Notes on the "Patient 3418675": Recovering a Butcher's victim

Notes on the “Patient 3418675”: Recovering a Butcher’s victim

“A simple victory in a battle of ships means little in comparison and this is truely not what this struggle is about: It’s an example of standing up for what is good and right, to serve faithfully. That’s not to say we all should vow the same: Rather we should all find inspiration in this example to confront the darkness we can make a stand against: To burn and live, to fear not, to be light. To spread the light throughout creation.”

- Nicoletta Mithra, founder of the Societas

I. Origin

On December 13, 117, a surviving slave crew member was extracted from the wreckage of @Nauplius ‘s Rifter-class frigate after the heretic was defeated in combat in Mehatoor. The survivor was taken on board of TES Exorcist and the same day delivered to the Societas’ medical facility in Mehatoor VI - 24th Imperial Crusade Logistic Support.

II. Assessment

The rescued was a male of biological age 26-28, DNA profile compliant with Northern Sebiestor subtype I1, gaunt, with milky white skin. He suffered moderate barotrauma during the ship destruction, but otherwise no serious injuries. However, the slave was malnourished, with obvious vitamin deficiencies, long-term lack of medical help and critical levels of stress evident. There were numerous scars from the electric lash, both new and healed. Further assessment found three differing forms of Vitoxin present in the body: the old-school poison and two mutating viral strains. As much as six different TCMC chips controlling most of the bodily functions were also found, three of them partially conflicting with each other. Those were likely used to torture the slave.

III. Preliminary background investigation

During the later questioning the patient refused to name himself anything other than “number 3418675” or “this slave” and provided no information about his background or origin. The DNA sample submitted to the Civil Service yielded no results in the database. It was assumed that the slave, likely bought by Nauplius on the open capsuleer market, has never passed through the hands of a proper holder and has his origins in one of the pirate deadspace installations that pilots raid on the regular basis. Attempts by my staff to request identification of the DNA sample from the Republic authorities in early 118 also led to nothing.

IV. Log of Events

117-12-13 - The patient is placed in the SFRIM medical facility in Mehatoor and is being treated for barotrauma. General assessment and Vitoc profiling is taking place.

117-12-14 - The legacy poison is removed from the system. Vitoc withdrawal from two of the active strains start to assert itself. The patient is placed on life support until the viral samples are decoded and Vitoc profiling is complete.

117-12-15 - The patient regains consciousness. He is not cooperative, tries to resist our Ni-Kunni medical personnel, calling them “servants of the Deceiver”, so they had to ultimately restrain and sedate him. He also keeps complaining that the “Master” will ultimately find and punish him, and then he’ll be damned to Hell. Attempts to question him fail.

117-12-16 - Since Dr. Scherezad, an known expert on complex cases such as this was unavailable, I gave Directrix Daphiti a brief report on the situation; she recommended contacting Samira Kerhner, who was a Lieutenant in Praetoria at the time. Unfortunately, I had to leave for Danera V on an urgent matter as the management of the estate had more priority than a well-being of a single slave. During the brief communication windows of opportunity Lt. Kernher was unavailable as well, so I ended up merely leaving the instructions for the staff to request help from Kerhner’s rehabilitation center, particularly on the Vitoxin strains used by the Butcher.

117-12-22 - Nauplius’ tower is destroyed at Afnakat VI in Khanid Kingdom with the joint effort of PIE and SFRIM. TES Seven Gates, my Armageddon-class flagship, participates in the bombardment.

117-12-29 - Vitoc profiling is complete. Both strains of virii were found to be used by the Butcher before on other victims in the custody of S.Kernher and A. Jenneth. The medical staff requests the applicable Vitoc formula for the synthesis.

117-12-31 - The patient is administered Vitoc and is taken off life support, but still kept sedated to prevent interference with the medical staff. The preparations to remove TCMCs begin.

