Khaldari Culture Show

Greetings, pilots!

Continuing on with the L’Amore trend for hosting events for varied cultures, I am pleased to announce a Khaldari Enclave themed show at the venue. With its reputation for professionalism, entertainment and political neutrality, I could not possibly pick any other place.

Showcasing the fusion between Caldari and Khanid tastes, this event aims to give all guests a taste of what those of us assimilated into the Kingdom can offer. Drinks, food, music and fashion will all be on display, ready to be sampled and enjoyed. Please do check out the special rice vodka!

Looking forward to seeing you all there,
Lady Consort Kailen Heleneto-Gallius

Location: L’Amore in Ballo
Time: 19:00
Date: 18/08/YC120 - Next Saturday as of this post


Immensely looking forward to this! Thank you in advance for taking the time to put this together!


Now this is interesting. It’s always good to hear about the varies people living back in the kingdom.
I’ll have to see if I’m home from my vacation in syndicate by then.

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I wonder if it taste better than what Caldari have.


Just a reminder that this is happening tonight!


Keenly interested.

Likely to be late.


This was a wonderful and informative evening. Thank you to all who attended!


Thank you everyone who attended, it was a lovely evening and I hope you all learned a little something of Enclave culture. Once again, many thanks to Lady Lasairiona Raske-Vadam for allowing the use of her venue.


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