CULTURE: Khanid Cultural Dinner [22 June 21:00 NEST]

I request an invitation to this event, being Khanid and from the same planet as Ms. Qerl, even.

I could even loan my yak and my yurt for the occasion.

My hovercraft is full of eels.

Didn’t understand that?

Well I didn’t understand your post either!

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I question the necessity of LUMEN’s plans to poison as many Khanid capsuleers as possible in one go.

Wait, that’s their actual food?



I do apologize, Nauplius, but the festival is purposed to celebrate all those things which are good and beloved about Khanid culture, in the interest of broadening and showing appreciation for it. I’m not entirely sure you qualify. But do feel free to ask Miss Loai and Directrix Lunarisse directly for an invitation if you disagree.


Madam, Kumis is a perfectly reasonable thing to drink. If you aren’t interested in drinking fermented mare’s milk I don’t know what it wrong with you.




So, I thought to myself, what things would I drink before I was so far down the list to drink fermented mares milk.

Pond water, stream water, nuclear reactor feed water. Sure, all three of them are not great. The first two can carry diseases and microorganisms, and the last one is irradiated.

However, it’s only 3.6 roentgens an hour. And while that’s not great, it’s not terrible, either. About as much as a chest x-ray (if you’re in one of those places where they still used ionizing radiation for imaging.)

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People say such odd things, and feel so strongly about a little yogurt drink. I have no idea why. I’d thought most people liked yogurt, or at least preferred it to swamp water.


You must understand, Miss Loai, some people have trouble expanding their horizons. I for one look forward to whatever regional cuisine and beverage you serve us. I know you would suffer none but the finest quality for such an occasion.


People will happily eat things like bacon flavoured ice cream made with cow milk, but even suggest yak or horse milk and then oooooo you’ve gone too far.


You know, it’s kind of funny that the assumption was made that I was speaking of Kumis.

Surely not the horse. I’m rather looking forward to the horse!

The beetles are pretty good, too. I’m not sure they’re “dinner” food exactly, though.


Now, now, Ms. Arrendis, you actually liked one traditional Khanid fried dessert if I recall correctly.

Dare I ask which?

Dare I ask how Nauplius knows that Arrendis liked a particular dessert? Because that worries me.


He’s always trying to feed people. Apparently that’s the way to a lady’s heart.

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It is, often enough, but generally speaking, kidnapping, enslaving, torturing, and murdering her people tends to cancel that out.


I, Lord Vaari ask permission to join your cultural diner.

Our alliance exalted leader is well known Khanid loyalist, Lord Crases.

In primary I ask personal permission to join.

Secondarily I ask alliance wide permission to join.