Uniwiki - Consider joining the Wiki Team


Hey there!

Ever use the Uniwiki? Do you ever come across something that’s flagged for edits? Perhaps seen a spelling error or maybe even the page was written in 2009 and hasn’t been touched since - think of all the mechanics and things that could have changed since then. Uniwiki has had the mantle of being the official wiki of Eve Online thrown on them since Evelopedia’s shutdown. Let’s get to work so we can stop linking dead wayback-machine links or dumps of the old Eve-Survival to our new players lol - so embarrassing!

Eve University needs you!

All it takes is an Eve Online account and registering on Eve Universities site to edit! You can also contact @Djavin_Novienta if you want to become an official member of the Wiki Edit team, which gets you into the wiki forums that you can’t see with a normal account. (though honestly all you really need is the public to-do list) You don’t even have to be a member of the University to edit, literally anyone can do it!

Editing Uniwiki is an Explorer’s endgame! :aura:

Thank you for reading. :slight_smile:


Well, gotta say it’s definitely thoughtful of you to ask for volunteers to help edit and promote UniWiki.


I think you’re being a bit harsh on Evelopedia as well as The Wayback Machine. Sure some of the stuff in Evelopedia was a bit outdated but the majority of PvE stuff is still viable. Also The Wayback Machine works great and very rarely produces a dead link.



Evelopedia was always a second-rate source of information compared to Uniwiki.


Well I gotta disagree with you since a lot of the content in Uniwiki was Copy / Paste from Evelopedia which was then edited to appear differently.

The main problem we had with Evelopedia was trying to keep it updated with all of the changes CCP does to the game every 6 weeks. It seems to me that problem is now affecting UniWiki as well.

Anyway, I wish the Uniwiki Team much success and good luck in keeping it updated.


My point wasn’t to trash Evelopedia, my heart was pretty broken when they decided it was better to have nothing and point readers instead to Uniwiki.

Point is to get all the writers from Eve Survival and Evelopedia working on Uniwiki instead.


Why isnt there one Wiki for EVE? I know of Backstage wiki, Uni wiki, the old backups of EVElopedia, there is also EVE wiki on wikia.

Its illogical that all those people work so much and they just add the same stuff to all those.


I’m not sure Ms. Skalski.

When I first started Eve, I was drawn to Evelopedia the most not only because it had that ‘official’ status but because I could be in any article and go in between lore and how to run PvE sites rather seamlessly and was a great introduction to Eve Online in general! It wasn’t enough to just smash Angels sites, I could read about the faction and from there could be reading about the region of Curse - soon I’m down a rabbit hole of Eve Online lore and it was as close as immersion was going to get.

I dunno if there was some sort of division or if Evelopedia was just really hard to edit or something (I struggled with it but I’m not a computer person.) but other capable people decided it was better to form their own wiki’s for various reasons. So many here hate the lore fluff so there’s sites that are like Eve-Survival that literally cut it all out. Uniwiki is being sorta redone so it’s more simple and not really written as like a teacher’s guide.

It’s sad that as these sites knock out for whatever reasons that instead of updating what’s left of our now official Uniwiki, we’ll just link dumpsters of Evelopedia.

Competition usually gives us a better product but in our case it’s like we get different flavors of community instead. Max ISK/hr go to this wiki. Play an authentic Khanid person go to this wiki.