Beyond sin and redemption

CHAPTER I, Outcast

Deputy CONCORD inspector number 4921-DG informs;

The suspect was rescued by AIR explorers following a distress call in YC126.23.05 near a destroyed terrorist base with signs of recent capsuleer activity.


Explorers found a nearly destroyed capsule, with an almost frozen body attached to it.

Due to heavy brain-to-capsule transductor damage because of strong space radiation, hypotermia and heavy metal debriss contamination, the suspect reports memory loss, confused identity, discinesia and learn retardation. Full memory restoration to previous levels was impossible, research reveals no further infomorph clone backups on AIR mainframe database.

The deputy inspector of the CONCORD Assembly demanded access to the suspect for questioning under a classified class C clearance, but the director of Emrayur AIR refused the request on the grounds of scientific interest.

Researchers let the subject to go outside the Emrayur facility and do simple things like mining, they hope that with enough training, he can serve the society in a mind-injured-people charity work camp.

Ship records, that after mining 115m3 of Veldespar, something happened and the subject’s tracking signal start malfunctioning.

Unstable tracking signal recovered near Hilaban DED Testing Facilities. Unautorized Project Discovery terminal accessed. Root permits granted, ¿how? With connection to the hypernet he withdrawn criptocurrencies from a cold wallet linked to known drug dealers.

Looks like, despite memory loss, the subject retains some survival instinct and aversion to autority.

Note from Amarrian customs autorities;

Proof reveals a civilian gatling with the serial number of the subject’s ship abandoned near the black market’s “ichooseyou” station in Tash-Murkon. The cripto wallet from the suspect, was linked to a trade of core scanner and many probes using station terminals.

Customs also found an abandoned civilian mining laser with the same serial number on carthum conglomerate station in Pimebeka.

A corvette with the report serial number AM-0083-QQ-AIR entered the Pasha system 3 hours later followed by a new access to the cryptocurrency cold wallet. Transacions about social skills recorded. Looks like he es trying to scape, but his ship will never breach the empire border controls.

From Amarrian WH Control Autority;

Reported unstable wormhole leading to J164756 in the Pasha system.
Chain wormhole leading to RPH66 opened in the J164756 wormhole system. For the one who dont know, this is the far-right Sansha Nation area and is infested by pirates as well. Nobody returns from there.

Sansha nation is a risk for civilized empires. Following Jason trojan prophylaxis protocol, the subject clone info was unistalled from every CONCORD member mainframes. If any infomorph copy of the subject survived, he’s disconected in the Sansha space or lost forever in the remote Anoikis galaxy.

¿Case Closed?

Challenge: Scape Amarr high security space without crossing the border, do this by scanning a wormhole using A CORVETTE and scanning again the way out to K-space. You can only fund the tools to do this by mining with the corvette. You can grind and repeat if ganked somewhere.

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A man with no name among nameless stars. The void is not empty. I feel a noise in the head. In this darkness I hear children laughing.

The station in Y-4U62 VIII Moon 2 looks abandoned, but once the ship aproaches, dim lights lit on and docking permision was permited… but nothing is for free or charity here.

Slumbering station in the middle of nowhere.

Refugees are not welcome in the Shansa Nation. On the docking platform, a tall black man approaches. I feared an attack, but its purpose was different.

An ugly and strenuous job was offered to me by this former brute agent named Oddeldaktar Sorsdaltur, who now lived inside the Sansha station. I dont want to know WHY. Although living here is a relative concept. He doesn’t look human. No one here seems like it.

The work consists on mining toxic Mercium near a asteroid field infested by rogue pirates you cannot defend against. That’s the work for a slave, but as Mr. Sorsdaltur said, the foreigner can choose to do this just for food and shelter, or being cast to the space to be food for space worms and other things that slumber.

After three days working with only 2h of sleeping periods, at night, Mr. Sorsdaltur was caught talking with an station partner about another station in FV-SE8 VIII - Moon 1, from where shipments where sent to outer regions. Considering the chances of being permanently slaved in this inhuman land of no one, risking again into the void is an acceptable risk.

From Oddeldaktar Sorsdaltur computer;

“The amarrian slave we found performs well, we must consider selling him to the Good Sax bistonite mines. Slaving an amarrian and cloning him again and again when his body dies from heavy metal poisoning is a kind of a pleasant, prosaic, joke.”

At 15:19, someone accessed the Y-4U62 VIII navigation chart database and stole some navigation skill scripts.

In the shipyard where there was the former “slave” docking pad, now there is a bunch of mercium left with regards.

Challenge: full complete a mining 1 quest for Sordsdaltur the Slaver using only corvettes and gain positive standings with TRUE CREATIONS and this agent. You can use the many you need and mix the modules.


