YC 123 New Eden Capsuleers' Writing Contest

I would like to nominate @Sky_Seolec and their Displaced Discoveries Insorum Task Group on the work they have done on the Vitoxin-Mutaplasmid Interactions.

To push the boundary of knowledge for the betterment of all, should receive the recognition it deserves.


Nomination accepted!

I’ve also added News/Gossip entrants to date to the OP and updated all other categories.

The last two categories are sparse despite all the wonderful work this year so if you think someone deserves to be nominated, feel free to submit a nomination!

There’s two weeks left - Deadline is May 15th!

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I submit the following to the ‘Academic’ category The Banality of Evil


I present the Pochven Entry manual by myself and Commander Debes Sparre for consideration in the Academic/Scientific category.


All entries accepted to here.

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One week left!

if people need a brief extension due to recent… err… events…

Let me know and I’ll consider it.

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I would like to nominate these two works for the Academic section, both by Theodosius Savnar.


thank you. All entries now included in OP above, to date, except for an anonymous submission i need to format and post.

May 15th is deadline!

The events of this evening inspired me to write a very short verse:

Thank you. Your entry has been accepted and all others to date (posted in eve fiction or sent to me via neocomm email) have been included in the OP above!

Last week for entries, deadline is may 15th!