Present President

I wish I knew enough about @Celes Aguard to generate some copy for you.

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Should I flag my own post to get ISD attention?

yes (5 char)

@ISD_Thalack_Dalhar yo.

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Thanks; good-folk. Nice to see the change in the corp’ descriptors bulleted in the patch notes also.
The foundations are strong…
I predict a riot. :wink:


“The doves had always accorded well with Foiritan although they never fully trusted him, but they are going to have a hell of a time with President Roden.”
Gallente #Doves

Tense, but not tort.

Although I don’t recall the “bird” categories being so extensive - is that new?

Do Gallente refer to leaders who served terms in Presidency as President after they leave office in a similar way to the past Presidents found in the USA today (wildcards excepted)?

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