In FV-SE8 VIII - Moon 1, the control tower literally said that there are no jobs here for dirty inmigrants, so the travel must continue to the DSS-EZ IV - Moon 1, a True Power Refinery, a place close to the shansa’s border and maybe far away from the far-right Sansha’s state heart.

Miss Hudrolb, the director of the FV-SE8 VIII refinery had a stolen Project Discovery terminal and want to put them to work to mine ISK but no one in the station knows about this system, explaining how the computer works granted some simpathy.

Ready to leave Serpentis Chemicals.

Shared gains means cash and a granted a safeconduit to V-IUEL VII - Moon 15 - Salvation Angels Warehouse, crossing some warzone systems. There is something weird with Shansa, but I dont know what. Thanks God I left this place.

In V-IUEL VII - Moon 15 - Salvation Angels Warehouse, people doesnt like foreigners but reason were diferent than the one argued by the Shansa. Well, like all pirates, they like ISK. After a significant transfer, was told that the only safe way to exit the angels system is trought the Serpentis Chemicals courier in Utopia. Going to the Cartel stronghold is potentially dangerous, but there is no chance to reach freedom… if returning to civilization can be called “freedom”.

Sciencists and drug engineers in the region where prone to share knowledge about biology and infomorph psycology when they were High with Nirvana. Considering that to reach out there I must cross the outlaw barren zones of Scalding Pass and the Great Wild Lands, its a wise step to learn from them.

Time to stay within the Angel’s Cartel, shut up and try to not get gutted, and once ready, I will venture forth.

After weeks on doing dirty servile jobs like cleansing destillation pipes, for the lawful-evil Cartel, I finally have to money to pay the fee to go out there with the right to return.

Challenge: Earn enough ISK without leaving the angel’s cartel space to learn informorph psycology and place a jump clone in any of the stations allowed in the zone. Buy a shuttle in the Serpentis station in Utopia.


The damn ■■■■■■■■ shuttle provided by Serpetis got his warp drive broken in the middle of the void of the Great Wild Lands. They scammed me, but I learnt to not trust drugged people. The machine needed a emergency fix and is overheating, the ship barely reached the Minmatar Mining Outpost in Egbinger, the dim border of the Republic.

Egbinger Minmatar mining outpost

Y have no money to afford a decent station repair, so I aproached the mining second foreman, Hedrulus Ulfengur. He scanned my poor mining skills and humiliated me.

But one of the miners, called Moses Maxwell, later aproached me, and wispered:

“I will lend you my grandpa’s venture if you kick this asshole ass and make him lick your boots. He is a slaver like all mining agents there.”

Many melt fuses, oozing coils, the drive needs a repair as well, and the hull is rusted but guess you have skills. If the ■■■■■■■ foreman doesnt pay you, it has a pair of old drones and I know where he lives. ¿ya know how to manage drones right?"


Thats a deal.

After the first batch of augumene, the foreman must shut up and the laughts spread among the outpost. I invested the gains on a “mining upgrades” skill book, but first, I must invite my new friend to a coup of rum.

While exploring the asteroids, the angels attacked, I was living among them, but I understand that attacking sleepy miners out of their borders is their nature. After more than an hour of evasive maneuvering, I managed to destroy the hostiles and harvest the last rock.

The venture has a scavenge module to retrieve the junk from the battle, but not time to pick them all, they keep incoming.

Back to the outpost, found among the junk some intact components.

The outpost market dealer wo buys everything -includind the serpentis shuttle- at junk price, want to buy me a certain PINK GLOWING MODULE with model number blured for only 1000 ISK, they insist its a great deal, but my miner friend told me not to do so.

He has a friend in Pator Tech facility located in Pator VII - Moon 1 , and suggested me to go there and show the damaged module to him. The machine its big and heavy, but the hold of the venture is enough.

Challenge: Get at least prestige 1 with Hedrulus Ulfengur, foreman in the minmatar mining outpost. Kill hostiles (cruisers) using your venture and a pair of warrior I drones. Obtain a Pitfall Compact Warp Disruption Field Generator from angel’s wrecks while doing mining misions.


Heild system is stripped by pirates. Caldari station on Heild V - Moon 7 - Caldari Business Tribunal Accounting offered me shelter, while waiting te siege to end, The caldari engineers told me that the module in the hold is a Pitfall Compact Warp Disruption Field Generator.

The merchant agent here offers a lot more than 1000 ISK, but if I trust a caldari’s word, it could be much more if I can bring it to his capital station, in Jita.


But the caldari agent Rula Hotvas warns, greed is dead. Interesing aproach coming from a Caldari.

