[Medical]Deathglow Research Group--Updated with Findings

I am sure I don’t need to explain about the new Deathglow chemical weapon that the Blooders have.

However, right now, it poses significant risks to everyone. To that end, I am looking to partner with chemists, biologists, medical professionals, pharmacologists, gods, any scientists with the necessary background that can help to research this stuff, and hopefully find an antidote for the psychotropic effects.

Second on the agenda is to isolate the Insorum components. It would be beneficial if we were able to isolate and use the Insorum from Deathglow to cure as many as possible from Vitoxin.

If anyone wishes to join this working group, post here. If anyone has Deathglow to sell, post here. Donations are also accepted.


You had my attention til you declared using it as a cure.

This might seem strange to you. However, as a doctor, I take great interest in the cure of diseases. All diseases.

There are still uncountable Matari suffering from Vitoxin. They deserve not to be suffering from a fatal disease.


Project Mekhios is already running an Insorum Research project, primarily focused on getting public results about insorum production and efficacy. Since the Republic has yet to make public the knowledge of how to manufacture it, how effective it is, any dangers it poses and so on and so forth, it’s been considered worthwhile to put Insorum Components into a wide-ranging research project to possibly find good answers.

We have access to several batches of Insorum Components at Project Mekhios, but more is of course always welcome. Expanding the project to include the Deathglow chemical weapon is certainly within our financial capacities, but given its weaponization it’s unlikely to prove particularly useful. However, all avenues might lead to further breakthroughs in the actual Insorum project, so I’ll authorize the acquiring and study of Deathglow at Project Mekhios.

Whether or not this… ‘working group’ will be of interest to PM is still up in the air. We’d prefer to maintain our current contributors and scientists, and they might not be very interested in certain associations.


Pilots Ameriya and Mizhara,

As chief medical officer of Crielere Cloaking Technologies I would like to pledge support to either of your causes. Since our corporation has issued an official statement on the matter, I can now join your efforts to do some good in the cluster.

Send me a mail if my aid is required.

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You people still fail to understand that the Insorum (almost certainly derived from the imperfected development samples stolen by the Covenant many years ago), and the Deathglow are two separate substances.

‘Researching’ the Deathglow will do absolutely nothing to further the knowledge of producing Insorum.
And researching the Insorum used in these attacks won’t be helpful either, as it derives from the imperfect prototypes stolen all those years ago. The Insorum used by the Republic has much more development done on it.


Miss Valate,

If I read itcorrectly, you are saying we should let the situation resolve itself and sit by idly because the Republic has it under control?

Pardon the cynism, but it sure doesn’t seem they have things under control, even with their advances in the development.

Also, can I assume if you know so much about the substance you’ll of course be aiding the efforts to find a cure.


My points are as follows:

  1. This thing the Covenant have deployed, this “Deathglow” is a strong hallucinogen which is new to the cluster, and it is mixed with Insorum, in a chemical weapon form.
  2. The Deathglow effects, and the Insorum effects, have nothing to do with each other.
  3. The Covenant insorum derives from an incomplete prototype formula, which had severe side effects.
  4. The Republic’s Insorum, wherever they’re getting it from, is a production-quality formula, with far less severe side effects.
  5. Therefore, researching the insorum formula used in these weapon strikes is simply going to reinvent the wheel, and is a waste of time that would be better spent on researching the Republic supplied Insorum, with the goal of a free-to-use Insorum formula.
  6. Researching the Deathglow used in these weapons, at best, would result in a treatment to mitigate its effects. At worst, all that would be discovered would be how to synthesise the stuff. Neither of which does anything to help those afflicted with Vitox.
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Understanding the earlier prototypes of Insorum is just as important as understanding the current production version. In fact, it’s likely to be a more useful avenue of approach, since it’ll allow for comparing the two and seeing what progress was made between those versions.

In fact, it could open up for the possibility of going a third way, leading to a different end result with superior or alternative capabilities.

This isn’t a zero sum game, given the amount of assets and capabilities involved. We have research capability to spare.


But aren’t you two talking about completely different things? You’re talking about the insorum. She’s talking about the deathglow. It’s not like this Deathglow stuff is a new form of insorum that triggers rage, it’s a second chemical agent entirely. It’s the burger, insorum’s just the drink you wash it down with to keep the slaves from hitting vitoc withdrawal.


As it stands, Insorum is a treatment, not a cure.

The data drawn from comparison would be useful, but not as useful as you think.


You’re thinking of Vitoc, Insorum is quite literally touted as a cure, not a treatment.

Exactly. These weirdass asteroid mining operations that these wingnut screwheads are using to produce their deathglow hallucinogen don’t contain any form of Insorum. The covenant crazies buy the deathglow there, then transport it to wherever to combine it with Insorum in the warheads.

The only covenant Insorum to be found here will be in any unexploded munitions on the bombed planets.

I spent a good several minutes this morning cussing at a comma. You’re right. And I was so excited too! My initial read–obviously I should have perused the reports, rather than skimmed them–made me think that insorum was a component of Deathglow.

■■■■■■■ FUCKITY ■■■■! (Wow, that really went through? Not gonna change it. Gallente Freedom and all that.)

Well, it’s still worth looking into Deathglow, since it’s been weaponized.

MHE Industries would love to help either Mizharas or Ameriyas research to help with this issue. We will gladly offer ressourches and manpower to supply your efforts. Feel free to contact me if interested.

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Touted as, yes. If it doesn’t permanently end all malevolent effects caused by the toxin, in all instances of the condition, then it doesn’t meet the technical definition of a cure.

Do you have any evidence that it doesn’t?

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Vitoxin is a virus, not actually a toxin.

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Do you have any evidence that it does?

That was my error. I was typing too quickly. I’ve corrected others on that, too, so now I need to nurse my wounded pride a bit.

I’ve yet to hear of a single case of Insorum failing to work on Vitoxin. Of course I’m not a medical professional and would happily bow to a specialist’s opinion, but as far as I’m aware, Insorum is used because it’s the only thing that does work.

If it doesn’t work, the patient either stays addicted to Vitoc, or dies of withdrawal symptoms. As there is no news of hundreds or thousands of freed Minmatar having to queue up for Vitoc injections every few hours (or dying in the streets), I tend to be happy to assume the Insorum works as advertised.