Genetech & Triglavian Drugs [concept]

Hi all just a small one, considering EVE is a science fiction video game and utilises aspects of transhumanism. it got me thinking about the triglavians, I’ve mentioned in my posts about how the trig’s don’t have certain technologies (such as cyno technology) however now we’re in a communal shared space (being the galaxy) I’ve also speculated about there being a possible build up to some kind of player driven arms race.

which got me thinking, if such a thing is on the cards could we perhaps see genetic upgrades for our clones? if not, could this concept be entertained.

perhaps the concept here could be when you die you get a blank clone, as normal, but instead of just implants, you could you genetic upgrades to genetically improve you’re clone.

much like fittings and skill ques, perhaps this could also be saved, allowing you to upgrade your clone or simply just install the genetic template.

I figured this would be an interesting concept based off of the triglavian Biology which we basically know nothing about.

additionally, with the pending release compressing gas I was thinking about how booster manufacturing if something which likely exisits wtihin triglavian culture too, so I was curious if not only there would be a release of triglavian gases and drugs, but would there also be a release of some kind of multiplasmid effect which is used for drugs?

perhaps some kind of ingestable parasite which lives inside the body, providing some kind of pumped up benefits for as long as you’re doped up on drugs, when the drugs wear off it dies.

if this isn’t on the cards, perhaps such a concept could be entertained. given i only have my own thoughts regarding where the game is going and my fantastical ideas (as someone has said before) I hope this concept could be useful to the people who are plotting out the games future development and releases.

i’m sure we’re not getting any new Trig / Edencomm ships in the game any time soon, however some trig drugs would be cool and a splash of genetic modification further down the road.

genetech would be cool to expand on how the body would metabolise said drugs or even exisiting ones.

So what’s the difference between implants and “genetic upgrades” other than the name?

Implants will actively create a boost to your attributes or skills

Genetech will likely have some kind of effect Biological based effect

this is obviously just a concept, i’m not really looking to flesh things out as i don’t know the direction of the game, but in my mind perhaps genetech could be used to expand how your character’s metabolism works, making it possible for some drugs to last longer in your system.

depending on the direction of the game, perhaps certain genetech could be required to pilot triglavian ships or use triglavian drugs.


looked up some boosters in game and their effects, perhaps gene tech could be used for reducing penalties or chances of side effects, or allowing a small increase to the bonus effects recieved. (just as an idea)

my thinking on this one is that the biology skill already effects the duration of the boosters / drugs genetech to allow your body to process things better could make some sense.

personally I like the idea of using genetech to bring back to concept of “upgrading your clone”
perhaps you can save the template and apply it to one or all previously installed JC’s or perhaps.

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