YC 123 New Eden Capsuleers' Writing Contest


In light of the successful contest the last seven years I am pleased to announce the EIGHTH (yay!) year for a writing contest for stories or poems by or about Capsuleers/Baseliners and their worlds and cultures.


CATEGORIES: There will be FOUR categories this year:

  1. Poetry
  2. Prose
  3. Academic/Scientific (e.g. Academic, Economic Reports, Science Reports, Theological Writings, Treatises, etc.)
  4. News/Gossip/Opinion Pieces



There is no minimum length. Maximum length is 15,000 words. There is no required subject matter; the content may be fiction or non-fiction.

Prior works are eligible as long as posted or published AFTER May 15, YC 122 (2020). This means, for example, works in the recent story-time thread on the IGS or stories and gossip reports (in Player Fiction) in the past uear can be nominated by their authors for consideration.

Please post entries by linking in this thread or by a clear label in the Eve Fiction category of these forums, e.g. [YC 123 NEWCWC your work title here] as the title.


FIRST PLACE - 5 billion isk
SECOND PLACE - 3 billion isk
THIRD PLACE - 750 million isk
FOURTH PLACE - 250 million isk
Honorable Mentions - 50 million isk


Each of the Judges may, in their discretion, award a personal prize to the favorite (regardless of the “place” of the submission)

There is also a prize, for the Academic Category, “of up to 1 billion ISK, in the acadenic category, for the best article featuring archaeology or cheese” sponsored by Dr. Valerie Valate.

The most “amusing” or “entertaining” to me* or intriguing gets treated to a candlelit dinner by me at a fine restaurant or a meal at another location


All judges and I (as administrator) are disqualified from submission for prizes.

All entries will be considered. However, no plagarism is allowed.

if the quality of the entries does not merit the number of prizes, then prizes will be given up to the number deemed meritorious.

if people have any questions or need rulings, I am the contest administrator and you can feel free to message me directly.

I also want to offer the following thank you to our Donors! Franco Phonaga (15 billion isk), ARC (2 billion isk), Maira Blackfire (2 billion isk), Josephine Andere (2 billion isk), a former winner of the contest Tanagura Amoii (1 billion isk), Gosakumori Noh (1 billion isk), and Nix Pardus. Dr. Valerie Valate has also sponsored 1 billion isk for the best article in the academic category featuring archaeology or cheese

Also a thank you to this year’s panel of judges for volunteering their time and efforts: Arsia Elkin, Cain Aloga, Franco Phonaga, Kalodote Lafisques, Lasairiona Raske, Lightning Lemmont, Loai Qerl, Maira Blackfire, and Valdezi

Cordially, and with God’s Blessings

Lunarisse Aspenstar Daphiti
Directrix Societas Sceptri Coronaeque
Co-Executrix Khimi Harar

((OOC note - no plagarism! it is requested that the work be “original” to the player entering and not copied from another author.))



  1. Expectations by Tanagura Amoii
  2. Hell by Murray Rothbardo
  3. Pain by Ernak Barca
  4. Ten Years Asleep by Acadir Nimroren’a
  5. Cheap Thrills by Cyrus Kurtz
  6. The Rent by Trajen Syn
  7. Flaming Carnage, and Profit for Some by Duke Shasta
  8. Beyond Amarr: A Worthwhile Adventure by Vintus Turgalium
  9. Windrunners by CloakAndDagger Insidious

Heya how do we post our masterpieces?

Post per instructions above in MOTD. I personally prefer that they be posted in Eve Fiction in these forums as it is easier for everyone, but as long as link is provided, other places for posting are ok. if already posted (as entries posted SINCE MAY 15, 2020 are allowed) providing a link suffices.

Is there a limit to number of entries by a person?

Well with 4 categories and 4 prizes plus honourable mentions in each, then… there’s a practical limit of 5 entries per category, so 20 in total.

More than that would definitely be a bit unsporting.

No restrictions, but i have found over the years that multiple entries (especially if more than 1 per category) seems to tend (but not always, obviously) to dilute their ‘impact’ on the judges.


Not to mention exhausting.

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Well, some people are capable of immense wordosity, so I wouldn’t rule it out completely.

The time frame for works that can be entered in the contest is from May 16, YC 122 (the day after last year’s contest ended) to the May 15 YC 123 deadline per the MOTD.

I’ll accept the entry, thank you :slight_smile:

For others entering it will be easier for people to find future entries if one does a separate post in the Eve Fiction category of these forums, e.g. [YC 123 NEWCWC your work title here] as the title or (if posted elsewhere) provide the link.

EDIT: Mr. Barca ended up doing that too, and thank you!


We’ve gotten a lot of entries so far, particularly in prose and poetry.

Remember deadline for Submissions is May 15th!

We have a tentative date of Sunday, June 20th, to announce winners.


Remember deadline for Submissions is May 15th!

We have a paucity of entries for academic or news/gossip/opinion this year so far :frowning:

remember works published since the last contest are eligible!

((and works can be ‘submitted’ by a player ICly using anyway they choose, e.g. the writer, a reader, a fan, anonymously, etc!))


Well, I know one or two that could be suitable entries.

But I take from this that I can’t nominate someone else’s works. Guess I’ll have to convince someone.

Sure, if a work is eligible, i guess a third party nomination is fine (unless the author objects in which case I’d withdraw the entry).

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I nominate War Journal: Triglavian Collective by @Aria_Jenneth for category 4, if she does not object.

I did a rough word count and it should be well under 15,000 words, just over 9,000, quotes not included.

I’d also like to nominate A Diver’s Notes on the Abyss, but I think that is not possible as it is still a work in progress.


Thank you. Both are added to the list for category four. As for WIP, it is judged based on the condition at the deadline,

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Updated OP to show entries for Prose category. - 9 Entries so far - and deadline is May 15th!

I will continue to update OP this week to show all entries for all categories so far.