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Article in Nakriskaya Gazeta, a news outlet of Nakri, Domain, Amarr Empire, dated 15 Mar YC123


An incident earlier today on the Sarum Family Station orbiting Nakri V resulted in minor damage and a number of arrests. Station security were called to a spontaneous disturbance by concerned locals when a small group of labourers, after enjoying recreational activities following a day of honest work, were incensed by a poster insulting and defaming a widely respected local noble family. Security Chief Sokolov released a statement regarding the incident, in which he clarified that following arrest and questioning, the labourers had admitted that “insulting caricatures of a scion of the family in question” had been the cause of the workers’ sudden ire, but further to this, a “treasonous and outrageous insult to the Holy Throne and Her Imperial Majesty Herself” had “tipped them beyond their normally rational judgement into unthinking anger”.

Asked what the insult was, Chief Sokolov relucantly presented what remained of the poster, the majority of which had been destroyed by the men. Clearly seen, however, was a rendering of the Blessed Throne of Amarr, in which was sat a likeness of the nefarious capsuleer and known seditionist heretic Nauplius, with the legend “True Emperor” and the word “Da!”. The image immediately caused shock and outrage, prompting Chief Sokolov to call for calm, and to reassure that the poster in his possession is “the only known example at this time, though we must remain vigilant for others”. Chief Sokolov also urged for all “faithful and loyal subjects of Her Imperial Majesty” to report “any and all suspicious activity directed against the people of Nakri”, stating that “malicious outside forces are attempting to divide and subvert our society with their poisonous treason, which has stood for countless years as an exemplar of devotion to the Rightful, Divinely Ordained Institutions of our Empire”.

This publication agrees with Chief Sokolov and all right-minded Nakriians at all levels of society - we must stand together against yet another hated outside invader, and like so many times before, we shall prevail.


15th March YC123
Renyn IX - Moon 4 - Federal Intelligence Office Logistic Support
Overheard conversation between two staff members;

“Did you hear the news?”

“News about what?”

“Apparently the taskforce heading over the Eugales is being accompanied by eggers.”

“Typical, does that mean that command expects resistance?”

“Not sure but I’ve got it on good authority…”

“Your good authority, ha!”

“…On good authority, that one of them has already had dealings with that wolf woman in charge of the whole operation over there. And the other, well he’s got a whole lot of black on his record. Probably because of his times with the Black Eagles”.

“Black Eagles? We shouldn’t be talking about this…”


“No, not here!”



Airko-Tensei Group Reports on Health of Those Affected by Torrinos V, Moon V Quarantine

Scientists and aid workers associated with the Airko-Tensei Group have published an initial memo this afternoon on the wellbeing of State citizens trapped in the Torrinos V quarantine zone. Defying Caldari Navy quarantine measures Airko-Tensei deployed their own specialists to evaluate those effected by the outbreak and to evacuate corporate assets.

According to the memo, those screened have been observed to carry unidentified mRNA protein sequences with an indeterminate effect but are “otherwise asymptomatic.” This evidence seems to further refute claims within the State alleging a new strain of biological threat related to the cluster-wide novel coronavirus outbreak.

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The Venal branch of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist has responded to the publication of the risqué Venal Prosperity Network (VPN) magazine Bad Bunny with a prurient issue of its own, Slave Girls of the New Reclaiming. Although mimicking the VPN publication in style, typeface, cover, layout and other superficial qualities, any Guristas pirate perusing the sedevacantist publication would find quite different content inside. First, all the models in Slave Girls of the New Reclaiming are Minmatar, slaves living in de facto sedevacantist leader Nauplius’s “colony” in his Mehatoor hanger, although in a concession to Brutor representation among Guristas leadership, the blood line of the slaves is only vaguely described as “the slave people” and Brutor slaves are omitted entirely. Second, while Bad Bunny contained a photo shoot with Guristas loyalist capsuleer @Avio_Yaken, the sedevacantist magazine features only women, in keeping with Sedevacantist Church theology that being mistresses to the Chosen is one of the three legitimate purposes of the Minmatar, while for an Amarrian woman’s womb to be defiled by the seed of a Minmatar is the most horrific sin.

