[Displaced Discoveries] Task group for Vitoxin-Mutaplasmid Interactions

I am delighted to present to a wider audience the newest project of Displaced Discoveries, in collaboration with Devara Biotech.

In short, our observations suggest that Triglavian mutaplasmid infection can sometimes act as a vitoxin antidote, and that certain types of mutaplasmids provide a mutating antidote source able to catch and match the changes in vitoxin, potentially leading to either a new cure or keys to cheap and efficient mass-production of Insorum-like cures.1

Without further ado, I refer to the attached presentation for details of our work, and call for any interested parties to collaborate further. While we have our own field teams and support, our work has been justly called ‘searching for a needle in a haystack’, and thus would benefit from a wider network for collection of promising samples and/or reports there-of. We also welcome any and all comparative work and have reports available for distribution on our work so far.

We expect it to be months before we have further progress to reveal, but are excited to have set up a network of invested parties and a good stock of initial promising samples.

Sky Seolec, PhD
On behalf of
Displaced Discoveries Insorum Task Group: Toryn and Elaleyn Maastrae, Sonngar Uta/Maastrae, Jon Thunder Ingriv, Revelation Ar-Taeron, Sky Seolec

With thanks to:

  • Electus Matari for material and logistic support of field research in Pochven as well as financing the original medical facilities and research
  • Devara Biotech for collaboration and providing an advanced laboratory space for a displaced research circle
  • Kybernaut researcher Scius Falkenhaupt for his contributions as well as key discoveries in transport of active mutaplasmids
  • Veteran capsuleers of Ushra’Khan for agreeing to share samples for comparative research on the original Insorum prototype in their possession as well as current mutaplasmid samples from occupied Krirald
  • Bosena Accords for allowing scientific access to ground in war-torn Skarkon
  • Suddenly Spaceships for additional samples of promising mutaplasmid strains and their work on toxin-mutaplasmid interactions
  • Tribesmen of Stribog Clade for their aid in facilitating this unprecedented collaboration.

1 Vitoxin is an Amarrian slave control method, where victims are injected with a toxin that without an antidote leads to slow and painful death. The toxin changes itself in a pattern difficult to predict without prior knowledge, meaning the the antidote needs to be administered repeatedly, and allowing an exclusive source of antidote, the Vitoc, to be held by the Amarr Empire. To this date, only one known completely curative agent to vitoxin infection has been discovered: the Insorum. Insorum is a reliable method of removing vitoxin infection, but has proven difficult to impossible to mass produce. For a comprehensive overview of Vitoc see Electus Matari publications “The Vitoc Problem” and “Vitoxin Cure”.


I am quite pleased that I was able to act as a bridge for this impressive collaboration. I wish Displaced Discoveries luck in finding more capable parties to work with.


It’s an honour to be a part of this project.


Slide 13 indicates Substance T as ‘Transformed Mitochondria’, while Slide 11 indicates there are merely ‘similarities’, and Substance T is referred to as ‘microbes’ elsewhere. So…

Has Substance T been conclusively determined to be altered human mitochondria which have regained the ability to function independent from larger cells?

If so, have the independent organelles been gene-sequenced to determine what the alterations are from typical human mitochondria?

Has Substance T been taken beyond the ‘blood-born’ level? If this is mutated mitochondria, it might be possible to re-implant them into cells. This might be worth attempting to see if the larger cells will acquire a degree of Vitoxin-resistance.

Past Substance T…
Is there any way to determine what level of exposure Patient 0 had to mutaplasmids? (e.g. were they working with equipment that had been mutated, were they exposed to the planetary mutaplasmid storms, did they simply eat food grown in/after one, etc)

Has Patient 0 exhibited any further signs of mutaplasmid exposure / mutation?

All in all, great work. I hope it leads to further developments.

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Unfortunately, at this stage, not. The mitochondria hypothesis is based on microanatomical similarities not enough for conclusive proof.

Unfortunately, at this stage, not. Our attempts to stabilize Substance T outside of the human body failed. Before acquiring a new strain, the question will remain unanswerable. It is for this reason we are now collecting samples of promising mutaplasmids and will hopefully be able to repeat the vitoxin/mutaplasmid interaction in laboratory conditions.

This would be a question for the military hospital that took custody of Patient 0 (as per process to control contamination in independent facilities). Unfortunately, they have been reluctant to collaborate with the public-facing scientific community, which due to the highly political nature of the research is possibly understandable but which we fear will significantly slow down the process and reduce willingness to wide collaboration.


I must thank you for making this research and the work around it public; it gives forewarning of the inevitable military applications for any workable cure that result from this. I hope the Empire takes heed and continues to move away from the Victoc method in light of this and other efforts to neutralize its efficacy.

We in Displaced Discoveries believe strongly in the freedom of scientific knowledge and in co-operation leading to best and fastest results. I am now obliged to point out that these views are my own and that of my Circle’s and are not necessarily shared by any of our sponsors, some of whom have expressed scepticism at our chosen path forward. While we do acknowledge e.g. the SoE stance that unregulated, unbalanced scientific advancement can lead to escalations of warfare and bloodshed, we do not believe it holds here.

Unlike some critics believe, we do understand and acknowledge the danger Aldrith Shutaq Newelle refers to; namely that publication of the project and any results will give the Amarr Empire slaveholders a head start in countering any possible promising line of cures. However, in the case of vitoxin, we also understand that it is the proprietary nature of both the agent itself and any known antitoxins and cures that lies in the heart of the suffering it causes, and there will not be a final solution to the problem before that secrecy is dispelled.


I am afraid I really must refute this disingenuous statement. Weaponized Vitoxin cures already exist, and this one based upon Triglavian mutagenic substances has the same potential for delivery upon mass populations with intent to cause and perpetuate armed conflict. You would do better to admit that potential use and simply state that you believe it is acceptable or even intended.

This is not the concern I was referring to. See above.

I am sorry for misrepresenting you, and due to the misunderstanding must have been unclear myself. Please allow me to rephrase.

While we understand the concern by SoE and others that unregulated dissemination of information like this can lead to unexpected and undesirable uses of it in warfare and bloodshed, in the case of vitoxin we feel that that is not a valid argument against freedom of information. This is because various proprietary and unpublished uses have already lead to wrongdoings and atrocities, and these are best combatted by removing the secrecy.


A better way to phrase it, thank you.

I am sad to report the loss of Displaced Discoveries away team on Skarkon II. There has been an antimatter explosion near a former mining base that our group was using as a base of operations, and the field laboratory is obliterated. Our condolences to Maastrae; I am afraid we can expect no survivors.

Sky Seolec
On behalf of
Displaced Discoveries Insorum Task Group : Toryn and Elaleyn Maastrae, Sonngar Uta/Maastrae, Jon Thunder Ingriv, Revelation Ar-Taeron, Sky Seolec


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