118-01-01 - As a part of the celebrations of the New Year, I visit the patient personally to inform that the “Master” is never coming back, that the only Hell there is is the one he already survived through, the nightmare of the Butcher, spawn of Molok, and his new, true life in Light has now begun. As the patient is under the effect of recently administered Vitoc, he listens carefully.

To be continued.


He trades one hell for another. Until your planets and stations are but ash, he and those like him will never taste true light, only the filthy lies and propaganda that elevate the weak, unworthy and foolish upon thrones they did not deserve.

I’m glad this is public, always nice to have a reminder why all Amarr are on the ■■■■ list, and not just some, lest the honeyed tongues of some decieve us.

That sounds rather like Sani Sabik than Minmatar… Interesting.

It is nice to meet you too, ms. Vuld. To the likes of you, I can only mirror the sentiment.


IV. Log of Events (continued), Year 118

118-01 - Five of the six TCMCs are removed from the patient. The remaining one is rewired to a single function: to put the host instantly to sleep when the code is transmitted. It is a “safety switch” incase something goes wrong, as I don’t trust the person so badly damaged. Besides me, the code is given to my handmaidens Raene and Lubna who oversee the patient in my absence, and to the heads of medbay staff shifts.

118-02 - The patient completely recovers physically and is transferred to the Amarr VIII - Emperor Family Academy station onboard the SS Golden Scarab. However, he’s still not cooperative and we have to keep him in what essentially is a comfortable solitary confinement - a small room with an exit to a tiny garden overlooking the cavernous depths of the station’s inner space. The forcefield around the terrace ensures that nobody is going to jump down from it. This is now my personal “project” to work on.

As the patient has two active Vitoxin strains and has to be administered two different samples of Vitoc daily, I ordered the injections to be separated by an ten-hour period, one at 8:00 and another at 18:00, so for most part of his day he is under the beneficial effects of the injections. An hour after the medic finishes her work and goes away, either me or one of the two handmaidens, or a priest from the SFRIM office comes to visit the patient and attempt to talk to him.

The patient is sure that everything he sees is a temptation of the Deceiver aimed against the “Master” and refuses to communicate to the “demonic whores”, as the unspeakable suffering in which he, the “minmatar subhuman”, must “glorify God”, will soon follow. But by the end of the month the signs begin to appear that Vitoc and peaceful persuasion slowly do their work and the survivor’s resolve weakens.

118-03 - Amarr Civil Service responds that there’s no data on the individual whose samples we submitted. I sent Raene to the Republic, but this attempt faled miserably: she was held up for two weeks for random made up reason and denied any information from the RJD database. I then sent in Lubna who simply bribed a small-fry clerk in Lustrevik, and three days later we had our answer. “Patient 3418675” wasn’t in the Republic database either.

118-04 - It seems that the patient eventually took liking to his small room with the garden and the dock view as the long-time constant stress goes away and the injections curb the PTSD. He comes out to look at the plants and at the lights of the passing craft, and tries to read some of the simple books hard copies of which we left on the shell for him. He picked the ones in Matari first, which enforced our suspicion that this man comes from either the lowsec outskirts of the Republic or the Great Wildlands and the RJD DNA bank is hardly all-encompassing.

118-05 - Even if we have to free him later, at first we have to properly register him in the ACS on me so I have the power do it. As my father’s legacy, am entrusted with a hold of 1000; however, over the decades some of our slaves naturally died of old age, and others were either freed entirely and left or became “life-time contract employees” within the estate, so now it’s 983. I submitted an official petition to the authorities, including all the necessary data and the report on the circumstances surrounding the “Patient 3418675” so that I may be designated as his Holder.

For his new life he’ll need a proper name, not a number, so we decided to name him Saleh until we uncover his past.

To be continued.

V. Notes on Miscellaneous Baseliner Personnel

Raene, ACS id# [REDACTED], in freedom Raene Nasamih - house servant, later a handmaiden of Dame Alet T. Azaph of Qarad Nasamih, Danera V.

Female, registered birth date 92.12.03. Mixed ancestry with Gallente and Brutor prevalent. DNA samples mostly confirm to group T. Latte skin, medium muscular build, short straight dark brown hair, black eyes, refined facial features.

Child of a slave spaceship crew member and an exotic dancer. Bought on Khanid Prime at age one by a passing Royal Navy captain (Ynir Azaph) together with her father, who served as a gunner on HMS Gardens of the Faithful and perished with the ship on Dec 24, 110.

Can be agressive and dismissive of authorities except her lady to whom she holds personal loyalty. Believes in God (Supposedly). Extremely reliable, if sometimes disobedient.

Not capsule compatible (tested 120). Freedwoman (granted commoner status, 120).

Currently a “trusted advisor” (lifetime contract) of Dame Alet T. Azaph of Qarad Nasamih, Danera V.

Lubna, ACS id# [REDACTED], in freedom Lubna Nasamih - house servant, later a handmaiden of Dame Alet T. Azaph of Qarad Nasamih, Danera V.

Female, registered birth date 94.04.28. Mixed ancestry with Ni-Kunni and Ealur prevalent. DNA samples mostly confirm to group C. Light brown skin, short stocky build, long curly ochre hair, brown eyes, large, expressive facial features characteristic of the Ealur Type C.

Child of a personnel overseer and a canteen cook. Born and raised in the estate. Mother (Biha) is alive and is still a cook in the same slave canteen, though now an employee on a lifetime contract (freed with the daughter, 120).

Creative, passionate, a devout believer, loyal, obedient.

Not capsule compatible (tested 120). Freedwoman (granted commoner status, 120).

Currently a “trusted advisor” (lifetime contract) of Dame Alet T. Azaph of Qarad Nasamih, Danera V.


I don’t see how a log of Amarr providing medical care to a rescued victim is somehow a ‘reminder of why all Amarr are on the ■■■■ list, and not just some’.

That being said,

If he is not in the ACS records, and he was recovered from someone who is not a legal slaveowner (Nauplius), then it appears that he is not legally a slave. Based on the information provided it is likely he was enslaved illegally, in which case there is zero legal right in you making him your slave. He should have been treated as a free person.


I admit that this was my mistake, driven mostly by the intent to displace the ever-present image of Nauplius, the horrifying “Master”.

Running forward, we did free him later after removing the “safety switch” - I submitted him in one batch with my servants mentioned above and some of their relatives.


While this slave had a tragic experience, he should still not have been freed. Being Minmatar, he is guilty by inheritance of rebellion against God, and he must be Reclaimed. He should have been sold into slavery via the several buy orders that various Amarr Empire corporations keep open on SCC markets, whereupon he would enter the regular slave system.

Oh, but, as Samira already noted, he entered. And then exited a free commoner, as I, his new Holder, saw fit.

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Grossly premature manumission. He is probably already another terrorist like Samira Kernher.

No, he’s now a technician servicing the farm equipment. But i’ll get to this later.


You mean like how the ones you listed for sale on the SCC markets were purchased by Electus Matari?


To be fair, some of them did end up with legal Holders. Like idiots.

(Previous post removed. Contents included here, omitting all the unnecessary details.)

IV. Log of Events (continued)

118-06 - The papers from ACS arrive. After the morning injection, I visit the former “Patient 3418675”, now Saleh, to inform him of his new status and additionally enforce and imprint the idea that Nauplius is a thing of the past and the entire Empire will now protect him from the “Master”.

118-07 - The patient begins giving information, for now mostly reliving his time as Nauplius’ slave. I have the recordings and will submit them if Nauplius is ever put on trial to add to the mountain of evidence there already is, but will not post them here as they definitely won’t make it past the censorship.

118-08 - The patient tells that his birth name is Audari and he supposedly comes from a small independent mining colony in 7Q-8Z2, the border system between the Great Wildlands and Ammatar Mandate. The colony was raided by pirates, the captives were illegally enslaved and moved to a deadspace facility in the Mandate, where several weeks later a mission runner “rescued” them, only to put on the SCC market later.

118-09 - The patient wishes to be called Saleh while he’s in my custody. He “feels less pain that way” and “just wants to forget everything”.

118-10 - As he has mostly regained what’s left of his sanity now, I visit the patient before the morning injection when the effects of Vitoc are minimal, outlining the following perspective:

  • I can’t verify the truth of what he says. Regardless, that’s what we’ll do:

  • When I consider that Audari/Saleh has fully recovered and is not at risk of causing harm to himself or others, he will be set free. Aside legally allowing me to take care of him for the time being, this formal enslavement and subsequent manumission will grant him a commoner status within the Empire.

  • While he’s still legally my slave, his duties to me, his Holder, are to rebuild his body, mind and soul which the Butcher has almost destroyed. This means to eat what he is told to, to take whatever medicines he is told to, to exercise, to perform some kinds of simple tasks assigned to him, to read and learn. Slow suicide by navel-gazing is not an option. His Amarrian is far from acceptable, so we’ll start with improving his speech and grammar. My servant Lubna will help him with this.

  • Once he is set free, he will be either given a modest sum of ISK (10000) and let go wherever he wishes here in Amarr, or I can get my stealth bomber and deliver him into his supposed home system to land there, or I can provide him with housing and a legit paying job in my estate depending on his skills. He has plenty of time to think over the choice.

  • I will try to get my hands on some Insorum, but I can’t promise anything. Insorum isn’t something one just goes and buys in the drug store. It is highly likely that Audari/Saleh will remain Vitoc-dependent for the rest of his days.

118-11 - He is now made to exercise under the control of our medics, I have assigned him a to oversee the janitor drones in the hangar, and Lubna proceeds with her daily lessons. Soon he’ll be able to fully understand the classical language of the Scripture and we can move forward to some proper reading.

118-12 - An year has passed. This mostly silent, pale man in simple beige robes now reminds little of the drooling, bleeding, stark raving mad wreck of a human being as we found him. Have we really won him back? I don’t know.

To be continued.


IV. Log of Events (concluded)

119-01 - The patient is transferred from the Amarr VIII - Emperor Family Academy station to my estate on Danera V.

119-02 - Since the only legit source of Insorum is Ishukone, I attempt to officially purchase the required amount from them. This attempt fails: apparently they don’t do retail sales at the moment.

119-03 - The second possible source of Insorum might be the Elder War leftovers still kept by the Thukkers somewhere. I sent Raene to the Mandate (since she can pass for a Nefantar with some Starkmanir blood, and blend in with the locals without causing immediate hostility) to research the Thukker black market. Her mission yielded nothing. Even worse, some of the Thukkers apparently did their own research and discovered that she works for an Amarrian capsuleer. Raene is taken hostage in Nakah, her captors demand ransom.

119-04 - The hostage situation is resolved. No Insorum was acquired from any source.

119-05 - The patient shows ability to fix simple electrical and mechanical devices. I assign him as an assistant to Madibe who maintains the farm machinery. I also inform Saleh/Audari that my attempts to procure Insorum failed and he’ll have to stay on Vitoc for the time being.

119-06 - The patient is given a small simple house to live in on the outskirts of the employee compound and allowed full freedom of movement within the estate.

119-08 - “Safety switch” TCMC is removed.

119-11 - I submit the data to ACS on a number of people that are to be freed. Those are my handmaidens Raene and Lubna, three of their close relatives and Saleh.

120-01 - ACS finishes processing my request. Everyone listed in it, including our patient, is legally set free and granted commoner status. Saleh accepts my offer to convert his position to that of a paid employee and to stay within the estate for the duration of the test contract - three years.

Thus ends the story of Nauplius’ sebiestor slave number 3418675, crew member of the downed Rifter. Have I truly Reclaimed him and saved his soul? I suspect not yet, and that he was merely conforming to my demands and trying to distract himself from the horrors of the past. But that’s a start on the right road. And I certainly saved his life.

…And, by the way, if someone got couple extra doses of Insorum, I’ll gladly buy them!


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