Finally, all the models in Slave Girls of the New Reclaiming are depicted in servile poses, washing floors and bringing food and otherwise being in subjugation and submission to the sedevacantist faithful. All of the slaves are visibly chained and collared, injections of slaves with oversized syringes of Vitoc abound, and whips are not absent. Interspersed with the photographs are articles on sedevacantist theology, including the fact that the models in the magazine’s pages are available as “holo-mistresses” for the most faithful of sedevacantists at church sites equipped with holo-emitters. None of the outfits or poses in Slave Girls of the New Reclaiming would be legal in Amarrian space, nor would the magazine itself.

Reached for comment on its Venal branch’s release of a magazine at variance with typically understood Amarrian values, Sedevacantist Church spokesperson Calyce Io responded that in sedevacantist theology, as a result of their rebellion against the Empire, the Minmatar have forfeited all their rights, including the right to clothing. An exposed Minmatar, she continued, is no more lewd than exposed livestock. The Theology Council and other Amarrian authorities declined to comment on the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist’s latest recruiting effort.


Arrondissement urges reconciliation with substance abusers.

Patient advocates, health care workers, and municipal officials objected to characterizations of substance abuse victims following events atop Garoun Investment Bank’s latest addition to the city skyline.

Dr. Franceleuse Utremont, Medical Director for New Hueromont Metropolitan Interagency Health Operations, acknowledged the threat criminal organizations pose to public order. “However,” he insisted, “characterizing victims of those enterprises contemptuously exacerbates the problem. Rather than shaming individuals into avoiding self-destructive behavior, social hostility only strengthens the desire to retreat deeper into addiction. Corrupt organizations prey on that alienation. We should not make their jobs easier.”

Haitha Falx, Chief Attorney with the non-governmental Criminal Health Intersection Initiative, concurred. “Addicts turn to substance abuse to escape forces assaulting their existence,” she said. “Removing antagonism allows us to better reintegrate them into society. This is not unrestrained altruism. Law enforcement and incarceration infrastructures consume an order of magnitude more resources than treatment and assisted release. Other metropolitan services, such as New Hueromont’s chronically underfunded transportation networks, benefit from a reallocation of funds. Meanwhile, judicial, police, and containment agencies are better able to concentrate on direct threats to public safety.”

Reached for comment, Tanagura Amoii, proprietor of the host club at the center of events which led to broadcasts of hostile commentary, released the following statement:

“Jin-Mei society looks on substance abuse with profound disapproval. Addicts deprive communities not only of their own contributions, but by drawing friends and relatives into supporting them, diminish the contributions of others. Narcotics trafficking is a capital offense in Lirsautton; and consumers of narcotics are seen as supporters of that industry, not victims.

“However, while attitudes in Lirsautton will not change quickly, even if there is economic merit to alternatives, we must acknowledge that New (or Nouvelle) Hueromont is on Luminaire. One Wing Angels Host Club will endeavor to meet the high standards established by the city. We are negotiating to sublet space on the 350th and 349th floors. Medical professionals have been contacted to design safe treatment environments for that space. We will make the facilities available to municipal agencies without charge.”

“This welcome development will highlight benefits of working with victims of criminal syndicates and not against them,” said Mlle. Falx. “Trends in New Hueromont are encouraging. However, success attracts - and recent arrivals are at high risk of succumbing to anxieties which the parasitic syndicates feed on. We must remain vigilant against the reflex to punish those who are already powerless. ‘Punching down’ is always an ignoble enterprise.”

In a lighter development, supermarket chain Yaoh-Mei have released a new candy in partnership with the host club. Called “Cinnamon Sabiques,” the sweets consist of a thin outer shell surrounding a jelly interior. “On the one hand, these are a joke at our expense,” said Vivienne Eautaine, president of the Ma Belle Cramoisie player’s association. “That said, I’ve already gone through five boxes. More stairs for me!”

A Yaoh-Mei spokesman insists the candies are specifically designed to not damage “sensitive teeth.”


Article in The Placid Tribune, 20.03.YC123

System Monitors and Contractor Security on High Alert With Arrival of FIO Taskforce in Pegeler Constellation
Eugales - Tensions are high today in the greater Pegeler district, as after days watching smaller task groups filter into the Unorganized system of Eugales, more robust units have been sighted making their way to port at the Federal Defense Union and FedMart Retail stations in system.

