I thought I’d just post a link to a rather good site for newbies that details what kind of rats you’ll have to take on when running missions.




http://eve-survival.org/wikka.php?wakka=HomePage << use this :wink:


:laughing: the poor EVE-survival guy. Oh man.

If anyone is up to volunteering for Uniwiki writing, they need editorial staff so bad. Since they dumped Evelopedia and now Eve-survival; it’s glaringly obvious how much uniwiki needs a look-see.


As a member of this Eve Online community, I find it embarrassing that we have to link wayback links or rummage around behind Steve’s website’s dumpster for most information about the game. We should try to avoid it and all do our part to make Uniwiki as great as everyone said it was before Evelopedia and Eve-Survival disappeared.


That’s so true.
Given the mature player base, time is is an issue.
Family, work… who can sacrifice time to work for a video game, instead of playing a video game you enjoy?
Hard times indeed.


As far as the point goes that @Lulu_Lunette made about Eve Survival and editorial volunteers, I’d be happy to help but I don’t know who to contact.



Third paragraph down has some details and even links to what they need worked on :slight_smile:


This is pretty old. Try mailing @Djavin_Novienta


eve-survival is dead


You people seriously need to do some research and get your facts straight and stop spreading lies.

Eve Survival isn’t dead. I just made an edit in it an hour ago.


While I commend your efforts to recruit workers for UniWiki, as an active member of this community I feel it’s disrespectful to slander the other sites just to promote your crusade.



It’s not really slander. Just raising awareness that we are promoting dead or cancelled services.

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Uh, except that it’s NOT dead as demonstrated by the 3rd post in this thread and DeMichael Crimson’s comment? I’m a strong proponent of Uniwiki, but Eve-Survival is still the best place to go for mission guidance. Declaring that it has “disappeared” or that it is a “dead or canceled service” when it’s clearly alive and well is willfully ignorant at best and a bald-faced lie by a lying liar at worst. So which are you?

Both Uniwiki and Eve-Survival can successfully coexist. My browser has this cool feature that allows me to actually keep multiple bookmarks.



“Alive and well” this is a mirror site or whatever. A dumpster no different from the Frankenstein monster behind Steve’s for Evelopedia.

Sure it works. Would be great if the effort went into putting information like this on the CCP endorsed wiki


Well, given the official statement from the owner of eve-survival, directly on the homepage of the site:


Pretty understandable that many people see it as gone. There is a whole reddit thread on it (and for all the people that bag out Reddit, the only reason there is a working version of the site now is because of that thread):


So even if information can be found, upkeep on the site probably isn’t going to be too good and the information will be outdated over time.


Lol…no. It’s not a “mirror site”. It’s the same site it’s always been and is continuing to see regular contributions and updates.

However, there’s nothing stopping you from transferring the Eve-Survival data over to Uniwiki. Just cut and paste. In fact, if Eve-Survival ever did go belly up, that’s exactly what would likely happen. So you can easy your pretty little mind about that.

In the meantime, Eve-Survival is fully functional and that’s where everybody continues to go. Deal with it.


I have no issue with people who are confused about its status. But there have now been 3 fully functional links provided in this thread which show the site fully functional and receiving updates. That’s “willful ignorance.”

You’re free to speculate about the site’s future based on the obvious frustrations of its owner, but you can’t declare it “dead”, “cancelled” or “outdated” when there’s clear and objective evidence otherwise. That’s the very definition of Fake News.


Eve-Survival is belly up. wikkawakka is what you linked :smile:

wikkawakka is like a for-profit college kind of like that all capital lettered ragequit post that’s on Eve-Survival


No, Lulu - it’s been run from the Wakka engine since at least 2011. Check the Reddit thread above to see the history from the site’s original creator.

Here’s the Wayback Machine archive of the site as it was in 2016. Notice it’s the exact same Wkka Wakka address as the current links.


If you have no issue, why all the hate?

The site is available now. It wasn’t for a time. It’s understandable that people consider it dead based on the statement of the owner to that effect.

Your mileage may vary, but someone isn’t a liar for knowing the recent history. Nor are they wilfully ignorant for knowing it either.


They are when the proof is presented to them and they continue to insist otherwise. The OP listed the original site, then someone posted the updated address that was fully functional. It was only then that we got multiple people declaring the site dead in spite of the proof that was already posted. And then continuing to insist that it’s true!


I guess there’s no limit to being an ass on the internet.

Ah well, at least this should be a good thread for new players to read and see how inflexible some people in the community can be. Take it as a warning, some people will really be an ass when there’s no need.