Looking for judges!

For those who remember, I organize a writing contest every year. With turnover in judges (some have retired their license, others want to try to submit this year!) I am looking for new judges/volunteers! If interested, please contact me via neocomm mail.

For examples of what the contest is about, here is last year’s thread

((This is an IC, RP post))


I, Synthia, Endorse this Product and/or Service.

I love this contest! I would love to be a part of it. Is it possible to contribute to one category and be a judge on another?

As judges judge all categories, one has to either be a contestant OR a judge. Sorry :frowning:

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How many submissions did you receive last year?

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Lots, it’s great fun.


That’s a solid number, but not overwhelming for the judges! I admire your work. You are doing a valuable service for New Eden’s culture

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If you are really struggling, I can hang up my writer hat once again and judge <3

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*An other calm day in the system of Pimebeka. Since three days no, the Conclomerate didn’t ask her help for anything. Two times in a row, she had make a round to check all the asteroid belts of the system.


No Sansha Rats, no crazy Bloods raiders, no Minamattar hero… Nothing to do, except… Well, except browsing the IGN, hoping to see something that would keep her spirit occupied until the next problem to solve by lasers in the Tash-Murkon territory.

And… After a few minutes, she found it.

A writing competition? Managed by the person supposed to make her visit the EvE gate i a just a few days?

Well. Since there was still no alerts anywhere near her position, it was most likely worth give a try…

After all, an occasion to get closer to this Lunarissa before they had to fly together for a moment could only be beneficial.*

Well, I might be interested to participate as a judge.

We know each other a (very) little bit via some conversation on a LUMEN channel, and I know that I never wrote anything of value to the public of New Eden.

The main reason, as I talked about in the said canal with other capsuleers, is that I have been writing in my native language for years and do not feel confident enough in my mastery of the most used language of our universe level to jump the language barrier and finally write something that I would make public.

Of course, since you would most likely be able to understand the said language, I see no problem in giving you a full access to my work if needed.

That said, I enjoy reading a lot, and I think I might have enough experience in writing as a whole to have a somewhat valuable opinion about what I read.

Besides, I am a very young capsuleer, without any bounds to any other capsuleer or corporation. You can hardly imagine any better guarantee that every kind of bias toward any competitor will be avoided.

Whatever happen, this is an amazing initiative, that will, without a doupt, be benefic to New Eden culture.

(*Edited as I didn’t see this had to be an IC post the first time)

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If you’re stuck, I can judge this year, rather than enter.


What are the Requirements in Terms of Workload to be a Judge ? What time Commitment is Necessary ? What are the Rules for Conflict of Interest, e.g. if your Friend or Corpmate submits an Entry ?

  1. It’s fairly light.
  2. Half an hour a night over the course of a week or two was enough for me last time.
  3. Hate everyone. That’ll solve your problem right there.

I am not sure I am open to contribute my time for this, but I would like to ask for more serious approach than last time, considering you took couple very incompetent and highly biased offensive persons during YC121, I hope it won’t happen again. If you need just someone “Minmatar” or Republic affiliated judges too, there are quite many more honorable persons lurking IGS that could replace the disgraces you brought in last time.

Ladies, gentlemen, and friends, I present you a masterclass on how not to treat the volunteers who give their time and effort to reading and critiquing the works of others:


■■■■, I’ll do it.


I’ll do it too!


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