Storm Bear Skins?

I’ve noticed a few of these available on the market, so obviously they’re “live”. Anyone know where they’re coming from? (My Google-Fu is failing me thus far.)

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Hm…can you actually find orders for them, or can you just see them?

Given this article that I feel must newly-written because I don’t remember seeing it a few months ago when looking for Caldari lore, it must be a new set of SKINs to be released soon.

Hey, CCP? I think the Caldari line has enough SKINs. Minmatar is greatly lacking in comparison, and their faction could also use a bit more world-building (even if it’s only there to help sell the SKIN). Gimme a Yetamo SKIN pls. Or, hell, just gimme a Kor-Azor SKIN so we finally have representation among all six Heir families.

Looks like three of the Gila, and one of the Tengu have been on the market at Jita. I saw the Tengu one there a couple of days ago. It was on offer for a painful 5b.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of them. They remind me of a college sports team logo. (The Caldari State University “Fighting Storm Bears”!)

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So where are these coming from?

Obviously some stormbears, a kind of battlebear, subclade of carebear.

Been looking for information on these for awhile!

Ooh pets!

Anyone? Info?

Daily bump for info

Hope there’s no penalty for bumping.

Is TQ operating at parity with the Chinese server yet? Could these be Chinese only things?

Possiblr, but they just announced plans to bring those skins to TQ at Vegas. This storm bear thing has been around for months and apparently some have sold on the market.

Surely someone knows where it comes from.

These skins are not on Serenity

Thanks, very interesting.

CCPlz give info.

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Looks like it was a reward for this contest in social medias.
There’s a mention of these skins as a reward in russian analogue of facebook - VK.

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Top tier investigating! Very nice, thanks.

We can presume the numbers are very limited then. At least for now.