Vitoxin "Cure"?

I have some questions about this post. I don’t think you can really claim this within the scope of the current lore. Am I missing something? @Vlad_Cetes

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I have to agree that this is just a too bold claim. It’s going to be changing a fundamental part of the lore if all of suddenly this miracle cure can fix the Vitoxin problem without any issues.

My own character’s attempt at dealing with this problem does have some heavy limitations, and story wise has only been used on humans in a single, but highly desperate situation (a storyline that’s ongoing), And even then it’s going to kill a few of them.

Given the types of NPCs who canonically use vitoc in-game, and the resources available to them, and how important vitoc is to their operations, I don’t think this is a reasonable thing to claim development of–not without biomassing the character almost immediately after the announcement, and assuming a quick and punitive search-and-destroy on all research and production.

It also seems very sudden and magical, especially considering that research has likely been ongoing into vitoc treatment as long as it has been used, for obvious reasons. Magical prions may be the hot new thing due to sketchy biology surrounding Kyonoke but that bit of sketchiness was used in an official storyline for MORE narrative tension rather than less.

I do not like this idea at all. I don’t think it makes sense.


The whole idea was a “hey lets add Kyonoke & mutaplasmids and see what comes out”. If enough people don’t like it, it could turn into something of “well…it worked…for a bit…and then killed everyone…so nevermind”

Besides its not like there aren’t some other nastier applications for Kyonoke and mutaplasmids :slight_smile:

Just don’t go sincerely claiming, much less trying to demonstrate, that you’ve actually cured Vitoc. It’s really god-mody and I’m happy to run with it and have fun with it IC as suspicion of Vlad having other motivations but seriously, without something from a dev, he did not cure Vitoc.

Methinks a mutation may be in order, or that its just suppressive.

Methinks I’m Empress Catiz’s long-lost sister, too. I’m serious dude. Vitoc has been around as a Bad Nasty for a long time and it’s part of the world. If we’re going to see mutaplasmids change something like that it’s gonna have to be more official than any individual player saying “but it could!”

Sure. It could. I’m still not rolling with it IC until I get it in writing.

I meant that is in something happening to neuter my stuff. Not the other way around.
Or that the mutated example just suppressed for some period and then everything comes screaming back.

I agree with Loai. You’re stretching here. Badly.

So, the question is, how would your thing work to cure Vitoxin? That’s the first thing you should be thinking of, not to the tiniest details of every aspect of the biology, but something much more than ‘it kills it.’ How does it kill it? Is that something that seems at all reasonable, based upon how science works (or at least, close to how science works, this is Eve after all)? Is it something that would affect all Vitoxin, or simply a single strain of it (since it mutates regularly, and there can be multiple versions of it)?

CCP is unlikely to confirm or deny anything about the success of this player endevour or that, beyond the examples of moving Alien discovery fictions into the fiction section from the In Character section. Or stuff that is very much plausible and ties into lore developments neatly that CCP want to promote at the time, like the Drifter autopsy.

Stuff like this is generally going to be left to the users to hash out between themselves and I’m unconvinced about Vlad’s story but that’s cool, I can do so in character without needing to devolve to finger pointing on the fiction posts. I am unconvinced it would work, therefore my character behaves as such and treats it as a joke and something to steer clear of

To clarify, my post is less to do with the OP and more to do with certain accusations that unless you know the whole story is kind of, well, we don’t need to be throwing God Modding around when we can deal with things IC

Thanks for the clarification, Utari. To clarify on my point, I was merely asking if this was something that was reasonable to make as an IC point. I can certainly dispute it IC, yes, but before I looked like a complete idiot, I wanted to try to have some sort of reasonable discussion about the logistics. Thanks. :slight_smile:

In terms of “Is x y z possible?” absolutely if you throw enough science knowledge at it and balance the plot enough that, say, it could be an interesting hunt that results in the cure becoming, or having been all along, a dud that’d have made for a great arc for involved members. But that kinda thing needs to be treated carefully by the ‘GM’ of said plot and done with a lot of forethought and flexibility with respect to the lore and the involved characters.

It’s kind of entirely on us to look at this sort of thing and hash it out. Claims made by folks are exactly that, claims, I’d be more concerned about some random folk trying to make out their unaugmented body can beat or draw with a full sized, highly trained Templar in combat, or devolving into “nuh uh, I’m not dead you’re dead first!” crap. Black and white interpretations of lore and gameplay mechanics generally lead to the situation we’ve seen recently with a lot of out of game drama over some folks’ interesting RP hook and that’s the kind of thing I’m wary about.

How would you like to proceed with it, Vlad? Something that looks like a cure but backfires? Something that kills in a different way? A one-off that can’t be replicated? An outright fraud from the start?

As long as it’s not a handwave cure it’ll be good times to run with it.

I’ll write up something good when I get home from work (on mobile atm)

I do like the idea of being unreplicatable, since it IS an accident. I’ll do something more in depth when not on mobile :slight_smile:

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That would make it possible that it was acomplex mix of the vitox, mutaplasmids, and the individuals dna working in conjunction. A tantalizing hint that a cureis possible, without any real clue as to why.

What I’d like to do is that it is un-repeatable. IMO this creates a good number of plots points with scarcity:

Who gets a cure: rich vs poor vs ???
Is anyone else willing to step up and do the Mengele-esque testing needed to try and reproduce it.
Are there those that are willing to do things to acquire a sample for research?
Hoard the stock as a power play…

I think that ultimately provides the best content. Comments/other ideas?

My problem with your suggestion is that you don’t have the authority to decide what is unrepeatable. If we allow your idea to gain currency, what stops other players choosing to develop their own version?

My first thought IC on reading the OP was that the Empire would soon fall if this were true - that’s the end point if this develops as anything other than a fake/research mistake. If the community allows you to claim a cure for Vitoc, however limited, will they allow Nauplius a claim that he has invented a similar prion that causes Minmatar freed by Insorum to revert to obedience and walk singing into his murder chambers? He’s certainly a character that easily fits into Mengele territory, so that would be no bar. (Let alone the Cartel who might see a very good market for such a cure and have the amorality/captives to test and develop along with their Serpentis pharmaceutical expert friends).

The idea is problematic at best, in my view. I’m afraid I’ll be treating the revelation as the ramblings of a deluded mind (IC, of course :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )

Concerning the TCMC tangent, the Microcontroller I’m most familiar with is the ATmega2560 on the Aurduino board - a prototyping Microcontroller development board for students and hobbyist.

As such it’s it doesn’t really have security measures in place and I’ve not dealt with it really. However, when I was in the Navy I was the only tech on my ship qualified to do field repairs on our cryptologic devices so I’m not completely ignorant - only mostly ignorant.

To become less ignorant I did dome reading and YouTubing and the best contemporary analog I came up with is probably the Microcontrollers embedded in credit and debit cards. It’s small and has multiple layers of security.

A really good video on hacking one can be found here:

Then process used probably would not be that different for the TCMC.