Genolution Core Augmentation Ca5?

I know that there has been a previous thread about this topic but sadly it is close so I thought I might open a new one for suggestions or ideas for a new genolution implant ca5.
To make up a full set from 1 to 5 I’m thinking for this ca 5 implant armour / shield bonus towards repair amount.
Since ca1 implant does total cap and power grid modification, ca2 capacitor recharge and CPU output, ca3 does total shield Hp and velocity bonus, ca4 does inertia and total armor points.
So in the end the ca5 implant that I’m suggesting will make an up a total set that does everything towards the ship that you fly.
Still not as good as a focus implants set of slaves, snakes and so on.
That is my suggestions.

Now I reach out to the eve community what do you think ca5 implant should give bonuses towards and maybe we can give CCP some good ideas if they are thinking of bringing that implant in or not.

Kind Regards

So no one have any thoughts on this topic?

Maybe give it damage since no other attribute implant does that. 5-10% turret/missile/drone (not fighter) based on if you have the full set or not. This might put things way out of hand combined with the skill hardwirings and pyrolancea though.

That’s a good start.

Any other ideas on how the Ca5 implant should give bonus to?

So maybe CCP might bring it in the game if they get some good ideas towards it you never know.

Any other ideas guys?

Targeting range and scan resolution.
Then a Genolution CA6 that gives a 50% boost to all existing Genolution implants. I wouldn’t mind seeing the learning attributes increased from +3 to +4 as well.


That’s it keep the ideas coming :blush:

Sure. Maybe we’ll even see a CA5 within 5 years (assuming that EVE is still around, and that’s looking less and less likely).

What Arthur said, it would 100% be for targeting range and scan resolution, going off the fact that the whole set is based on the original core competency certificates - this guy on the oldish forums goes into detail on it:

All in all, that’ll make the full set look like this:

5.4054% Boost to Power Grid
5.4054% Boost to CPU
5.4054% Boost to Capacitor Capacity
5.4054% Boost to Capacitor Recharge
5.4054% Boost to Armor Capacity
5.4054% Boost to Shield Capacity
5.4054% Boost to Agility
5.4054% Boost to Speed
5.4054% Boost to Targeting Range
5.4054% Boost to Signature Resolution

And if they added an 50% Omega for these, it’d result in an ~8.1% bonus for each of those stats :sparkles:

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