[ORMUR] Offering assistance in the "Dawn of Liberation" -campaign

The gist of this announcement is that I’m offering my help in freeing the slaves from the unsanctioned labour camps, as the Republic Justice Department for some reason can’t get enough Liberators to these sites.

What I’m offering is my services along with my Mastodon -class Deep Space Transport, which can carry up to 60,000 people, at maximum and quite cramped capacity, as well as bring limited utility to the field with, for example, utilizing a remote sensor booster. Being a specialized ship it boasts a very high resistance to laser fire, so it should be able to hold its own should the slavers decide to begin shooting it.
My original plan was to offer these services to various random capsuleers as I fly through systems, but CONCORD engagement protocols make the endeavour unnecessarily complex for short term actions, thus dedicated fleet actions seem to be the way to go.

I have not made any prior arrangements with her, but I’m planning to deliver the freed slaves to Khaprice Heska and Æsir Arcology as she has prior connections and established and tested infrastructure already in place. Though if this proves for some reason impossible, such as the Arcology’s resources being strained too much to temporarily handle any more clients, I will work in earnest to help them on their way to a new life myself, for which I have set preliminary work in motion so it will be ready if needed, and of course I will offer them adequate upkeep and aid while they are in my care.

Lastly, and most importantly, as much as I’d like to, I cannot be around 24/7 to do this, but if you need help and see me active in the fluid router channels such as The Summit, don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to enlist my assistance.

EDIT: There is now a fluid router channel for coordinating fleets such as these; “DOL Co-Operative Hub”. I know it is a bit of a mouthful, but I think at least describes the intent of the channel quite well.


I will keep this in mind. Thank you for the offer.


I look forward to working with you should we be moving about at the same time.


I expect to return to space again tomorrow. Had some business to attend to.


Should you be needing firepower. I would be willing to lead my ship… for protection and helping to break them out of these sites… Then I returns from a prolonged stay planet side, Monday…


Teinyhr; I’ll relay this to our general comms.

On Ms. Heska’s and Aesir Arcology’s being able to handle the influx, I have full faith in Ms. Heska’s abilities and preparation. If necessary, we’ll provide such supplies and assistance are needed to Ms. Heska to ensure she can handle, though I suspect this won’t be greatly needed.

You’ve my gratitude for taking a public and collaborative approach.


When I re-start my liberation campaign next week, I will send you a mail.

We can never free too many slaves, so your assistance is very welcome.
There is way too many of our brothers and sisters that fall victim to capsuleer greed.

Thank you for being detrimental in making the Republic stronger and re-uniting us with our lost people.

It is good to see our circles and tribes being so ready to take in the liberated.


By all means, that is why I am offering my services in the first place; That someone will utilize them.

These kinds of announcement aren’t normally my thing, but this is a good time as any to make an exception. After all, collaborative efforts are hard to do when you’re working alone.

My “game plan” so far is to have 2-3 vessels handling the slaver threat and working on the containment facilities, with a transport ship working as an “anchor” and a drop-off point through the fleet hangar interface. Obviously we will send all the slaves we can through the RJD Liberators, but as their capabilities have been revealed woefully limited for reasons uncertain, it is up to us to pick up the slack.

Should this prove popular enough, I will be at my earliest convenience on a less restricted interface to create a fluid router channel “Dawn of Liberation” where interested people can sort out similar arrangements if they will. I am currently stuck planetside doing the aforementioned preparations, just in case, but I will try to get this operation up and running for a test run today.

As for Ms. Heska’s Arcology, I am sure she is more well equipped to handle this than I am from the get-go, but as I am not familiar with of what kind of volume her Arcology usually operates, I was worried a sudden influx of at least tens if not hundreds of thousands people in need of help might temporarily bog things down, so to speak.


Sounds like an effective plan


Hey there Teinyhr, I’m very happy to see that you’re joining in the efforts to help with the rapidly escalating humanitarian crisis we find ourselves in, just thought I’d chip in about the Arcology and try to address your concerns. Having had a little fore-warning from rumors and reports about a big rise in activity from the RJD we’ve been on high alert since a few days before the Agency announced their current program.

Whilst not up to the standards of a dedicated empire facility my Arcology project does have a fair stock of medical supplies as well the services of one Doctor Elban heading the staff our main infirmary complex at the Anchorage. Having been doing this for a few years we’re not unused to the trials associated in helping people re-adjust to life as a civilian. Even with prior knowledge and preparation this big an influx is going to test our facilities to their limits but I remain confident that we can handle this, and if needed I can pull in some favors from the local establishment.

The one area I do have some concerns with is the aforementioned supply stockpiles. We have plenty of food and water which we source nearby but our medicines could start to bottom out before we see an end to this. We have many thousands of units of antibiotics, vaccines and even some Zemnar, but they’re by no means infinite and many of the people we’re recovering have been very badly treated. I’ll put out a call for more of such commodities if it looks like we’ll be needing them, but any donations will again be most welcome.

Thank you very much for your offer and I hope I can coordinate with you more closely soon.


And thank you very much for your reply. Unfortunately I could not get a test fleet up last night, but hopefully today, as there are already a few offers to join in this very thread.

I will see what I can do about this as well.


Best of luck.

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While I’m loath to become involved in immediate efforts among the general capsuleer community, I haven’t forgotten the assistance you rendered during the unexpected release of slaves by Nauplius.

If I can be of any use to you, personally, in your endeavors, just ask.


((OOC: I’m not in the mindset to RP this out but I think I owe people a notice; My grandfather died this morning, and I probably wont be around much for a few days days at least. Thus I wont be able to do what I said in this thread for the time being. Thanks for those who took me up on this so far though, was fun playing with you.))

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((Take care of you and yours, Teinyhr! <3 ))


((I’m sorry to hear that, hoping the best for you and the rest of your family.



((I’m sorry for your loss, and wish you the best. o7))


(( I am sorry for your loss. Sending my condolences. Stay close to your family and friends. o7 ))


((Sorry for your loss :frowning: ))