[Event] Rock and Vherokior throat singing

WHAT: Concert with the band that made Vherokior throat singing popular
WHEN: 19-01-YC122 at 19:00
WHERE: Nakugard VI ((Channel: The Kalka Plains))
WHO: Everyone*

I have finally secured a gig with one and only band that made Vherokior throat singing popular across the cluster. On these boards they became known with their so called Khanid music, and now it is your chance to come and get a taste of the traditional music of my tribe. So, mark your calendar on the 19th this month and start practicing your headbanging.

Everyone is invited, however it will take place in the Republic so individuals who are openly hostile to the Republic may face difficulties. That being said: This is first and foremost an event built on Minmatar traditions. Respect towards our culture and heritage is a requirement.

More information on the location will follow soon.

-Mizhir Devara
Mystic of Clan Ra’esji, Vherokior Tribe


A little taste of what to expect:


■■■■ yeah. Calendar marked.

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I cannot guarantee that I will be able to go myself, however regardless Id like to coordinate a live transmission for my men on Floseswin.


Gods I’m such a fan.

Will try to make it.


I’ll try to be there for it if I’m permitted!

To be fair, throat singing is also culturally significant in Khanid culture, so it’s understandable that Imperial citizens would have associated it with that instead initially. In fact, there are Khanid groups that do something rather similar.

I hope I can go, I try not to miss a good show when it’s going to happen!


Well it has been seen previously in history that empires absorb cultural elements when their conquer foreign land, so it is natural that someone want to adopt elements from Vherokior culture.


It should be quite a show Archbishop. WHile throat singing is present in multiple cultrues, this one in particular sings about many thing sacred to our people, particularly the wolf, for which my own clan is named. I look forward to seeing you and helping broaden our cultural horizons together!


It’s not uncommon to see relatively similar strains of culture through multiple avenues. I was just explaining the previous confusion.

I’m looking forward to it! I’ll be in the area for one of my weekly meetings, so I’ll at least be able to stay right up until the workbell rings!

I see. You show…you have drinks…you get a lady all swooning and then disappear into the night.


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I wish I got to disappear into the night. I’ll actually be disappearing into a conference room.

Nobody is sighing more than me.


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So to bring this back on track.
Mizhir I’m glad to see you doing this, I only heard them once then they played in new Hueromont almost half a year ago. and I must admit I find their music enticing for a Vherokior band


Just a reminder that this event is in two days. Location will be posted soon™.


((Ingame channel: The Kalka Plains))

The concert will be taking place on Nakugard VI. Clan Ohiyaya of Krusual Tribe has been generous to let us use their land for this event. The location is perfect for guests from both the Republic and the Federation and is still fairly central for everyone else.

Thanks for organizing, it was a lovely event!


Great concert, lovely ambiance!

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