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Afternoon - Returning player and I was wondering if people still used the backstage lore wiki overall. The old bio I had was from several years ago and I was wondering if the RP community even referenced some of that for backstory stuff.


A few people still use it I believe.
A lot more use the lore part which was archived from evelopedia.

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Not just the RP community uses it occasionally, but also the story devs have allegedly used it as a reference when eg involving certain members of PIE Inc in the recent storylines.

Definitely still use it.

I use the wiki a lot too, but unfortunately many pages appear to have database problems, and it’s been down for maintenance the last few days so I can’t access it. Here’s hoping it’s back up soon, I’d hate to lose what’s stored on there!

Backstage admin is aware of the problem and working to get it fixed. It’s a problem on the server host’s end, so we have to wait on them.

Thanks for the info. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Update: the site is requesting a login.

The login is likely meant for the owner.

There is a very limited archive of the wiki from 1 January:

This is just a “snapshot” of the wiki as it was on that day. Some links will work. Most won’t. It’ll be haphazard, as it depends on what was saved in the “snapshot” and what wasn’t.

Also, you can’t edit or add to it.

But if you’r looking for something, you might be able to find it. I was able to make it to the Voluval page.

Keep in mind as well that a lot of lore stuff is now available on

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Poorly organized though. The articles are basically just listed, unorganized, in a tumblr-style format, instead of the more logical and user-friendly wiki format that the old EVElopedia had. That’s why I detest the current fiction portal so much.


The team behind the wiki works hard to provide a source for the massive amounts of lore that have been created and built upon over these 16 years. For me, a newbie, the wiki has been indispensable. It’s not perfect, but it’s the largest single collection of articles anywhere, including the official EVE fiction portal, which is missing articles on very many items that are important to the story I want to build.

And here you are complaining about the organization of it. If it bothers you so much, I would suggest asking the wiki team if you can join in and help. Or if you prefer, you might try building a wiki yourself, to your preferred specifications. Maybe you’ll build something better, which would certainly enrich the lore. But I’m more inclined to bet that you’d realize how difficult it is to maintain a website, much less a wiki of expansive, and still growing, lore. Maybe then you’d come away with some respect for the work that’s been done and maintained on both the wiki and the official fiction portal.

Entitlement is a helluva drug.

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Uhhh I think they were complaining about the format of the Fiction Portal, not the wiki.


Either way the same response applies.

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To me it sounds like they’re complaining about Backstage, if only because complaining about the Fiction Portal in a thread about Backstage would be doubly petty. But like I said before, both sites are resources that someone has to build and update, and that’s not nearly as easy as the complainer seems to think.

(I’m Melisma. Too lazy to change logins.)

Oh come on, they were very obviously commenting on the Fiction Portal. The post is a reply to another where Fiction Portal is linked, and they say what they are talking about lacks a wiki format (which Backstage wiki has), and explicitly use “the fiction portal” to refer to what they are talking about. It’s a comment on why we need Backstage wiki (because the current Fiction Portal sucks), not against Backstage.

And yes, the current Fiction Portal does suck.


Backstage appears to be working again.




It wasn’t and still isn’t obvious to me, but sure, my opinion doesn’t count. Why not? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve just read this thread again now, and just to clarify, I was indeed talking about the Fiction Portal, as can be seen by the use of the phrase “fiction portal” in my comment. Frankly I cannot understand why that wasn’t crystal clear and obvious to you when the exact term was used in the comment. :woman_shrugging: