The Riggs'n'Synth Serpentis Claw

He is normal teenage kid , got Father and Mother family got money.
His Father is a capsuler a miner working for Minedrill , a Mother is a Trade Specialist.
They live in a Station a Amsen Science and Trade Institute.
He live in a station with friends , but in school there is always problem not behavior one but focus.
Passing a class after class is easy for Him and one day comes a day his reaching 17 years old ,
His parents decide to take Him to a Brain Synchronization and Agreement Test.
It was a tragedy , He got problems in school He cant focus on a topic and spend hours upfront of personal computer because His brain do not Synchronize correct.
For His Mother and Father it was a psychological cheek , They look at same faces and cannot speak with same old vibe.
Kid wont break but parents decide to move to Dantumi , His father got a new work given by Minedrill.
A Half Year Latter , His Mother disappear His father break and left Him with nothing , Alone.
Kid Know that needs to Eat needs to Drink but in Dantumi everybody care about own business And It was all about care about own Business.
First Months where hard but He found work in a Bar as the dishwasher , That how He spend half Year collecting Money on a Shuttle to Malkalen.
In Malkalen finding a Work was way more complicated and He became Homeless living in a forgotten alley, around Cardboard boxes and Homeless…


Atoi Subarato Homeless

Malkalen II - Mercantile Club Bureau

-Atoi!! Atoi!! Where Screaming one Homeless that He know for sometime.
Atoi exit His Cardboard Box and Spot a AidWorkers that like always gave a protein mush Homeless.
Thank you , Golbe!! Atoi rise hand and start walking to a AidWorkers.
-Ok One after One!! No rush , we got for all of you. AidWorker put a mush in a Cups , plates anything what can hold a fluid.
Atoi Use a Metal Cup He found in a trash , mush haven’t got a taste it was white mush.
Like all Homeless Atoi look for everything what can be used again also for everything in category of salvage material ,
living in a cardboard box isn’t easy even there is someone important even there are groups of thugs.
Atoi meet a gray ant a ruler of the alley next day after He became Homeless , Gray ant a Homeless that control homeless workforce so
35% of a work that Homeless do pass through His hands. It was a dirty or danger work , in dirt category Station Administration hire Homeless
for a work in Dock Salvage area out there Homeless collect materials from Ship parts cut from damaged Ships.
In Danger category again Station Administration hire Homeless for example like getting in to pipe system of a canals , work usually need to pull of something
from there and everything where clear when you understand that even Administration worker do not go there , if something suck you out there is like 10% of chances you survive.
Gray ant if something like that happen took a payment of a Homeless and took 20% for His needs but rest give to family of dead.
Also Gray ant where a man that control every part of a fun in the alley , He control Alcohol but for drugs users where like a Demon no one use in the alley drugs.
Alcohol , if you could say it was alcohol it was a wine created in a glass bottle like in the prison , some even think that Gray ant is a wanted criminal
but Caldarii State Law Enforcement never arrest Him , that part Atoi only heard from local talks but true is He never try to find out is it true or not.
Today was a lucky day Atoi get a work in a Dock Salvage area , some Guristas Pirates cook few parts of a Merlin fix need to cut through left engine ,
lucky because Homeless dock workers always get quite nice pice of bread next part of a mush and when leaving work also water with sugar.
Atoi standup and go to a group of Homeless that took work in the Dock , a Transport to a dock where simply a big shuttle designed to transport standard creates but empty.
In the Dock everything looks simply you are taking piece of metal bar , hammer or wrench and try to extract everything what can be used again ,
a conductive elements , a electronic silicon plates , optical fiber even bolts after a 8 Hours of work you cant hold a hammer in the hand ,
eating is difficult same like drinking from a cup but at the end Homeless got a food so ever worker looks satisfied.

-Finally End. Atoi at the end of work think only about sleep , full stomach is good same like extra water buttle with sugar.
Like always Atoi look for something worth stealing , small pice of Conductive Polimer or simply piece of cable.
That parts They extract from damaged ship parts even like 2 cm2 got value in the black market , today Atoi spot small chip and put in too the shoe.
-Yes We can go sleep. Marcus look tired and He open and close His hand , that one in which He hold a Hammer.
-Marcus , you look satisfied but why? Atoi ask Him because He do not spot exit opportunity from a Alley.
-You see if you spend a half year here you understand. Marcus speaking that got some how smile.
Atoi look at Him than on a wreck and repeat few times after it with hands open say
-It is reality a our reality.
Marcus start walking in to a Salvage Dock Gate Area where every Homeless await Payment.
-Just like that? Atoi ask when He turn back.
-Yes just like that Atoi. Marcus answer and wont even turn back.
Atoi walk like the others to a Gate , Payment await it is a Half Bread and two bottles of Water with sugar.
Out there everything go smooth One after One first stop second and Shuttle stop , no one care even about small Thank you.
Atoi decide that going to drink one bottle of Water and keep one He decide to exchange one for something more luxury at Homeless level of wares.
Fly to a stop where like always filled with talks of a Homeless workers , Atoi think again what to do next He got a chip with Ishukone Corporation Logo and no one bust Him.
He leave a Shuttle and go to the alley there He heard a Homeless talk.

