Salutations capsuleers

It is my first time interacting with forums and I wish to get acquainted with everyone.
I am aiming to semi-RP based on former-holder freedom fighter, and I am willing to make contacts with similar alignments.

I am full RP chaotic neutral supporting dictatorship. I think we are mortal enemies.

Welcome to eve.

I will ask my employers to contact you.
By His Light and His Will,

Chaotic Good zealot here.
Let us prove our worth at the sea of stars.

The Amarrian faith promises salvation to the chosen, but only oppression and suffering to others.
I am proud to call myself an apostate, let all tyrants burn beneath their shells of ivory and gold.

I spent my life in the Imperial Navy, bringing the Godless his blessing. My tolerance of ignorance and ingratitude is as limited as you would expect. For those who are willing to stand with us in God’s Light you will find powerful allies.
You are correct: there is Salvation for the Chosen. The only question you have is do you have the strength of character to Chose to follow His Wisdom?
I look forward to meeting with you, as a friend or as your deliverer.

(@Aetrid has pointed you at the RP area of the forum. You may find looking as some of the threads around the situation in Thebeka interesting and a source of contacts for whichever role you wish to play in New Eden).

We shall test our prowess in the sea of stars.
(Thank you! I appreciate your help!)

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