[YC 123 NECWC] The Storm

Author’s Note: The following poem makes mention of the renown Storm Bear, an animal native to Caldari Prime and of symbolic importance to those Caldari with spiritual tendencies. In light of the devastation caused by the Triglavian Invasion of YC 122, I figured a poem dedicated to boost morale would be appropriate.

In frigid lands of storm and snow,
a beast so mighty as to make the terrain tremble,
it rises to the occasion, fearless of all obstacles,
Storm Wind’s Teeth - fear its roar.

Clad in raincloud-grey pelt,
and armed with razorsharp teeth and claws,
its heart holds a will stronger than any Caldari steel,
Mountain Wind’s Claw - the beast even the Winds cannot chill.

Through famine and seasons,
it moves forward without fear - with conviction,
to survive, grow, adapt, and thrive,
Storm Bear - a relentless force of nature.

Storm Bear, birthed on Caldari Prime,
the same Caldari Prime that cradled all Caldari.
You too, are Storm Wind’s Teeth, Mountain Wind’s Claw.
Kirjuun, you are the Storm Bear - and persevere we must, and we will.

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