-And Where did you get these?
-I found that two packs of cigarettes two alleys from Lai Dai bar.
-Got a Luck what going to do with those?
-Im going to exchange for a food , What do you expect?
-Exchange for a Wine , Gray Ant wine got quite nice taste.
Atoi know that Gray Ant look for some materials , like all do He trade at Black market. He at all isn’t alone in the business There is two more Homeless locations at station.
Gray Ant where a contact for those which dont know where black market going to open but not for free , everything got a price.
Gray Ant been like a King , if need to talk to Him you need to wait for a while until He found a time on a talk for you.
Others also look for many different ways to break with a Alley life , some even take credit in a gangs.
-Atoi , You need to wait two hours. A Bouncer say it looking at Him like they always do , with meaningless eye look.
Atoi decide that look for something left at street , He Pass Alley gate and move forward to a nearest Bar.
When walk He pass many Workers , Station Citizens even Caldarii Military But a street away from the point He walk His Eyes drop on a Station Information Panel.
-Quafe , Best to Stay Fresh. I drink it last time when been 15 years old.
-The Scope , Border In Fire. Open. Atoi know that Life of a Homeless can be changed by this what happens around and between Nations in New Eden.
-The Scope , Border In Fire There are reports about HOSTILE ACTIVITY from Gallante Federation, Caldari Forcess report Hit n Run Operations.
Atoi know that war can ground Him at staion for more than He think , upfront His eyes was a life He dont expect to live.
In Dantumi saw smile on a face of every capsuler , They drink , smoke , speak like He always think He going to do.
Now He is simply Homeless , Caldari give Him opportunity to live only.
-I Should look for something value.

Atoi didn’t found anything value but everything is upfront of Him , He got a faith.
When He get back to a alley Bouncer pointed Him a finger , a Gray Ant await.
When Atoi get in to inside a old ventilation system and walk to the Homeless King He spot everything about what others talk about.
Inside where around 4 Rooms One Filled by the Wine Bottles , One with some kind of device and One with many different fruits.
A last room where at the end Atoi spot a Gray Ant , Older Man but welcome all visitors.
-Atoi , how i can help you? Gray Ant where smoking cigarette.
-Gray , I steal this from work it is chip with Ishukone Corporation Logo. Atoi put chip from pocket on the table.
-Let me see. Homeless King use a magnifier glass and with precision look on too a Chip.
-Yes this chip got value , you easy find a buyer for it at Black Market.
-I dont know where is Black Market.
-I will take you there , and take 20% from sell price. But left chip here.
Atoi do not think longer than a ten seconds , know that without Gray Ant Help he sell it for much less than is worth.
-Ok we got a deal.
-Tomorrow someone call you here.


Atoi Subarato Homeless

Malkalen II - Mercantile Club Bureau

Atoi wakeup early more Homeless sleep at that hour some talk about future.
Do He like it or not He’s Homeless and should do something with it.
-New Day or Who care day or night im in Malkalen II Orbit. Atoi look at the Water Bottle with Sugar.
-It is MidLuxury ware.
Again in minds He experience Own story from birth to this moment , Where are my Parents , Where is Family.
There was a time that pass now People are neutral , the piramid of value start changing now Atoi cross a border line.
-No One cares about me , No one there is a deal for them nothing more.
He’s mind runs in the direction of reality , a Work in Docks is a slavery.
-Im a Slave , Caldarii never say they accept it.
-But Everyday im passing people and no one ask about my life.
Atoi make a breath , He knows that only patient and focused can change there life.

-Atoi , a Gray needs to speak now. Bouncer bend over His cardboard.
He walk again and look for all those wine , upfront of last room Gray Ant wait with something in Hands.
-Atoi you need this , its a Amarr monk Robe.
Atoi pull it.
-Gray it is like a potato bag.
-Dont be so stylish it is Amarr core style. Gray look like a man more serious rather than clown.
-Boss a transport await. Bouncer point a finger on a doors , in the doors stay a pilot.
-Listen Atoi , you are monk now no one going to blow your cover dont speak until i say you can.

Atoi went with Gray Ant and Bouncers to a shuttle , inside sit on a Armchair near a doors.
With them where also few more Gray Ant guests. Flight took four minutes.
They leave a Shuttle in Station Citizens Room Area.
-Ok follow me.
They walk , 6 alleys pass and turn to ventilation Shaft. Bouncer open a doors inside shaft inside where a ten rooms filled with people , tables with goods.
Gray lead them through rooms.
-Listen there is our man. Gray look very pleased.
The group walk to a man with electronics on the table , behind Him where a small room where been active computer.
-So what do you got for me today Gray Ant?
-A few quite nice electronics like always.
-Atoi listen this man is a Hacker that decide how much is this chip worth , Show Him a chip.
Atoi took a Chip from Gray Ant Hand and put it on a table.
-Yes a Ishukone Corporation Logo , it is a powergrid or propulsion Support Logic Unit.
A Hacker plug wires to a chip and connect ot computer.
-Yes it is Support Logic Unit , are small and made from silicon but this is 2.000ISK.
-O Lord. Gray Looks surprised.
-Ok lets final a deal , payment in ISK or different wares?
For Homeless 2.000 ISK is a huge amount of money , Gray Ant look at Him and speak.
-Let us discus it.
Atoi and Gray Ant made few steps from buyer.
-Atoi listen i can even triple this money in a weak , only if you decide to support me, I give you everything you need.
Gray look serios , Atoi look at Him and know that something hang in the air.
-There is a device you spot it in one of rooms heading to my room , it is all about.
-Ok Gray Ant I believe you , but explain everything when we come back to alley.