Even with their stated mandate to "Counter Subversion and Terrorism,” many are on edge due to the broad coverage such a mandate has, and many smaller independent communities have expressed displeasure at this deployment due to the potential for abuses against colonies without ties to a memberstate in Organized systems, echoing similar disdains for when the system was ‘given’ to the Franchise holders of the neighbouring Organized system of Archavoinet by way of System of Interest claim last year, though there is notably more upset with the involvement of a Federal level entity.

Speaking on the Franchise Holders for the aforementioned SoI claim, a heightened readiness and activity has been noted amongst security units and in space patrols, with some six capital vessels seen coming and going at different time to and from the vicinity of the ‘Orbital Yards’ over planet VI, organized small ship units, and regular fightercraft flights launching from dedicated platforms to patrol the system.

(Pictured: recon flight of modified Dragonfly class fighters)

The Placid Tribune reached out to the CEO of Purosupekuta Resourcing Auxiliary-Navy, Sakabkei Kiijata, a supporter of the United Neopian Federation and one of the Security Franchise holders enforcing the SoI claim, and he had this to say:

“I am a full-time dad, now. I’m a high-profile capsuleer who’s gotten lots of death threats, and have previously been targeted. But consider that in spite of that, I’ve chosen to rear my children in this system because I have faith in our readiness. Even more so in recent months after an overhaul to our recovery operation procedures. Before the last war, none of this from us or even the FIO was necessary, since then the system was like every other low out there, changing hands in the warzone every other day from conscripted eggs and brainless script riders who avoid newcomers to the system like soap repelling oil on the surface of water. If I feel safe here, I don’t understand why the FIO feels the need to conduct anything. That’s just asking for trouble. If you want more, there’s no one I’d trust more with my security operations than Chief of Operations Derek Niskahara. Excuse me, it’s feeding time.”

(Pictured: Sakabkei Kiijata, CEO of PRA-N)
Kiijata was only available outside of his children’s nursery for a brief period before he directed us towards his subordinate for further information. When we asked the Chief of Operations to elaborate on Kiijata’s last point, he had this to say:

“The thing about capsuleers is they’re hard to hide, and when they try to it usually means they’ve got something worth attacking them for to steal or get credit for on kill. What we’ve done is announce our presence here, but we’ve got nothing more to steal than anyone else. Especially since the last war trimmed us a bit. We’ve been low profile by being obvious, and that’s been fine with us. But the Feds choosing to investigate the system on their own terms suggests something’s here even when there’s not, and that draws the kind of attention we don’t need, or want. It’s like a capital in low. Even if there’s nothing in the system for the cap to smash, and try sniping loot on, people will turn their eyes to the system because there’s a cap there, and that’s just as good a score as any citadel.”

The Placid Tribune also attempted to reach out to Lauralite Brezia, the CEO of Wolf Brothers INC, and administrator of what is likely the largest currently independent colony in Eugales, but was unable to get a response for this publication.

Of note is that Nadire Security Consultants, , a security firm with ties to the Nadire district in Sinq Laison, seems to have deployed a supporting force to the FIO contingent. We managed to reach out to one of the supporting pilots, Clementine LaFleur , for comment about Nadire’s deployment ethos, and personal thoughts about the potential for abuses with the FIO’s broad mandate.

“We here at Nadire Security Consultants believe in a united Federation and here to support the Federal Intelligence Office and ensure that abuse is not being committed by independent colonies, not the other way round.
I would also like to add that FIO operate under direct instructions of the President, for who many, myself included voted for.”

(Pictured: Clementine Lafluer, NADSC contractor)

further questions were met with statements about confidential orders, and the subject was dropped.

At this juncture, things remain uncertain for the future of the system of Eugales.

