Status of Insorum in 121?

Hello people, I’d like some quick help from the forum’s lore experts.

What’s the current status of Insorum?

  • The Thukkers mass-produced it for the Elder War and, knowing them and their business partners the Angels, it’s unlikely that they just stopped. It means that, considering the demand, there must be a black market of Insorum everywhere the Thukker and Angel presence reaches.

  • Shakor has the rights for the prototype, so Republic is mass producing it to this day, do I understand it right?

  • I remember reading somewhere that the Blood Raiders also fired Insorum along with Deathglow onto the planets during some of their attacks last year, but can’t find the exact quote now. Is this true?

Basically, if any of the above are true, anyone with the right black market connections and a load of ISK can easily get any reasonable amount?

Answer to 1 and 2 is the same. To my understanding, Ishukone allowed the Minmatar Elder Fleet to pick up insorum for use with their invasion from a secret automated manufacturing facility in a nullsec system. They did not provide the Minmatar the formula, and IIRC, said that if the Minmatar attempted to discover the formula or take the facility for themselves this they would self-destruct the facility. I am not sure if they allowed the Minmatar to use this facility further after that.

Blood raider have access to an earlier insorum prototype. To my understanding, this version still had problems. It is unclear how their research has fared since then. They are still seeming to use it mainly by combining it with Deathglow for use in chemical weapons attacks.

The lore has not had any updates on insorum in a long time. It is hard to say the exact state of affairs regarding it. There are still missions in-game where the Republic raids the Caldari for insorum components.


I see. Thank you!

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