Everything was not important now , Atoi know He probably buy new life not only self but many more.
A Homeless Hero , A new chance for abandon longer He think He know money and wares are everything what is needed for everybody in the alley.
Gray spend like a Hour at Black Market , it was Hard to understand but there was a lot people a Dock Workers , Office workers even a Shops workers.
He heard a talks pointed at the end in too ISK some trade wares a grain and other like a Water.
-We good i buy everything as i say , we can go back. Gray got a smile when say it.
-When we get to our stop come to my room , i Explain everything to you.
Reaching last stop took longer , Atoi cannot stop thinking about this deal in minds think What is so Important for Gray?
The Shuttle reach a stop after it everyone go to the alley.
-Atoi come with me. Gray put a hand on his arm and shake little bit.
Gray Ant walk and speak to Him.
-It is simply this device is a distiller we will make hooch and sell it.
Gray stop next to distiller and continue.
-You probably guessing Who going to Buy it?..
-Every worker look now for cheap alcohol.
Gray look very certain , making Atoi correct in own minds around this Deal.
-Gray How you going to sell it? …
-Everywhere are Caldarii and Corporation Security Units.
Atoi see problem only in selling Hooch.
-Atoi I already got buyers for a Wine clinets going to spread this good news around in Work…
-Some Buy more to sell it like friend to a friend.
-Take this bottle of Wine and drink you feel much better.
a Bouncer put a wine in Atoi Hand , and party started.

Atoi ask few more questions , What happend now with Homeless and answer where simply after four weeks there is no one Homeless.
All becouse for a work around Hooch they got payment and it creates new way to start new life.
And How this work going to look? Simply a courier work and a more dirty part collectiong bottles from trash.
Everything look very simply and how look like it work like that.
There was interesting news about alcohol it self , Atoi cannot imagine that biggest distillery producing Capsuller Luxury Alcohol produce it for third part sellers at the end.
Can you imagine , to create a Booster you need to go to refinery but that refinery need a specialist and that specialist sell alcohol provided by capsuller in own shop ,
so Alcohol at all isnt needed it is a spice a additional cash flow , but in math created by some undergorund specialist a Booster Price Production is extremlly low compared to booster price.
And Everything goes smooth , Homeless find work buy food new Jeans ticket to better world it was a like a giving someone real opportunity to standup from zero.
And Oneday after a half year of work to the alley drop Caldarii Costums and Concord Police , Got guns but know that no one is arm so simply arrest one Homeless and next one.
Atoi in this moment where in the bar eating , and He heard that it have happend from Station Information Screen.
-In Sector 4-12 Is Code C1-Please Avoid that Area.
-We detect illegal distillery in Homeless district at the moment Costums and Concord Arrest ten suspects.
Atoi look and hold a HotDog at mouth level , His focus on a Screen where break by a Worker.
-You kidding me , Where I going to buy so low good alcohol.
Atoi Look at Him at HotDog and decide to finish a meal , He dont need a Concord or Costums attention.
He Eat and think about this what happend , fact They do not got license for production of a Alcohol and some of the Homeless workers start to speak about this who is who.
Finished HotDog but a ISK where on a Gray Ant smartband Atoi where again off Cash and without wares.
But got contacts around and it is sometime more than a Cash or ware.


Atoi Subarato Homeless/Suspect Code C1-Suspect Customs Contraband

Malkalen II - Mercantile Club Bureau

Take your pick Atoi. Thinking about what to do was easy but all memory and personal opinion about this what have State do was quite a hangover.
It isn’t normal , we sell alcohol and been buying new life for those which do not have fair choice. Half of Workers at station drink , problem is a tax?
Where is State thinking , dammm where is basic Human thinking My Parents Left me , i work for food only with no bigger choice , when we do something for poor they bust it.
They put Handcuffs on a poor hands and play big State Protectors , no cant be â– â– â– â–  im looking for Justice.
Atoi decide to walk around a Station at the moment didn’t know He is a Suspect of Contraband but Topic where so scurvy that He no really care about Handcuffs and arrest ,
at all The State cant took anything from Him He got nothing.

Walking one alley , next one and He spot one of Homeless that work for Gray Ant. When He spot Atoi decide to talk with Him.
-Atoi Customs and Concord arrest Gray Ant and workers.
-Yes i know.
-But there is still some Hooch in hidden warehouse , What to do?
-Sell it more important is contact to BlackMarket i need to set a graffiti.
-For you Everything.
-But remember after you sell Alcohol take so money How many you can and travel to different station , this is â– â– â– â–  not a State Station.

It do not take long , Atoi get information where Graffiti going to be set He sit on a street chair on the other side to see everything.
After a Hour He spot a Hacker that buy a chip from Him , Gray Ant do the business with Him and Atoi know it is long business partner.
He walk to Him and sit next to Him…
-Welcome , Things get like you know.
-Yes but i do not going to left it like that.
-What you going to do?
-Even small scale revolution.
-I thought you say it but it is your choice.
-I think everyone should piss on a Mercantile Club same Caldarii.
-You are not alone in the thinking , Im business man and know few people
-I know im not alone you give me contact location?
-I do even more i personally meet you with this man.

