Eve Survival Site

Did the owners (past or present) get the site sorted? I know there was some drama a while ago and there was a discussion on deleting the site or someone else taking over. I went to the site earlier:


Seems like something is still going on. Just curious… :disappointed:

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It’s still operational and taking edits. Just click on the new link he provides on the original home page.



So that link works? I clicked on it and it gave me a page not found. Must just be me then.

Glad it works though and I’ll send people to the other link going forward. Thanks!

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It definitely works. I just checked it. And I know others have submitted recent edits.

I am curious if anyone knows who’s hosting it and who’s running it these days?

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good question as there were multiple offers to rehost it. and it was only offline for a day or two.

This is the link I have bookmarked, goes right to the mission reports, can just ctrl+f my mission and go http://eve-survival.org/wikka.php?wakka=MissionReports

Would also be interested to hear if anyone has any alternative or backup sites, in case it does go down again sometime in the future.

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When it went offline last time, my understanding was that E-Uni was offering to host and/or run it in order to keep it operating (or at least somebody from E-Uni was offering - not sure if it was an actual director or not). My hope is that they’d do so again if it ever went down for good.

I’m just not clear about who has the reigns right now and what their plans are.

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It’s just one of those tools (like Evemon and EFT) that I’d hate to be lost to the EVE players. So whatever can be done to keep it alive would be great.

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There’s some discussion about it atm.


Another thing to keep in mind is the possible introduction of dynamically generated missions/sites within the next year or two. If introduced, the generation and form of any new site will have to fall to those EVE players or groups with experience in creating/maintaining such a site. By taking over the current EVE-survival site and maintaining/improving it, valuable experience and knowledge useful in the future may be obtained.

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I strongly doubt that about missions being altered like that any time soon. Last time (and closest) CCP did something like that, they implemented Dread Pirate Scarlet. It’s at least more dynamic than other missions, but hardly what I’d be looking for. If it happens, great, but I wouldn’t bet on it. CCP seems more concerned with refining the AI and NPC behavior over rewriting how missions are structured, coded, and executed anyways.

To be honest, I’d rather them do a few small things just to get started first rather than trying to completely revamping the mission/complex system all in one go in any case. Maybe things like adding a warp-in or jump-in/decloak sequence to replace all of the instantly appearing magical spawning that tends to happen and such or clean up the various missions with structures that tend to snag spawning NPCs or fling them a couple hundred clicks away.

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Looks like its gone offline.
Battle clinic, Eft, evemon and now eve survival.
Eve forums are quiter than they used to be and ingame player channels arent as useful as they once were…

People still say EvE isnt dieing?

Hopefully it’s just technical difficulties…

But yes, there have been some really great tools that have gone away.

Uhm - no? :wink:

For the most part, the only reason people say that is because it is based on subjective reasoning. Eve is not dying, it is merely changing.

Numbers of pilots online in my primary game time would like to have a conversation with you about this.
Several years back it was not uncommon in my primary game time to see 35,000 to 40,000 pilots online when I logged in, today 18,000 to 20,000 during that same time is normal. No doubt there are a number of reasons for this drop, but players leaving the game is definitely a part of that.

Many alpha players start this game because free to play and then quickly realize that without spending money to sub they have no realistic chance of competing in any of the games activities so they quit. Veteran players are leaving because they grow tired of CCP changing the game simply to cater to new or alpha state players removing the challenge and enjoyment from things they have been doing for years.

Perhaps nul sec is the most visible aspect of these problems. CCP has made wholesale changes to null and the ships used there in a vain and desperate attempt to breathe life back into their signature area of space and yet, it is just as dull, boring and stagnant as it was years ago, back before they started trying to make it better.

Okay good its not just me that its down for.

Still does not take away from the fact that there are still many that have been playing since I don’t know when - still here. I never left - I adapted.

Good for you, but that really changes nothing with regards to EvE dying or not.
Continual declines in the number of characters online over time, and the wholesale changes CCP is making to attract and hold a group of players (free to play) that they never cared about before, as well as the increasing competition for players time / money paint a fairly bleak future for EvE. I hope I am wrong but I have seen these same basic things happen in a few dozen other games that are no longer around.

On a good news note I see that EvE Survival has once again been resurrected from the dead and is back online.

Good to see it back online and hopefully the glitch was sorted.

Did anyone ever find out who took the site over and what the plan was for it going forward?

There will always be those that see the glass as half empty.