In Other News:

  • Sansha’s Nation Incursion in Viriette constellation sees increase in destruction of in-space assets, planetary and station security forces on high alert.
  • Suspected Anaebra Cult Gang on Rampage about Diaspora Freeport raitaru in Intaki system, ten dead, four missing, after recent series of attacks in Habitat Eight.
  • I-RED acquires majority shares of Lonetrek-based private health insurance company MedStar ™️ ; operational shift announcements expected soon
  • Elusive former I-RED executives Selenna Solange and Roirdan Bouchate photographed enjoying beach resort on Duureanta (Harroule IV) with newborn
  • Core districts of second terrestrial city of the Utpattia Protectorate colony in Syndicate now completed; city formally christened with name of Navyii Shuru
  • Rumors of FIO Black Ops Bridges staging from Orvolle counterterrorism installation within range of Eugales ‘unsubstantiated but plausible’
  • New X-Rated Holoreel Set joint produced by EBK Studios and NOH subsidiary Silver Fox Entertainment, featuring holo-siren and Companion Lauralite Anne Brezia, Seen as Controversial and ‘morally questionable’ in some memberstates


Mamanaysh, Sabusi VI

Scuttlebutt around the cantinas of Lower Sib suggest that one of the capsuleer locals has left home, at least temporarily.

Zenour Noud, a mainstay of the Khanid Military Circuit, has, through a family petition to the Holding of Levab in the southern tropic of Moro III, sought permission from the Duchy for a sabbatical from her duties to the Throne. Though the terms of the petition are not presently a matter of public disclosure, a recent record of note is a lease signed by the family patriarch (and skilled pilot in his own right), Fradat-Vant Noud. The lease in question secures the rental of a domicile in Orpana, the distant Caldari constellation that straddles the borders of three regions. Rumors suggest the rental is for his daughter.

Commander Noud, while active in supressing Nation and Blood Raider crime in the KMC, was also a participant in the EDENCOM defense against Triglavian invasion. Orpana itself is flanked by the Obe, Wirashoda, and Otanuomi systems, the latter two of which are now subsumed into the Pochven network of liminal stars. If there is a connection between these locations and the recent move, it remains merely a matter speculation among the pilots in the south of the Kingdom.


Statement: Monsignor Huraira el-Karem, Rector, Cathedral of the Syndicate, XS-RAY


Torrinos V - Moon 5 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory


“Listen, I’m serious there! Just look at what I found!”

“What’s that?”

“Some info about stuff transported by those Airko-Tensei guys. Look, there’re research things, handful of scientists, just an insane amount of troops… And very little actual aid. Isn’t it suspicious?”


“And even more! They stated that they want to reclaim some property, right? Look, there’s property data. They own not so much - disproportionally not much compared to how much they transported in - and those records look strange. I plan to dig a bit later there. But even so, see? They are certainly up to something!”

“Hm… Okay, I’ll look what can be done with it… Thanks for letting me know”


Recording of a CVN Broadcast from a few weeks ago

Welcome to Clade Veles News, where we keep you informed on everything that goes on in Pochven. Things have been hot in the Domain of Pochven these past two weeks as Krai Veles benefactors Stribog Clade and allies from all around Pochven faced off against nullsec powerhouse Fraternity and their unexpected allies Nullsechnaya Sholupen, who were hired to aid in the assault. For a total time of 5 days Stribog Clade was on high alert, enforcing stringent security measures on the system of Wirashoda that hindered civilian traffic greatly for the duration. During this period of time the little known group Lobster of the Liquidators assaulted Archee with a small force of Raven battleships and Basilisk logistics cruisers, hoping to take advantage of the pressure exerted by repeated Fraternity attacks. A ragtag bombing run by SKS3 and PHUB. pilots dissuaded them from provoking the Fortizar in the system, and they did not return to continue their aggression. Presently the nullsec power has entered into a Non-Invasion Pact with Stribog for the cost of one Astrahus in the Wirashoda system. Neither entity will attack the other’s infrastructure, but pilots are still fair game. Official statements from Maldavius, leader of Stribog Clade, highlight the wealth of experience gained from the defense effort by inexperienced members as a priceless benefit that leaves the alliance better off than it was before the conflict; expressing immense pride in the willingness of kybernauts to rise to the occasion.
But the war in the skies is not the only conflict to ravage Pochven, on the ground fighting continues between stubborn military personnel acting under the command of EDENCOM operatives and the Collective’s highly skilled tactical troika. A new development in this ongoing battle, rebels strike back in Senda. Yesterday, an SAF holdout cell was uncovered on Senda IV attempting to sabotage crucial infrastructure in the city of Kuriisai by a routine patrol. The criminals opened fire with reckless abandon in an attempt to open an escape route. Authorities moved to box them in whilst directing civilians in the area out of the line of fire. Tragically, despite these effortts 5 bystanders were wounded and 2 killed, but 3 of the perpetrators were gunned down whilst fleeing and a fourth captured. It is expected that the detainee will yield valuable information as to the whereabouts of other resistance groups, updates as they come.