They walk by the fifteen minutes , and get in to a Dock Workers Rooms.
Street and Alleys where clean , not even a single scratch on a Station Information Screen.
But Everyone male on a street talk about tax and Busted Distillery.
-These doors number 21 say BBs when you heard a sound , im going.
And that how Atoi do , He get to a lift after a short five seconds He stay upfront of a doors of contact.
-Atoi i know you dont let this just like that flow own way.
Atoi spot a man tall man that invited Him to come inside.
-My Name is Jonest and going to Help you with revolution , I even got a concept.
-Good too heard that.
-Sit i got a last bottle of hooch going to be easy after a drink. Jonest Mix hooch with juce and put it on a small table.
Atoi decide to drink slow , there where many things about as He think need to speak.
-After a Busted Distillery i think How to create very strong message to Station Administration , your Help going to be essential.
-Ok so it goes faster than i thought.
-You Have to know that im a Serpentis Cooperator , and if we reach our goal you probably never back here under name Atoi , you will need to join Serpentis.
-After this â– â– â– â–  i saw and experience personally one thing cant be denied , Im ready.
-Good , We starting from something easy…Near a Concord Police Station your old friends going to left some trash and made graffiti.
-It isn’t scary so what is so huge in it?
-You light this graffiti and pile of trash , its simply but everyone should understand.

Two days latter everything where ready.
Atoi decide that not going to wait , before He go Jonest gave him a lighter and small bottle of chemicals.
Chemicals where flame able but lighter use chemicals to light , after pushed start button lighter start flame.
Walking where easy for Him two alleys from a target location He spot Homeless walking back , so Trash pile and graffiti is ready.
He walk in to alley and spot location from current place He saw a Concord Star it was a Concord Police Station.
Atoi dont think to long moment is perfect , He pour chemicals on to Trash pile start fire and drop a lighter on to trash pile.
He start running , passed Workers and get to the alley where await His new uniform , other points where easy.
When He Enter a district a Jonest live , He spot a news…
-A Rouge activity near a Concord Police Station.
Some of the workers stop to see what Atoi do there , but no one of them know He did.

In the Jonest room , Jonest work on a Computer it was very intense work. Atoi look at Screen and spot many different windows a News and Popup messages.
Too see the effect of this small operation they need to wait a day , Jonset stop sheeting news windows.
-Atoi look.
Atoi spot a news window with picture of a graffiti and burned trash pile with description.
A small useless shown of force or Teenage prank , someone light up trash pile near Concord Police Station in Sector 4 at Malkalen II - Mercantile Club Bureau.
Fire Department say that to expand a fire incendiary use chemicals but a graffiti where coated by flame able layer ,
The cleaning after this going to took sometime.
-I think They are not serious. Atoi know that media are always at some level controlled by State , so it isn’t important do they connect it with busted distillery and Homeless.
For State Efficiency is important even if someone live life compared to a cow.
-So we need to play bigger game. Jonest look very disappointed.
-Yes , what next? Atoi ask Him in combat ready mood.
-We need to do something what attracts attention.
Atoi look at Him and think what is next task. But His thinking over His words Jonest cut.
-We going to steal Capsuler SmartBand.
Now Atoi know that everything in the topic going to be much more complicated.
-Ok How?
Jonest look at the computer screen , and grab a Tablet.
-Ok Atoi it looks like that , We steal w SmartBand in the Club.
Next Hour Jonest spend on explaining everything to Atoi , in fact it was very simply. They going to turn off power in a Club and where going to be dark simply break a SmartBand from target Hand.
To do it we need few more people but Homeless going to Help you. You simply pull this SmartBand from His hand.
It is different work but i think we can make a use of this SmartBand in the future.

A Club district , Bars , Capsulers , Young and music. Outside Security and Concord Patrols.
They select a Club with lasers and two bars on the opposite sides , there was a space for tables and armchairs also quite big separated dace zone.
Inside crowd getting there wasn’t prohibited for anyone who look clean.
-Atoi when you get there you got ten minutes to select a capsuler after ten minutes electricity goes down.
Inside Atoi spot a single capsuler in bar area , drinking alcohol by His face Atoi realize that it isn’t single drink.
He approach and sit near a table next to Him.
Hearth start racing he breath like a dragon , look at the wristwatch a minute.
Bam Electricity goes down lights turn off. Atoi jump on a Capsuler Hit Him in the Head a small glass bottle that stay on a table and start breaking a SmartBand.
Around complete anarchy , everybody scream some start running to exit. Atoi finnaly got SmartBand and start run to doors.
Outside where a crowd that gather from all Club clients , Atoi cooperator drop electricity in entire district.
When Atoi reach a doors spot also Concord Police , Fire Department and Paramedics. He know no one knows what He did in the club but this can change in a five minutes when drunk capsuler got outside.
He walk to a point They agreed before. They did it , Atoi now sit in a Jonest room with a SmartBand reading a News.
-Someone turn off power in a Club district-
-Few people gets Hurt , some items are stolen.
-A Prank or another shown of Force? Concord report-
-Its Probably a Guristas activity , we monitor station.-
-Is this connected to a events before?-
-No we Believe that fire and Distillery are different topics.-
Atoi a day after day drop in to blackhole of State Psychozy , they lie to control.
-What we going to do next?
-Atoi that part needs a time to be done correct , I explain everything latter. Jonest been holding a cup of coffee.

