Æsir Arcology Announcement

I’m relieved and very happy to declare that all the Freed Slaves liberated by myself or directed to the project by others during the course of the Dawn of Liberation Agency event have now made it safely to the Arcology headquarters!

Moving these people along the pipes between the major trade hubs was a risky business so great care and attention was paid to when and how it was done, though this meant the transits took longer the safety of this many baseliners was paramount. Over the last few weeks the first few million newly emancipated men and women have started going through the necessary medical, psychological and municipal programs needed to see them re-settled and integrated into the expanded facilities planetside. It will take some time to complete this process for so many people but we are dedicated to getting it done with the utmost diligence and beneficence.

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my utmost gratitude to everyone who got involved in assisting the Republic Justice Department in their efforts, each transport filled made a difference to hundreds of lives and regardless of what else occurred that means a lot. And to all those who donated to my own project or took the time to personally re-home the additional civilians recovered over the course of the operation: May your gods, spirits or sacred ancestors look upon you kindly and reward your selfless acts.

The numbers of Freed Slaves donated/recovered by local hub are as follows:

Amarr - 6,389,758
Jita, - 1,383,251
Rens, - 417,442
Dodixie - 132,630

Event grand total = 8,358,448 Freed Slaves

Special mentions go to:
Karmilla Strife for 1000 Antibiotics and 100 Zemnar.
Teinyhr for over 100k units of Antibiotics along with thousands of Freed Slaves.
Xaar and the Republic Secret Service for tens of thousands of slaves liberated in the vicinity of Starkman Prime.
ARC (including IKAME, SFRIM and other associates) for over two and a half million emancipated civilians along with a slew of other vital supplies.

From all of us at the Arcology, thank you!


Excellent news and thank you for making this possible.

May the spirits guide you.


This puts a lasting smile on my face and it warms my heart. It is amazing to see how everyone did their part in this liberation effort.

And I want to thank you, Clarice and everyone else involved in Æsir Arcology, for taking the time and effort to take care of all these people, for their own good, so that they can be free and stand on their feet.

All this, once again, proves that us - capsuleers, are capable of good and selfless acts, acts that are highly humane. We do have a sense of what is right and the will to fight for it.


I have a school and community I’ve been privately funding for some time now after the work done to liberate slaves from Nauplius previously.

Please let me know if I can help in any way by providing places for some of the freed slaves at this settlement.


Glad to hear the transfers went smoothly, Ms. Heska! Certainly, it seemed even neutral transports were running into the usual trade lane risks, and I worried that these people would be freed from slavers merely to die at the hands of Capsuleer madmen en route to a repatriation center.

If any additional assistance or supplies are needed in the future, do just say.


Aha! Thanks very much for the offer, once things have settled I’ll look into who would be best suited and get in contact.


wOOt happy for yah Khappy, good show… :smiley:

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