Looking for Writing Contest Judges

For those who remember, I organize a writing contest every year. With turnover in judges (some have retired their license, others want to try to submit this year!) While I have three judges lined up, I am looking for new judges/volunteers and am seeking a diversity of viewpoints and backgrounds to ensure a fair panel. If interested, please contact me via neocomm mail.

For examples of what the contest is about, here is one of the writing contest threads


Well that filled up fast! thanks for the interest and the official contest announcement will go out March 1st!

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Ooo, should I send you a marking scheme to show how to judge the prize for archaeology or cheese that I have sponsored ?

No, but thanks for the offer.

I’m a graduate student and I grade papers. I also read 1-2 books each week. Let me know if you still need someone.

I cant reply to the original post about the contest, so like, everything goes as long as it is been narrated as a story or poem, right?

I want to participate, can i use a story i have already published if i wanted to? (in the forums offcourse).

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