Four days latter Atoi get familiar with details about a next task , this time They aim in much danger target a Drug Diller.
Jonest use a SmartBand like a bug on hook and going to catch fish that way , it payed after four days.
A Drug Diller where interested in localization saved on a SmartBand nothing more , it also tell Jonest that it isn’t classic Drug Diller its also cheater.
They going to eliminate Him but that how they going to do this left to a Atoi , Jonest know that body of a Diller going to aim Concord in the direction of Gang Warfare.
The Target where also a cheater that know how to use localization saved on a Band , that how Jonest going to point in different direction Concord Eyes.
-Atoi you going to Kill Him , How you going to do this is your choice but forget about bomb in any kind.
-This pice of â– â– â– â–  is selling death even in the alley we know Drugs guide to end , no problem.
-You Have to know that finding a Gun now is complicated , Concord got active eyes everywhere.
-So i use a Knife there is no more option and in fact we dont need more players in game.
Atoi decide that going to use knife , So He plan every move step after step in few different simulations.
Killing a Drug Diller is a Crime , even if that guy going to sell death Concord always got a space in Prison for elements like that one.
-Ok I simply go there and try to exchange SmartBand for some Narcotics , when He turn back i stab Him in the neck few times it should fit.
-Good idea , His selling Crash i setup meeting.
-I still need a day Jonest to prepare.
Atoi left with a minds about How to kill , after a day of thinking He finally think His ready.
Walking through station with a Knife in the pocket is different , it isn’t a trip especially if going to kill someone.
He reach a building , go to the lift and Stay Upfront the doors , He push a doorbell.
Doors have open and Atoi put from a pocket a SmartBand , Diller understand Whats a deal.
He let Him come inside where He already got libra prepared , but not everything goes how Atoi expect.
Diller sit and keep eye on Him Atoi Need to wait , When He finish packing a Crash Atoi decide to open spring assisted knife but Diller spot it and pull knife from pocket.
Diller start walking to attack and try to cut Him but Atoi stop His hand with blade , catch Diller hand with own left hand Hit him in the Head and stab multiple times in the Neck and chest.
Death Diller fall on the flor making noise and blood from artery where everywhere , Atoi know that have to run fast.
Before He get on a street He drop a jacket in Diller room and start to escape , At street a five minutes He left building a Concord forces start passing Him on a bikes with active blue lights.
This is was something different , not selling a alcohol not stealing it was a murder.
Atoi escape and get in to safe location it was a Jonest room.
-Atoi a News.
-Murder at Malkalen II - Mercantile Club Bureau-
-We got information that someone been killed-
-Concord Code M2 Sector 8 - Murder Second Category.
-Is it a Gang war?-
-At The moment Concord Specialist work-
-But i can say that probably Drug Diller been killed-

-That how we expect. Jonest look very satisfied look at Atoi and continue.
-Good work , No one going to buy this story about peace at station now but you got a offer , Serpentis look for people like i got a ticket for you.
Atoi agreed and start new life as Serpentis Worker.


Atoi Subarato Serpentis Recruit/Suspect Code C1/M2

  • C1 Suspect Customs Contraband / M2 Concord Murder Second Category

Malkalen II - Mercantile Club Bureau

Atoi sit and think , In own minds He didn’t do anything bad for Him that Diller deserve it.
It may look for others terrifying but a story in the alley end in similar if not same way , Drug sellers sells also death not always by drugs use.
Some if cant recover money from addictive user or weak third level seller kill them , this business is full of graves build by drugs.
Everything doesn’t matter He kill and going to be Hunted by Concord , official suspect of a murder.
Jonest Know more then He can even imagine , Serpentis where a Pirate Organization here in HighSec but that where a doors same like other.
Atoi know that sooner or latter He will board ship to different location now He got ally , a strong organization not a simple Thug with knife or even a gun.
Thugs where here like lowest kind of criminals , they could speak loud even point a gun in someone but at the end it is still a simply Thug ,
some yes where thinking about a group like about a Organization and use doors same like Atoi did.
Jonest been working at Computer and got a popup.
-Atoi i Need to leave now , im building a transport ticket for you and need to set it up…
-But lefting Computer on i select News channel so look if you like.
Atoi only rise a thumb to say yes or Like in common thinking , Jonest left a apartment.
It take a while , where is a Bar Atoi where thinking about small shot after all , He found a hooch in the freezer and lemon juice.
He mix it and add some ice , not too much He didn’t know when He need to be ready on flight.
A time goes and News popup about this what Concord Officials Say about Murder of a Diller.
-What are the news is it a gang war at Station?-
-Hard to imagine but it probably was a rage attack of a addicted user…
-The amount of wounds at chest suggest it there was a 13 stabs-
-Do Station Citizens are safe or should be aware?
-We found a Narcotics and Knife used in defence…
-But no sign of Murderer Blood or weapon…
-There was in fact a small caliber pistol with five bullets and…
-Few Items that suggest connection to Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates…Its All what i can say now.

