(Maxpie) #1

I just received my ‘Basic’ badge and noticed it said I can now edit the Wiki. Is there an official Wiki associated with these forums, or plans for one? My understanding was that Wiki duties were essentially being turned over to Eve Uni (who do a great job, imo).


EVE University Wiki best Wiki

Sorry, could not resist :slight_smile:

(Lulu Lunette) #3

Yes as far as I know, Eve University has the sole responsibility of being the official wiki for Eve Online. I’ve noticed the vague wiki editor as a basic user and I wonder too if they’ve got another Evelopedia in the works? I have heard nothing on it other than the little blip on the Basic Badge description. :slight_smile:

(Victor Kaj) #4

I’m not sure, but it sounds as if they may already have some kind of permissions set up through the Uni’s Wikipedia page (that bypass usual wiki editing rules) when someone from this forum is granted their “Basic Badge.”

(ISD Thalack Dalhar) #5

The fiction part that used to be in the Evelopedia now lives in the Fiction Portal .

(Jeremiah Saken) #6

Any chance of official Wiki back?



(CCP Logibro) #8

Wiki refers to posts that have been set as Wiki by a moderator. Those posts can be edited by anyone that’s not a new user. It’s a built in feature with Discourse, but one that’s unlikely to see a great deal of use.

(Djavin Novienta) #9

Hello! I’m EVE University’s Wiki Manager. Before I say anything else, thank you all for your kind words; they make all of the work we do worth it.

Just wanted to clarify a couple things:

While the UniWiki is undoubtedly the most frequently-cited general information resource now that the Evelopedia is gone, it is not EVE’s “official” wiki (though we’re flattered you think so!), nor was there any kind of handoff to EVE University when Evelopedia was taken down.

CCP very graciously points people in our direction as an alternative to the Evelopedia, but we don’t have any communication with them regarding the UniWiki’s administration, nor do they exercise any oversight.

As @CCP_Logibro has already pointed out, the wiki function on these forums is related to Discourse, not the UniWiki. Editing the UniWiki requires an EVE University forum account, which is available to anyone.