YC 122 New Eden Writing Competition) Poetry (I must control my rage)

Priests say I must not hate, but I wont pretend.
What Recking Crew has done to my Providence Friends.

The Scars you left on our hearts and souls will take time to fade.
Oh, if I had your cruel hart, my vengeance will not bade.

I must control my mind and soul and not give into the rage.
I must control the fight from here, and not yeet into a cage.

Yet you will do, no doubt, for your heart is so cruel.
You revel in the pain you cause, for you are no fool.

In the name of God and Empire, you’re all that I despise.
You planned to take by treachery my home as your prize.

My Margrave, my friends, my people- all you plotted to despoil.
But by Gods grace and faith enabled us to foil!

I must control my fury or it will undo all I sought.
Vengeance would not be enough for the evils that you brought.

God grant this day you fall beneath the fleets of me and mine.
Drink fully of defeat that cold and bitter wine.

Our Empress blessings are like a shield, upon our very souls.
Our god, country, liberty, is our only goals.

Our fleets are like eager slaverhounds awaiting divine command.
By our guns and launchers your life is in our hands.

Our oaths and grudges are old and long for which we wont forget.
For if you cross our laws, the status red you shall beget.

Your lists of crimes and bigotry are as clear as a noon-day sun.
With how you taunted, killed, and lied, you thought that was so fun.

By all the Stars that ever shone,
By all the gods ever known,
For Margrave and the Empress’ Own.
I swear this day you pay!

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