So these assholes do not really know who kick them in the balls , lovely.
Atoi sit in Armchair and slowly drink a Drink He made , there wasn’t even a small dose of self attack after all.
When He drink more than a half of a drink He realize that still got a Knife used to kill Drug Diller , He put Hand in to a jeans and pull knife.
There was still a blood on a blade and spring mechanizm.
-I think i should clean that.
And when Atoi start walking to a washbasin doors open and Jonest enter a room with Hacker He know.
-Hello good to see you again. Atoi Speak.
-Is it a Knife used in crime? Hacker ask looking at Knife.
-Yes , and still got blood at parts. Atoi show Him a Knife.
Jonest step to a Computer and start clicking and typing fast.
-Is everything ok? Atoi ask because it look like They in hurry.
-Yes , Jax came here and plug in yours wire expander.
-Atoi i simply do not got time and i need to be on the other side of a station in ten minutes. Jax plug device to a Jonest computer and start typing.
-Atoi How much did you drink? Jonest question where supported by finger pointed on to freezer.
-Small like two shots of fifty.
After His answer Atoi sit in the Armchair with feeling He wont going to drink more because of transport.
Jonest and Jax work on Computer a two minutes longer.
-Ok Jonest its working , a line is encrypted and secure.
-Thank you for help. Jonest shake Jax hand , and after it Jax leave a room.
-Jonest , so How about that transport? Atoi ask looking on tablet with tickets to location out side Cladarii territory.
-Easy they do not find us here but a transport going to be set up in four days max , and remember you cannot leave room. Jonest look at Him saying that.
Jonest where a Serpentis Cooperator , and even if talk too you always got eyes in the Computer screen or it is simply because of situation ,
that how Atoi remember Him.
They sit in a room reading news about this what happen at Station , their activity rise a revolution flag in few sectors not literally but there where burning trash piles ,
Few arrested addicted user speak about a new criminal force at station , and what wont happen often SmartBands start to be steal.
Jonest have a free two weeks He officially work in the docks , now He can sit with Atoi explaining His questions about Serpentis.
-Jonest can you answer few questions about Serpentis?
-Yes of course.
-So tell me if this is a Pirate Organization as media say , what are tasks stay upfront of me?
-I base what you going to do and on this what your body allow you to do.
-Can i be a capsuler?
-Yes but have to know that it is same technology used in all NewEden cluster , so if your Brain Synchronization and Agreement test isn’t ok you cant be.
-What are jobs around there for someone who didn’t pass a BSA Test?
-You can be a Mercenary Soldier , Contracted Killer , Trade Specialist , Grind Director even a DJ in a Club ask your self what are your best skills , out there is same like here at this point.
-I know that Soldiers also use a brain implant is it same like a capsuler?
-Not they use Implant but difference in skills forces different test and Brain areas , that mean you can be a Soldier even if you didn’t pass a BSA test for capsuler level …They didn’t tell you that?
-Not , parents probably didn’t need a Soldier in the family heh.
-Its strange i think , it is good cash.
-In Amsen Science and Trade Institute they teach us in the direction we want to be , but also at some level basics of some topics.
-So you probably familiar with Trade and Hauling.
-Yes buy low sell High it is a basic , I know even that some Wares are worth more than usually found at the market a capsulers do not care for some items too much.
-I heard that too.
-Imagine that some items got higher price because of Tech2 variant but some Corporations prefer Tech1 and are able to exchange it for Caldarii Navy variant.
-Yes i know that too , look in Serpentis is same like in the Caldarii space there are Serpentis Shops that exchange some items but you need Loyalty Points.
-Those are points which are like a level of your cooperation with Corporation , you work more you get more same like more danger work more points.
-And I speak with correct person and they give me what i need.
-Yes you understand correct.
-But i Heard that ware operation where reserve for Capsuler only.
-It is lie in Serpentis even a DJ can get Loyalty Points when Host good event for Serpentis Workers.
-Lets say ok , but example a Soldier can get for those points?
-Many things like a rare upgrades for a gun , suit or even a Small Marine Skill Injector worth a cash.
-I’ve heard about skill injectors instant learning.
-Got more questions?
-No I think its all.

After a talk Jonest sit to a computer and stick there for few Hours , Atoi decide to look at popups in the tablet.
Looking at boring news , some where so annoying like Quafe transport robbery Who normal steal a Quafe crates?
This part based on sitting in room is easy , but reading whole day news in local media can be like torture.
Fourth day came and Atoi know that Jonest going to speak with Him about transport , but He decide to not bother Him this time going to came.
Jonest spend last day upfront of Computer screen eating Potato Chips.
-Atoi listen i got every details about your transport to Serpentis Territory.
-Good i almost get sleep because it is best entertainment now.
-Listen You and Me going to go to Docks i will guid you to a Corax Destroyer.
-Its Caldarii i know.
-Listen this ship type is only a cover to transport operation , inside are Serpentis Coworkers with people that same like you joining a Serpentis.
-Easy this part is easy get to a ship.
-Yes , i didn’t tell you but im staying here because i work in the dock no one going to scan you for identity.
-Lets drink one shot for final victory.
-You are in good mood.
Jonest go to freezer and prepare two shots of hooch.
-The route guide through Lonetrek>Pure Blind>Cloud Ring>Fountain to a A-1CON X - Moon 2 - Salvation Angels Warehouse , you need to repeat now station you heading it works lika a key.
-A-1CON X - Moon 2 - Salvation Angels Warehouse Im going to repeat.
-We need to be there in a Hour so better use memory.
They drink prepared shots of hooch and Atoi repeat in minds and silently station name until was sure that remember correct.

In the docks Jonest speak with few workers and Atoi pass a Dock gates to Corax when He enter a docking platform spot a group of people gathering around pickup zone ,
He go there in a crowd where sure no one going to recognize Him. The Corax cargo hold doors open , from a inside leave a four mans that direct people to correct rooms.
Atoi get on board but no one ask Him for key , He understand that at least one talk is ahead. In Cargo where smaller gates near them been a Ship crew that point to a rooms.
When Atoi approach them They ask Him for destination.
-Where are you heading?
-Too a A-1CON X - Moon 2 - Salvation Angels Warehouse.
A worker rise eyes and nodded , and tap a next worker arm. That worker pull a tablet from pocket and gave it Atoi.
-At tablet are all information’s you need , go to next room.
Atoi Walk and look at the tablet , He spot a map through Ship to His room but also something like a Corporation News Paper.
He decide that going to room first and latter going to look at new source of information’s , when He get to a room He spot that got nice view in room where a window next to a bed.
Sitting and looking in too tablet took like fifteen minutes His reading where stop by a speaker in a room.
-All Passengers We are undocking in two minutes.
Atoi look through window and spot a beauty of space , so many stars. He do it He break a Handcuffs of Slavery.
Trip Where calm nothing interesting worth mentioning , system after system Atoi know He is far away from every bad events in His life.
He going to start new far away from lies from disgusting propaganda.


