Genolution Day

At EVE: Vegas I managed to get my hands on an Eve Online calendar, and one date in particular sticks out:

November 19th, 2018 (potentially 2017 as well) is marked as ‘Genolution Day’. Yet, despite my best possible searches, there is no reference to this date whatsoever as far as a quick Google search can arrive at.

Granted, there are a few interesting real-world holidays that take place that offer some colorful, if sometimes hilarious context if Genolution Day is based on them. Those holidays ranging anywhere from Equal Opportunity Day, to International Men’s Day, to - and I swear this is true - National Blow Bagpipes day, National Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day, and World Toilet Day.

There are no major eve battles that took place on November 19th - moreover, there are no major battles that took place in November at all.

So what is this elusive holiday? What can we expect from it, lore-wise?


Who…err…what’s a Vagas?

This is the lore forum, not the IGS. No need to engage in IC madness here. ;p


Damn, I actually thought I saw “Vagas” and I thought I’d have fun with it, but the typo was mine. nvm.
It’s just been one of those days…

Maybe it’ll end up being the release for the rest of the Geno implant series - and if this guy below didn’t get it exactly right, I’ll be very surprised :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that Genolution 3 and 4 are out, it’s almost certain that we’re going to see a 5, and I’ve figured out what it’s going to be:

It’s almost sure to have a 1.1x Set bonus (The four currently out are 1.5x, 1.4x, 1.3x and 1.2x respectively, following pirate implants.) This means that a full set of five Genolutions will give a 5.4% boost to:


I was stumped for a while. I knew it wouldn’t be damage, but I couldn’t think of anything else general enough… then I remembered where I had seen that grouping of stats before:

In the Certificate Planner!

In the Core skillset, there are five certs required for Core Competency:

Core Fitting
Core Capacitor
Core Navigation
Core Integrity

… and?

Core Targeting

Genolution CA-5 is going to be released, and it’s going to be two targeting related buffs.

It’s easy to tell which two buffs as well. If you open the Core Targeting Cert:

Long Range Targeting
Signature Analysis
Target Management
Electronic Upgrades

Of those, it’s easy to exclude Electronic Upgrades, and a “locked targets” buff wouldn’t stack in percentages. That leaves only Targeting Range, and Signature Resolution.

The final stats for a full set of Genolution Implants will be:

5.4054% Boost to Power Grid
5.4054% Boost to CPU
5.4054% Boost to Capacitor Capacity
5.4054% Boost to Capacitor Recharge
5.4054% Boost to Armor Capacity
5.4054% Boost to Shield Capacity
5.4054% Boost to Agility
5.4054% Boost to Speed
5.4054% Boost to Targeting Range
5.4054% Boost to Signature Resolution

Do you disagree? Tell me I’m wrong people. You know I’m right Cool

Now, for the speculation… I think they might drop a 50% Omega for these bad boys. 8.1% boost to every basic ship catagory…

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