Kendu Kanarma - The Beautiful Game - A Trove of Lore

Hey Kendu Fans,

Here is a compilation of all the Kendu Lore I have so far. If any fans of the game have other Kendu-related news or articles, let me know or post them below and I can add them to this master list.

Compilation of Kendu Kanarma lore and news for fans of the greatest game.

Kendu Kanarma Primer

Known Kendu Teams:

Kapda (Ostingele VII) Cannons

Sajha (Brarel II) Mavericks

Intaki Interceptors

Ud’har (Frarie VII) Lightning

Duureanta (Harroule IV) Lions

Lagaana (Annancale VII) Griffins

Known Kendu Players:

Saavin Singh, Played for the Cannons, All Star, Coach of the Cannons as of YC112

Lance Drake Mandrell, Played for the Mavericks, All Star

Jaakar Depreet, Former Kenduzana Player, Played for the Lightning

Daljeet LeFleur, Played for the Cannons

Ishtamil Sangridesh, Played for the Mavericks.

Albert Rousseu, Played for the Mavericks.

Haji Jayantilal, Played for the Lightning

Bali Kalanadhabhatla, Played for the Lightning

Francois Oruganti, Played for the Lightning

Kendu News:

Cannons Blast Interceptors

Singh Leads Cannons to Championship

Lightning Avenge Earlier Loss

Syndicate League B Grade Grand Final Report

Scandal at Syndicate Kendu Showdown

More to come.


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