12 hours later, system still is under heavy pirate siege, but the station has strong defenses. Time to drink a beer and take a lunch…

Sometimes a smart move is to step back, so after selling the module to a decent offer in adjacent system and trashing the old venture I returned to Egbinger mining outpost using the capsule link, my friend Moses still laughs. He opened a cartography terminal and exposed me a bunch of “safe” routes bordering the pirate hideout.

After two more beers, he sugested me to enroll in the missile manufacturing factory, in the same pator station I was going before. Good payments there and they hire undocumented people, eventually (but this means bad jobs and a lot less payment).

Challenge: Avoid the pirates and reach pator station in HS space without going trought Heild.


The plant chief engineer accepted a new rookie, despite is a middle-aged AMARRIAN man. He gave me a Blueprint to know how to assemble the parts. three days later, based on my experience in engine repair and what I learned with the Los Angeles Cartel, I advised the manager that this design could be improved.

He took me to his office, opened the safe deposit box and handed me a very valuable original industrial file.

“New Minds mean new toys!” He said. They already said that the sabiestor are open-minded.

I did basic bugfixes to the BPO, and a copy of the modified Mjolnir missile was sent to assembly and then to the testing ground, with success.

Pator needs a new computer and you can borrow the pieces from people who has too many.

The engineer was now motivated, and he helped me refine the model even further.

Minmatar debug computers were scrap monsters built from pieces taken from pirate towers, like everything else in the Republic. It takes days to completely purge the file.

They desperately need more components, so, while waiting that “our projects” ends compiling, I ofered to gather some of those scrap pieces for the Pator Tech. The chief engineer acepted my deal, but I must train how to use Minmatar ships first.

The best offer of the minmatar ship course take place in Hadaugago II - Moon 1 - Republic Military School and includes intermediate level of frigates and haulers with a practical course, and an optional degrees on navigation skills and how to properly explore in the minmatar area. I feel hungry of knowledge so I take all.

Working in the missile factory, taking courses and learning behaviours of the locals, makes me good at the eyes of the republic’s inmigration authorities, so I got an extended visa and being allowed to set my home in Pator. Wonder what will think in Amarr about this.

Challenge Complete industry and enterpreneur tutorial. Full research 10/10 “mjolir rocket BPO”.

Circuits you can expecto to find out there:

chips The devout 6


Pator Tech computer needs new components, so, after the basic minmatar training I started to scout arround. Also visiting some undisclosed minmatar facilities, and spoils of violent destruction.

You shouldnt be there…

Among the stuff gathered, there are some weird sphere items. Techinicians says there are datacores, and once the blueprint work is done, they will explain me how they work, albeit superficially.

Challenge: survey the minmatar civilian space once you find the undisclosed location of a working stellar transmuter, a dangerous station that can melt the entire system in case of malfunction. Find intact circuits in exploration data sites.

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In a rest, strange hooded person aproached me. This is not the usual minmatar dress. Neither the face.

“Do you remember me.” He said.

No I dont.

“We were thinking you died. Guess if, should be better this way.” -Laught.

“Well, If you want to be rich and pay your debts with the… gurista, meet me in Scheenins IV - Chemal Tech Factory* to hunt some “bunnie rabbits”. But first, train your combat skills. Your performance stinks. And your hands are black. What in damnation have you done? Mining? Hahaha Get rid of this civilian ■■■■ for losers and come to spill that tasty blood…”


■■■■, they wanted me to leave to a distant unknown system and to kill in cold blood those caldaris. ¿A gurista? ¿Why I should do? ¿Who debts what to whom? This looks suspicious, I have a bad feeling. I told this to my miner friend Moses, and after a long silence, he urged me to return to Egbinger as fast as possible.

Again into misterious borderlands.

Also, he warned me I cannot transfer any goods neither ISK in there, so they could be tracked.

The only safe way in, is the old grandpa’s venture. And I should equip a warp core stabilizer to dirrupt further tracking. ¿What’s going on?

Challenge: Investigate some mining anomalies in your path within low sec regions. Look at you dscan and use the warp core stabilizer to scape possible pirates and thieves trying to kill you.


Uppon docking in the mining outpost, I feel strange that there is no one in the station.

All its silent.

But horror awaited in the housing modules.

Destiny unknown.

The walls were painted with crushed organic remains, with verses in a strange language that I could not decipher. Something was burning somewhere, it smelled like roast lamb but I preferred not to investigate it. In my partner the miner’s private compartment, I found a note scrawled on a plastic sheet.


So, Im free to seek an answer or to disappear into the unknown?

Time will tell.

CHALLENGE: Venture into null sec territories that nobody owns only with your capsule. Thrive there as a free person, or die.