A reporter speaks over the new channels
New Caldari unity in Saisio System

Rumors emerge of demands for a push in liberal politics within Caldari society following the heavy losses of various systems within the Caldari State.
“Our apathy and greed of the unwillingness to help each other will destroy our culture our people and our independence”, one protestor said.
The weakening of the Caldari State increased tension with Gallente supporters in the last few months and many here fear increased aggression from the Federation as the State recovers from this turmoil.
“We should put aside our profit margins to recover and heal. If we don’t there won’t be any State left to do business in.”
Many believe the top stake holders are allowing the failures to continue as it will allow them to sell more warships in the long term with prolonged chaos. With out a central government there is little hope that the Cheif Excutive Pannel will do anything to recover lost systems from Triglavian attacks. Will the Caldari come together to will this cause further division within the State?


It goes without saying that one’s ethnicity is not a factor in their potential… In fact I’d go as far as to say that ethnicity is an entirely made up concept. A product of humanity’s natural tribalistic way of thinking… I can forgive it, but all of you are here to be enlightened to think above such things… You wanna know what names like Caldari, Gallente, Amarr and Minmatar are? They’re all labels. Labels that cultures have created to brand themselves and separate them from humans they deem to be different than them… It goes beyond culture, they go further to brand your very body as one of ‘them’ and place you either in favor, or disgust. If that doesn’t sound like tribalism, then I must not know what is - Regardless, this is why I identify as Raata before I acknowledge any Caldari heritage in me, as I prefer to identify with my human spirit before I identify with some arbitrary skin-tone or facial structure I’ve inherited…

Identifying with such labels is barbaric to me… A close minded and narrow way of thinking that these so called ‘advanced civilizations’ propagate to further control people and bring them under this tribalistic way of thinking… I speak of such things now more than ever of late because of these ‘Sedevacantist’ that have recently appeared in our lovely region and begun spreading a message built on tribalistic and degrading messaging. They speak with their chest out and speak with a tone of pride, but their words are nothing but insecurities.

They whine about the ass of a Uldorian sitting on the Amarrian throne and declare “Not my empress” and pretend that nobody is even in charge… They claim Amarrian superior, yet seemingly lack the mental capacity to process the irrelevance such a label holds because they can’t imagine a world where them identifying as Amarr holds no meaning… They force these racial labels around to keep others out of their prosperous tribe and screech out that those outside this tribe serve them for their interests… And most humoring, they love to point out that a woman with the label of Amarr mating with one labeled as Minmatar is an abomination - Because they all have a insecurity of being cucked by those they deem lesser… Perhaps it’s all some repressed sexual desires they’re failing to express.

Is it not a pity? Could you imagine going on and caring about whose ass sits upon the Amarrian Throne? What arbitrary ethnicity someone is? Feeling unsatisfied everyday that the world isn’t bowing to your meaningless labels and could you process how it must feel to go on everyday thinking your sexual desires are evil and disgusting?.. Well, maybe the disgust is the appeal to begin with.

What I ask of everyone here is just to think beyond such a simple minded way of thinking, to think beyond these labels society has forced on us to control our identity. If you wish to go by one of these labels, then that is your choice like any other - But why? What pride is there to be had in considering yourself Caldari? Or Gallente? Amarr or Minmatar? What significance do any of these labels hold? That is a question, for you to answer yourself.

Suha Raibuya, speaking at the Windchime Shrine aboard N5Y-4N’s Guristas Logistical Station.


