Join the Brotherhood of the Holy Smoke!

Brotherhood of the Holy Smoke is Eve’s next top Cult. Join today to become our next sacrifi- errr Acolyte to the Holy Smoke.

But actually, We are small and newer cult / corporation just looking to find some new members to enjoy the game with. We are still small and although I wouldnt say we are experts, we do have a pretty good handle on the game. We may not be able to offer the resources some bigger factions can, what we can offer is friendship and everlasting warmth from the kindling of the eternal flame.

The last thing I want to do is take away any opportunities from our members so there are no mandatory hours or restrictions on play time, although our main focus currently is PvE, we do have close alliances with a mining corp that lets us hop in and blast rocks if that’s your thing. We also try to plan PvP fleet ops every weekend because we feel that is where the real bread and butter of Eve Online stands.

There is only one rule we require from our members. Don’t be a dick. As long as you can follow that request, join our discord!

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