CULTURE: Khanid Cultural Dinner [22 June 21:00 NEST]

The Khanid are family and friends, allies and neighbors, whom we have come to appreciate and respect. We are a lesser Empire and Kingdom when we are apart, and Saturday we seek to celebrate that bond of faith and fellowship. We invite all and sundry who wish to come and partake in the Khanid contribution to Holy Amarr, and we especially invite our Khanid brothers and sisters to come and share their culture with us. For they are beloved, they are honored, and we are fortunate for all those who stand so resolutely with us in the Faith. That their righteousness bears them ever heavensward, we reaffirm our fellowship against the enemies of the Faith, from within and without. In the understanding that better familiarity leads to a stronger union, we celebrate that most venerable Communion, that we may stand resolute in it together unto eternity. FN1

Consequently, we are having a Khanid themed dinner hosted by Archbishop Constantin Baracca and Miss Loai Qerl.

Date: Saturday June 22nd

Time: 21:00 NEST and running all day until done. It’s a buffett.

Where: The Khanid Mediation Garden, on my Yacht, presently moored in Mehatoor, 24th Imperial Crusade Station. [channel name for screening - “New Eden Fair - Security Entrance”

Dress: casual, but khanid themed is encouraged.

Automatically invited: Khimi Harar and allies/blues are invited BY MEANS OF THIS POST.FN2

Anyone else wanting to attend and who would like to obtain an invitation should contact Lunarisse Aspenstar, Constantin Baracca and Loai Qerl for pre-approval.

Plus ones not on the automatic invite list or specifically invited must have approval of a Director of LUMEN.

Questions should be directed to Constantin Baracca and Loai Qerl

Cordially, and with God’s Blessings,

Executrix Lunarisse Aspenstar Daphiti

FN1. Yes, you can totally guess who ghost wrote this for me.

FN2. If you are blue to LUMEN or any of its member corporations, you don’t need to ask if you are invited, you should know who you are and you are invited. If you think you are blue and you are not and you show up anyway, you will be whipped three times with a wet noodle at the security entrance and we’ll discuss.

FN3 - edited to move to Saturday JUNE 22nd.


Idolizers of the half-breed empress enjoying revelry with the traitorous Khanid whom continuously prove their incompetence. Disgusting and shameful! I will pray for all of your salvations.

Always good to see the undesirables pre-emptively bounce themselves.


God has ordained the Khanid to be righteous examples of duty and chivalry. Sadly, too often we hear from Khanid who have failed at that divine task.

I am very grateful to my friends in LUMEN and especially to Lady Lunarisse for allowing time to celebrate all that is great about my culture. I hope I can see many of my Khanid sisters and brothers at the gathering.


Hey there big man. Your little heretic cult loves to pop up to interrupt any social or unsocial gathering of capsuleers, yet you still haven’t made a difference. If you don’t like our appreciation of Khanid culture, maybe you should wardec us and put an end to our revelry?


A very worthy undertaking indeed. I offer my thanks to LUMEN for hosting this event.

Unfortunately unavoidable business commitments will mean I am unable to be present for the beginning of the evening, but should I be welcome I would very much like to join when I am available to do so.

Lady Liliya Setareh


Will there be excitable miniature slaver hounds running around pulling tiny wagons with plates of snacks on them ?

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I’m looking forward to this!


For that, dear Valerie, you should have to ask Loai. I wanted a true Khanid experience, near as you can have one for a culture with so much internal variety, not a ‘best guess’ from an Amarrian. You shall have to ask Lunarisse to attend, I’m afraid.

Khanid Themed Dinner! cough cough…

I mean I would be delighted to attend a special cultural event that we can celebrate our shared faith and fellowship with one another. As well as take in this exotic chance for rare and specialty foods.

Very Respectfully,
Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz


I am sorry to disappoint, but no…no little slavers with snacks. That is the opposite of what the Qerl Purser Preserve does! The little things are running around bouncing off couches and trees right now, just as they should be. <3

There will be snacks, at least.


I request an invitation to this event, being Khanid and from the same planet as Ms. Qerl, even.

I could even loan my yak and my yurt for the occasion.

My hovercraft is full of eels.

Didn’t understand that?

Well I didn’t understand your post either!

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I question the necessity of LUMEN’s plans to poison as many Khanid capsuleers as possible in one go.

Wait, that’s their actual food?



I do apologize, Nauplius, but the festival is purposed to celebrate all those things which are good and beloved about Khanid culture, in the interest of broadening and showing appreciation for it. I’m not entirely sure you qualify. But do feel free to ask Miss Loai and Directrix Lunarisse directly for an invitation if you disagree.


Madam, Kumis is a perfectly reasonable thing to drink. If you aren’t interested in drinking fermented mare’s milk I don’t know what it wrong with you.




So, I thought to myself, what things would I drink before I was so far down the list to drink fermented mares milk.

Pond water, stream water, nuclear reactor feed water. Sure, all three of them are not great. The first two can carry diseases and microorganisms, and the last one is irradiated.

However, it’s only 3.6 roentgens an hour. And while that’s not great, it’s not terrible, either. About as much as a chest x-ray (if you’re in one of those places where they still used ionizing radiation for imaging.)

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People say such odd things, and feel so strongly about a little yogurt drink. I have no idea why. I’d thought most people liked yogurt, or at least preferred it to swamp water.