Source: The Yulai Herald

Several Minmatar news outlets have reported an uptick in sporadic, guerrilla-style attacks in more remote regions of Floseswin IV in recent weeks. While the war-torn Tribal Republic world has been largely secure since Hetman General Kanth Filmir’s forces drove the Amarr invasion from the planet last year, the extended period of Imperial space superiority may be facilitating renewed violence.

While the primary perpetrators are thought to be Amarr troops left behind from the ill-fated invasion, the efficacy and renewed frequency of the attacks suggests the fighters have been bolstered by new supplies and additional help from infiltrated recon and special forces units. The targets have ranged from isolated Minmatar military patrols, convoys and supply dumps, to civilian infrastructure such as power relays and water systems. The most daring attack, occurring last night in a particularly hard-hit region between the cities of Port Kul and Jolan Kraal, targeted a weapons manufacturing plant. The effects of this strike are still unknown with Tribal officials citing security of information concerns before releasing further details.

While the attacks are concerning, Republic forces seem confident that the overall security of the planet remains stable despite growing worry of a renewed invasion. Anti-orbital defences remain in place, and while gaps may have allowed a small trickle of Amarrian reinforcement, any invasion would be a costly endeavour. Still, dwindling supplies with no local source are becoming a concern with the Amarr blockade in effect until Tribal Liberation Force capsuleers can break the siege, and vulnerabilities in the aerospace defence network are becoming more difficult to close.

For the situation on the ground, it has been suggested by some military analysts that an appropriate response to the small-scale attacks would be to increase the size of the task-forces responsible for combating and eliminating the remaining pockets of Amarr resistance, thought to be still led by Colonel General Vikhtor Mazari. It remains yet to be seen if the Floseswin Armies are willing to divert such resources from more heavily defended locations to affect this, however.


Article Published Through Veles Operated Pochven Communication Networks 27th March YC 123

The Pochven Report: Bioadaptation and PMC Leaders

Bioadaptation continues to progress across Pochven, in particular the heavily populated but highly cooperative system of Vale is nearing completion of the process. Most of the population has already had a stay in the bioadaptation chambers and moved into new housing constructed in accordance with Clade Veles’ high standards. Work is already finished on the molten spheres of Vale I and III as well as the oceanic Vale VI, and the key worlds of Vale II, IV, and V whose large populations complicated efforts have undergone incredible progress these past few months, the biospheres adjusting to the new mutaplasmid rich environment. Also on the verge of project completion is the Krai Svarog system of Krirald. Formerly under the jurisdiction of the Minmatar Republic, Krirald was the last system the Collective desired for the weaving of the Domain of Pochven, and unlike other territories, Krirald is claimed to have been completely evacuated by the Minmatar Republic; leaving the highly skilled Clade Svarog with free reign over the system once conquered. With no real interference, applying their substantial mutaplasmid expertise to the uncontested planets of Krirald has been child’s play for them, though it could be even easier if they acquiesce to the use of drones to assist in the process. Last, but certainly not least is Raravoss. The very first system conquered by our great Collective, Clade Svarog has dominated the ground ever since opposition was pushed out of space. Mutaplasmid-fueled enhancement programs have been underway ever since and at long last have been completed. Although Veles and Svarog typically have different perspectives on the best way to approach an issue, it is our firm belief that these accomplishments are to the benefit of the whole Triglavian Collective, and thus grant them the recognition and support they deserve for their tireless work to the benefit of us all.

Mercenary Motivations

Excerpts from the exclusive CVN interview with the leadership of the presently Wirashoda-based private military contractors Eagles of Storm Wind, Swords of Geros, and Sobornost Security Force shed light on the reasons these groups have come the aid of the Triglavian Collective. Commander Raish had this to say: “The Caldari State hasn’t had a real victory in nearly 13 years! The Triglavians have shown once again that the State is not able to secure the Caldari people. That year after year we are served platters of lies to placate the populace and keep the executives in power without doing their duty … The Collective and State share key values. The good of the whole comes first, the pursuit of the most effective methods, the recognition of excellency…but the Collective is sincere in these values. This is a more honest nation. Frankly, all Caldari should join the Triglavians. They’ll be treated better.”

