[YC 123 New Eden Capsuleers’ Writing Contest] Price of Immortality

Salut Friends,

This will be the first time I have wrote something since becoming a capsuleer. I have never tackled sonnets before and so what better way for me to begin again by writing one. Please see this as my entry for the YC 123 New Eden Capsuleers' Writing Contest.

I believe 'tis right to ponder our worth,
Less a teardrop in the ocean of stars,
That our future unknown to change from birth,
To be remembered, footnotes of memoirs.
Alas, many are to be forgotten,
Be lost to dust and space infinity,
But time untold, help our legend blossom,
To upon a place, divinity.
To me I worry it brings more distress,
For 'tis myself that would pursue this dream,
Of all akin I make this grave address,
I speak to person low and high esteem,
Is this the price of immortality?
O’ pain, 'tis not worth our humanity.

Sincères Amitiés,

Clementine Lafleur


Thank you for your submission!
Deadline for the contest this year for any still interested is May 15th.

When read aloud this sounds really damned good, excellent job!

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