Atoi Subarato Serpentis Recruit/Suspect Code C1/M2

  • C1 Suspect Customs Contraband / M2 Concord Murder Second Category

A-1CON X - Moon 2 - Salvation Angels Warehouse

Atoi where there , He reach a destination. Speakers in Ship speak clearly.
-To all new Corporation Workers in the A-1CON X - Moon 2 - Salvation Angels Warehouse , we are at place…
-Please Go to Ship exit doors and keep a Tablet Ship crew gave you…
-Thank you for flight.
So time to go , Atoi walk guided by green and yellow lights impossible for anyone to do not find exit doors.
When He step outside a ship spot very similar view a Docks , but fact by the left side where also docking area and Serpentis Vindicator dock at station.
Vindicator is a Battleship one of the biggest ships build by Serpentis for security needs , Atoi spot also Daredevil by the right side.
-People please , keep walking!! Dock Worker voice where high , from moment one Atoi understand that this isn’t a trip a school trip.
Atoi walk and realize that group of people where bigger they have to be split in to smaller groups.
-Yes boss group with Tablets have arrive…
-Yes immediately.
Worker speak through headset , and by hands moves make hurry a group.
Group reach a gate where Atoi nad rest of group get SmartBand.
-It is a blank SmartBand and going to be uploaded with your new ID and bank status…
-Put it on a Hand now , your new ID going to be numbers only because you get new Identity latter…
-Do not be afraid we know our job.
Atoi get popup on a tablet same like the others , sound of notification spread around.
-By the moment at your tablets where uploaded new data about room and contacts…
-Read it and follow instructions.

Atoi read first popup , it was a room location and suggestion to sleep if He actually need it.
There whare also information about profession contacts and availability in time of them.
By a moment been staying in dock visitors area He started thinking who he going to be , at the moment only Soldier and Contracted Killer look best for Him because of Cash.
From the other Hand calm work got this plus that do not need so much attention from a Human.
He decide to go to room a visitors area look clean and been there a lot plants.
When He get to Transport Shuttle landing pads understand that are four different directions of flight , so quick look on a tablet where necessary.
A moment and Atoi sit in the room a bed , a freezer , a window , a washbasin and toilet , and microwave oven.
Yes brand new cant expect highest luxury but popup do not left it without answer , Atoi if like could buy a cetel or change room if got cash.
Atoi decide to eat something and go sleep in the sector where a Bar selling Vege and Bio protein food , He expect chicken or beef but it is a Bar so taste should be ok.
He walk by six minutes and spot that last client walk with something looking like Burrito.
-Hello im new popup in tablet say i got a assets covered in food for a week.
-Yes i see your number ID here is a menu.
Bar was designee in a old style Truck food seller , menu where on a paper behind a seller been a kitchen.
-Ok Large Burrito with bio chicken and spice paprika.
-Ten minutes.
Atoi sit , people pass a bar street life like in every station very similar to this known from Amsen Science and Trade Institute.
Chairs got deep dark red color , He sits near a long table up front of counter.
-Tell me what i can expect here like crimes?
-Dont try to play with a Security they shot first than ask if you survive.
-A Profession Contacts shortly?
-Simply it is teacher team with a leader.
-Ok new guy your food.
Atoi start eating few bits and from nowhere came a girl in His age.
-Hi A Vege medium bowl with Chicken protein slices.
She look at Him , Atoi didn’t know what to say , She is Blond Hairs Beauty.
-Hi you probably new?
-Yes im Atoi , so whats your name?
-Im Leetya a last class student , but if you are new and got a name probably speak about this parents gave you i think…
-Dont think its wrong ever single person here except capsulers got new names.
Leetya got wear all black but look like a model She is slim , Atoi look from legs to top and Her blue eyes.
-Im heading to a club latter its a reason why i look like that now.
black hat , black top , black shorts , black tights that simulate knee socks and black heels , Atoi spot a Serpentis logo pin at Hat.
-You are Hungry or im looking really good now.
-Your Bowl Leetya.
-You are looking really good like a model… Leetya smile after a Atoi words.
-What class it was? Atoi ask about it because it was information’s He look for more about details than Her new work.
-A Refinement Analytic.
-A bottle of water please , nice paprika.
-You are sound like Caldari.
-Im exCaldari fool.
-Same like me.
-Thank you Leetya but i need to sleep few hours and going to dream about you. Atoi proud now He isn’t alone.
-Thank you too , sleep well.

Leetya Set.

Going to Be CONTINUED Tomorrow. o7

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Atoi walk to room , so proud of choice but didn’t ask for Leetya age it was not adult not smart.
When He enter room popup at tablet where many , He decide to quick look on the main topic and He spot that one popup is about Leetya.
The Network where maintain by a Serpentis AI , when Atoi SmartBand where long in a area with other SmartBands AI add a contact and bookmark.
He decide to look deeper in software for voice recording , He wont found a voice recording but He found free social network He got access too.
Serpentis Cloud Connect we Build we Care , Main title but works like other social networks like a this known from Caldarii space.
Atoi save a Leetya contact and by one move fall on to a bed than standup and take a shower , sleep wont await too long.

