Market Launch - RB9X

Good evening ladies, gentlemen, and others.

We have finally finishes acceptance testing and are releasing to the market the RB9X prion. RB9X is a different vector in solving vitoxin infection in humans. Whereas antidotes merely suppress the toxin, RB9X attacks and actively destroys the toxin. Clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness in RB9X in annihilating the toxin from the subject’s body.

Now, RB9X is available is needed. It will be bundled with an AIMED named “Jim” (don’t ask, a marketing human suggested it). The AIMED is needed to ensure a correct dose is administered to eliminate all vitoxin.

Questions or requests for RB9X will be answered in this thread.

(( ooc note, this is for an IC RP item so belongs in the IGS ))

Think something a bit more than a short paragraph on the IGS by a known deranged lunatic is going to be needed here. A few concerns:

a) Prion protein folding is unpredictable pretty much by definition, and as diseases go pretty much always fatal. Any and all medical uses for this will thus be rather suspect until there’s a few warehouses full of documentation on the entire process, and with a few dozen different warehouses full of independent corroboration. Can you provide this?

b) Clinical trials. Yeah, I’m going to need to see all the documentation on this. Human trials out of nowhere? Red flags are waving hard.

c) Vitoxin isn’t just vitoxin. That’s the problem. There’s an almost endless amount of varieties of it, that attach to and alter the subject’s very DNA and very specific antidotes are thus needed. A Prion isn’t going to have the mutating capability required to adapt and deal with this aspect of vitoxin infection. When a Prion folds ‘wrong’, horrible things happen. This is the primary inherent danger of, yet the very reason Insorum exists and works. So, what innovations do you have here that allows prions to do things they’re incapable of?

d) You’re a known lunatic who claims he’s not even human. Your announcement of this earthshattering innovation is two one-liners and a tiny paragraph full of… let’s call them linguistic inadequacies and medical impossibilities. What exactly are you offering here that should make anyone believe a word in this post?


How much does this dingus cost and can you deliver to Yulai ?

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In all of God’s creation, there is nothing more wicked — nothing more vile — than those who seek to cure Vitoc. Vitoc is a gift from God to his Chosen and a harbinger of the coming Blood Age: as slaves in the last Blood Age were made docile and obedient, presenting themselves for sacrifice without rebellion, so shall it be again in the coming Blood Age. Vitoc is a glimpse of the glorious future that awaits us.

To cure Vitoc is to reject and upend that which is ordained and established by God.

The initial units are free of charge. This will allows us to gather additional data on its effectiveness.

Yes, they can be delivered to Yulai.

To address Nauplius, if your God controls random chance then maybe, just maybe, it has things out for you.

I assume you will develop a failsafe, free, and foolproof removal of TCMCs next?

Vitoc is wretched and criminal and ultimately unnecessary when more humane methods of managing otherwise unmanageable conditions already exist. I support any and all efforts to eliminate the use of vitoc. But the phrasing here, it is suspect, and given that you have at no point expressed humanitarian concerns this is doubly suspect.

You are up to something awful. I doubt this affects vitoc at all, and that you are attempting to disseminate something much more self-serving and nasty under the guise of medicine.

You are NOT a humanitarian. Every time it comes up, you make some horrid remark about human suffering meaning nothing and indifference to death and pain. You have been very consistent in this obnoxious habit. I do not believe you have genuinely succeeded in creating this, and I do not entertain for a moment the notion that you would distribute it for free if you had.

Go rot, Vlad. “Jim” can also go rot.

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Free you say ?

I’ll take ten !


You are going to interface with this “Jim” thing and get an injection and then you are going to have to deal with Vlad saying you are also Vlad forever. It will be like Sansha, but…somehow more embarrassing.


RB9X is an accidental mutation. You are correct, it was not intentionally developed. We are giving it initially away to establish market viability.

Valerie Valate, one has been sent to you.

But I asked for ten.


She wanted 1010, machine. You gave her 1. She needs 1001 more to have 1010.


There are not 1010 available. There is enough for her to have 1.

Supplier was unable to fulfil order. Blamed courier for extreme delay in shipping. Customer service rep was abrasive and not very helpful.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆


Well he’s lost my business for sure.


The Transcranial Microcontroller is only a less complicated version of the Transcranial Microprocessors we capsuleers have implanted in us. Anyone with a cybernetic arm or eyeball also has an implanted Transcranial Microcontroller.

Our Microprocessor controls the necom, the neural jacks that connect us to the hydrostatic capsule, any attribute implants we have and manages our SoCT skill injections.

The Transcranial Microcontroller can be similarly useful to an implanted subject and the augmented reality or ‘euphoric state’ induced by Ishukone in an individual is not dissimilar from the methods used to create simulated environments like the FTL chat channel “The Summit.”

Any caplsuleer with a single skill rank in cybernetics should be more than capable of safely removing a Transcranial Microcontroller.

Additionally a rank or two in electronics and hacking should allow you to remove the undesired features and install a firewall to prevent unwanted future tampering if you choose to leave it implanted.

The implanted individual is then safe from ‘mindcontrol’ and has rudimentary abilities to mentally connect with and control electronic devices.

There aren’t many high-level Caldari executives that don’t have a TCCM implanted due to it’s abilities.

Amarrian holders are morons for attempting to use the TCCM for enslavement. Any escaped slaves become a thousand fold more effective soldiers in the minmatar rebellion than they otherwise would been.

The spirit of Otro Gariushi must still be laughing at them.



Far be it from me to treat the issue of slavery lightly, but I suspect you’ve been reading some outdated bits of Galnet.


What makes you say that?

The TCMC in her head.


Consider if you will your above statement. That with skill you can set it up to prevent tampering. Then consider that the first people to install one are going to set it up to prevent tampering.
It’s not ‘hard’ to remove or reprogram one with no failsafes sure. But if they build in failsafes and you don’t know what they are… whole different story.

If someone has you and is drilling into your head you have other problems.

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