4HIM is Recruiting

We are newly formed Christian corps and we just got invited to Alliance in Cache in null sec. Need to be 16 years old and friendly. Apply if interested. also have 4HIM recruitment channel. We do little of everything.

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in null sec it’s fun

are satanists welcome?


what a question

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are you saying you are not welcoming?

the man is simply looking for a good corp :frowning:

Well, let me formulate it different then, cause the concept of a christian corp in a international video game is kind of weird.
Are atheists that have grown up christian and may very well be persuaded to become it again welcome?
What about hinduism, judism, islamism? Where do you draw the line?

Do you define your corp in a purely religious way? What about different sociological ideologies that can blend with religion? What if I prefer the flying Spaghetti Monster as my spiritual guide through this not-so-save world of the internet.


Let me formulate yours different.

In eve universe there are many ( lore friendly/not friendly ) cultists,loyalists etc…Even yeah you can create a corp and believe The Flying Spagetti Monster.

This is eve. This universe allows people to live in as free as possible they can.

I am not a Christian. Truely i am not a religous person at all. However if eve lets you to live as you wish in this game, who do you think you are to judge people because they want to recruit Christians?

I have read his post and i cant see anything against recruiting people from other religions.

Why you have to be so exreme?

I can see his point to unite group of people yet you approaching him with Satan? Well if you dont want to join him do not join then. No need to judge his attentions here.

Fair enough.
I think I’m funny.

What about Amarr roleplayers?

Anyone is welcome just be friendly to one another even your enemies.

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we are a member of Blind Obedience




Have a Great day!


Have a Great Day!

What a Day!



God Bless!