[YC 123 NEWCWC - Poem - Confession]

I confess my sins unto you, my God,
may you purify my heart of deceptions, the lies which obscure my otherwise radiant spirit, taking hold of me and making a man of me which I am opposed to yet beholden to all the same, that most dangerous shadow.

I confess my sins unto you, my God,
may you cleanse my eyes of their carnal desires, keep me true to your purpose and let my heart lead as my eyes follow, worshiping spirit and not flesh, finding love and kinship - free from enticement.

I confess my sins unto, my God,
may you sanctify my mind, grant me the serenity to withstand the inevitable conflict that will ensue, so that I will face my obstacles and my enemies directly and with grace, unperturbed and without wrath.

May I be as ashes in your hand, reborn anew, worthy of your purpose.

-Vintus Paulus Turgalium, YC123.03.19

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This acknowledges receipt of your submission, thank you!

Deadline for the contest this year for any still interested is May 15th.

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