But Director Hopper had different words for us. “I wanted to properly assess the culture of the Triglavians, see it for what it really was, not what political figures said it was. By my assessment the Triglavian Collective has no intention of stripping people of their freedoms, they just operate differently than we’re used to. The needs of the many do outweigh the needs of the few here, but this is for the good of all the people, and individual thought is still valued. Most notably, there’s far less corruption here than in the Federation, and that’s a welcome change.”

Chief Leelin said: “I felt like people were being a little too hard on the Triglavians. They didn’t strike me as these horrible invaders here to do unspeakable things to us, because they had a sound strategy for minimizing both civilian casualties and their own. At cost of allowing the defenders to build last-minute fortifications, they held back from planetary assault until space superiority was definitively established, at which point they leveraged capital assets to negate any hardened positions and quickly overwhelm opposing forces with disproportionate force. Currently, I feel I was correct to give the Triglavians a chance. What I’ve got my eye on next, is how they handle things after this place has calmed down. When everyone is bioadapted and the EDENCOM personnel are less of an issue, how will the Collective rule? SSF plans to stick around to find out.”

  • Sobornost Kybernauts hunting encroaching entities with increasing frequency

  • Disintegrator Werposts accumulating with return of defense fleets

  • Stribog Clade acquires “Dragon of Nalvula”, increasing force projection



Prayer drones deployed by the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist have been spotted operating in multiple systems throughout the cluster. A common sight in Amarr territories, even unauthorized prayer drones are often tolerated as an expression of faith by the people, so long as the drones’ messages are orthodox and they avoid sensitive locations.

  • On the Gallentean border world of Lamadent III, prayer drones repeating the message “The Throne is Vacant” pathed through the run-down streets of the city of Roussillon , including through Minmatar-populated slums that have been targets of the Sedevacantists’ ire. When the local authorities attempted their removal, however, drone-rights activists secured an injunction permitting the prayer drones’ continued circuit.
  • Sedevacantist prayer drones in the “Dustbowl” colonies of Syndicate were quickly seized, disassembled, and sold for parts by some of the colonies’ destitute residents. According to witnesses, the scavengers were initially attracted by the drones’ shiny gold covering, perhaps adapted from Acolyte drones, of which sedevacantist founder Nauplius has a ready supply.
  • Chanting “Престол вакантен”, a localized version of the sedevacantist slogan, prayer drones targeting House deSilvestris facilities in the system of Nakri only completed a few circuits before being captured by House Sarum, Ministry of Internal Order, and local authorities who have been cracking down on sedevacantist cells in the system for the last couple of weeks.
  • By contrast, monks on the Achuran homeworld of Saisio III whose monastery was circled by sedevacantist prayer drones did not understand the drones’ purpose, thinking the chanted slogan “The Throne is Vacant” to be a kind of “koan”, a riddle which in Achuran thought is meant to lead to greater wisdom. The monks prohibited the drones’ removal until the meaning of the “koan” could be completely debated.

After two days of recon, Mordu’s Legion confirmed that a small platoon of Serpentis stealth ships slipped through their systems. Taking a few data catches with them, on their way to Venal. In annual of the Gurista’s yearly hunt, it seems that the Serpentis have joined in on the chance to take out DED snitches


Suspected Cause Of Quarantine on Torrinos V-V Found

Scientists of Airko-Tensei Group stated that recent outbreak can be caused by leaked nanobots.

According to ATG report (is at disposal of Kirjuun) combination of caused symptoms and low contagiousness are characteristical for industrial nanobots exposure. Possible pathogen had identified as engineered bacteria with alarmingly high rate of reproduction and mutation. Also notable that found nanite model have several features unusual for common types of industrial nanomachines which raises questions regarding its origin.

As means of translation are still unclear and futher researches needed for understanding at fullest nature of new pathogen scientists urge for compliance with established quarantine measures.

Novel viruses, superbacterias, exotic diseases - this is just another addition to never ending list of challenges for medical science. By itself nanobot diseases are not new, however in this case cause seems to be experimental or “rogue” kind of nanobots. We already work on finding ways to combat this new disease while our medicine already can deal with most of symptoms. But finding final solution will take time. And before that we ask you to follow all government orders and guidelines.
Be healthy and stay safe.

