president for over 11 years! What happened to a maximum of two terms?
I demand for an immediate election!

So should all my fellow Gallenteans!
Do not let our great nation, our great democracy, be converted into some farce of an Empire!

My dood, for you:

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What rock did you live under to not know Roden was no longer president?

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Gallente “liberty” tends to not be the case, but I was under the impression that Roden’s successor had been elected.

wrong channel mate. the cool kids are posting over at intergalactic summit, not eve lore discussion which is the out-of-character section.

on the bright side, we can just pretend that this whole thing never happened while you do some catching up. you even managed to bait a couple (or more?) in-character responses so that’s already a win in my book (of course as long as you don’t do it intentionally).

post safe o7

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You have to be living under a rock to not know about the new Gallente President since I wasn’t paying any attention to EVE lore st the time and still found out.

Oh…I’ve been out in Null sec space for a while, might have been out of the loop a bit.
Just saw that all the news channels(read:Lore Entries on the Eve Site) weren’t updated.

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