Atoi awake after a five hours there was many different ways of profession He can chose , there isn’t something like easy money or He minds where correct with this line.
Sitting and lurking through jobs and payments , thinking What Am I capable of a more complicated that understanding basics of Electronics Engineering.
For Him these monet was more difficult than a Math exam , but do He like that or not He need to choose a way.
-No support you are alone now.
In minds last events from His life , should i be a Contracted Killer or i Should be a local Miner and Producer.
-Soldier is a opportunity same like other ways i can choose.
Time move forward , but it still isn’t easy for Him He didn’t know the taste of every single way that await.
He killed a man a Drug Diller why not Contracted Killer and it was a choice a way of a abandon man.
Looking at Tablet to set up meeting with Profession Specialist , no one ask but when He decide it flown forward just like that.
Opening a Tablet was easy for Him same like seting up a meeting with new Teacher.
-Ok adding this code here and accepting here , o why do i need to wait in my room?
That was something what Atoi dont understand a popup informations say await in the room.
-Await in the room
-Do not Leave
Do He like that or not He await in room a Hour pass , two , four.
He start loosing faith that everything is correct and there isn’t a error or some kind of Hacker attack.
-This is Station Security!!
-This is Station Security Lay down on the ground!!
-You Have two minutes to do this!!
-Stopper Start!!
Atoi standup drop tablet on the floor , He approach a Window where was a Security Shuttle with armed Security Forces.
-Lay down on the ground!!
-One minute!
Atoi like after a few drinks not lay on the ground more like He fall on the ground and stop moving.
-His laying now!!
-Breach!! Breach!! Breach!!
Doors blown inside to a room enter a Security Team , all of them point a gun in too Him.
-I do not do anything! Atoi Scream loud He dont understand this situation.
A moment latter Atoi where guided through corridor with a head low , they enter street level then He was in the Security Shuttle.
-Officers i do not do anything!
Atoi didn’t even know do they listen too Him , for what it was done to Him.
He understand that except order to arrest Him also got keep mouth close , at all He do not have bigger choice He need to wait.
A moment latter they let him knee and rise Head up , He have not idea where He is.
Up front of Him was a building with Serpentis Logo and a few more arrested mans few at knee await few lay on a concrete , no one talk.
-Hey i didn’t do anything!!
A Security Officer approach Atoi and look at Him than He spray His face with something like sticky water.
A moment latter Atoi fall a second after second feel he cant take bigger breath , He couldn’t talk and start salivate.
He didn’t know how long he lay on the concrete but know that They lift him and drag somewhere , He heard a talk of Security Officers.
-One of them think He can rob us.
-Useless â– â– â– â– .
Atoi been dragged for a while and soon hear a next voice.
-This one to fifth room.
A moment latter Atoi sit on a chair still got problem with breathing but stop salivate.
He dont know how long it take to a moment when someone enter a room.
-Ok Inject Him those medicine , I need to talk with Him.
Atois arm get heat up its probably injection of some kind of drugs , but from second after second He feel better.
Start brething normal been able to see wide.
-Ok Atoi yes i know your name but even more than you think , I know you are here no more than twenty Hours so answer all my questions.
-Ok No problem I do not do anything wrong.
-First you get here because you?
-I decide to revolt against Caldarii regime , kill one Drug Diller and piss at Concord Opinion shortly.
-Correct but since when you know personally Leetya.
-I dont we talk in a Bar for a while i go there eat something and a moment latter She enter.
-What happen latter?
-I go to my room take shower and go sleep.
-Im asking about talk.
-It was a chill talk with a dose of desire.
-What happen latter?
-I go to my room take shower and go sleep.
-Why i took so long for you deciding where you going to work?
-I dont know.
-It do not satisfy my person.
-I think too much about future , cash , time , glory.
-Well better , wait.

A Officer leave a room , room was a square with a table and chair nothing more like a window only walls.
Atoi know that if Hacker try to rob Serpentis and He is a Suspect They release Him only if going to be sure they found a Thief.
But start too understand a reason of arrest in that way , His criminal record show that know how to organize things to get a profit and kill someone.
A ten minutes latter to a room enter a Officer again.
-Atoi you need to answer few more questions , tell me more about Distillery?
-Ask Gray Ant he organize things in these topic.
-So more about your Parents?
-They abandon me when was 17 , after it i became Legal Caldarii Salve.
-Salvage work?
-Yes I steal a chip from a wrecked part of ship during a work there.
-Its Logic that how you get a Cash for Gray Ant to start distillery operation.
-Operation it to much to say.
This Scream make Atoi Hearth bumping like crazy , He didint know hat to do.
-Take off Handcuff , Im buying His clean and ready.
Now Atoi get mind highway and only question WHAT THE â– â– â– â–  WAS THAT?
Officer with a smile on a face.
-You are enough clean to start Training as Contracted Killer.
-So Serpentis want to be sure?
-Of course we do , we even need to.
To a room enter a few more officers they start talking.
-Yes we got robbery but working on it.
-His ready i think too.
Few different talks , few different topics Atoi start thinking that someone steal His Identity and probably is one leg in grave.
But in a second ever person in room stop talking and look at Him like on a picture , no face move , no eye move and moment latter voice.
-Atoi look this what we showing to you is your imagination , I know you already thinking you are death.
-Imagine now what happen when Concord or every kind of enemy get you , I can tell you going to be worse.
-So you got ten minutes and decide you want that job or not , give Him water and something to eat.
-End to answer your questions at concrete ramp where few actors and few new recruits.
Atoi Minds race , He became convict now.