(Image: Arek Socha / Pixabay)

Torrinos Daily

BREAKING: Chemical Attack Reported on Torrinos V-V Lunar Colony

Attack occurred in District 24 around 16:00 NEST on the border of the quarantine zone, near to location where intense firefight took place yesterday. 9 reported dead, 27 injured.

Chemical agent used identified as decayed Deathglow, it was loaded into ventilation systems of several installations. Lai Dai Protection Service and Spacelane Patrol classified the incident as a terrorist attack.

Sources within the investigation team said that the main suspect is terrorist organisation Templis Dragonaurs while certain evidence suggests possible involvment of Airko-Tensei Group.

Analysts are concerned that a new wave of crackdowns can start and that this incident is a part of an underground war ignited by losses of the State and underperformance of SAF during the Triglavian Crisis.


"The hunt is upon us! Once again it is time for us to have a wealth of fun and excitement! Yet… There are those who seek to ruin our fun and take this occasion of ours as an opportunity to hurt and damage us… Nooooo~ I’m not referring to just Capsuleers now!~. I’m referring to a sinister force that lurks within us… CONCORD and their zealous pursuit of crushing any and all opposition to their authority have plagued the Guristas ranks with those who would take our trust and use it to harm us and those we care for… Spies, informants, snitches… Whatever you like to call them. Some of them were in CONCORD’s pocket the moment they joined while others have been hired during their career… the DED have them aboard Guristas vessel and facilities observing every little detail and secret to find something to exploit and harm us with.

And for what? For some loony arbitrary just cause to wipe us all out so the Empires can continue to freely oppress and suffocate their citizens like slaves? They fear our society because our freedom from the shackles of man-made governments is a symbol of defiance against them. To see human beings living so freely makes them grind their teeth in anger, furious that there exists life outside of their authority.

We can not let those within our stations and ships feed these people any information. These… Traitors are a threat that gives the Empires opportunities to sick their Capsuleer dogs onto. In a way they can be considered an equal threat… So I’d argue it is our duty - Each and everyone of us - to keep an eye out for such characters with an ear too close to the ground and see them exposed for the rats they are… Now, do NOT take my words as permission to start a mad witch hunt on my orders, go through proper channels, inform a superior officer of any suspicious activity so they can properly investigate and take necessary action to weed out these troublemakers without disrupting anything or anyone!

…You might even get paid for it!~"

  • Suha Raibuya, speaking at the Windchime Shrine aboard N5Y-4N’s Guristas Logistical Station.


Shock and awe accompanied the display of a live slave during the latest sermon by Reverend Boran Khosrow of the Syndicate branch of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist. Known for his hellfire-and-damnation sermons targeting the Intaki, Fr. Khosrow ominously told his congregation that there is a bloodline even more hated in the eyes of God than the majority people of Syndicate. Opening a curtain to reveal a sad-looking Vherokior male naked above the waist, the Reverend announced, “Behold the very spawn of Molok the Deceiver! Behold the Minmatar!” There followed an hour of increasingly vicious sermonizing against the Minmatar people, at the end of which, his voice reaching a hysterical fever pitch, Fr. Khosrow began flogging the hapless slave with a leather whip. The Reverend having collapsed in exhaustion, the amazed congregation came forward and began poking and prodding the slave; eventually, one or two worked up the courage to take up the whip and begin flogging the slave themselves.

  • According to Amarr Relgions expert Julian Antonine of the University of Caille, the ritual served to continue cultivating an “us-versus-them” attitude among the embattled sedevacantist congregation, which has been targeted by the Intaki terrorist group Tears of Reschard and monitored by the Amarrian Loyalist alliance Khimi Harar.
  • It is unknown how the sedevacantists managed to smuggle a slave to their DD-8153 church even as the I-RED alliance previously announced blockades in the area; however, local customs and immigration agents are unfamiliar with slavery and the Sedevacantist Church headquarters in Mehatoor is known to possess large numbers of TCMC-conditioned Minmatar with legal “Freed Slave” status, aiding their movement.
  • Once rumors of the slave demonstration and sermon spread among the DD-8153 colony, some angry Intaki forcibly entered the sedevacantist church building, but the congregation had since dispersed and the slave was no longer present.