Help the noob

So I made it about 20 minutes into doing missions after I got all the controls n settings squared away and my first tutorial went soooo bad, I was reading something and the two seekers started shooting me, I shot back blew them up and turns out I got the mission stuck… Queued up the next game to try… I looked around a bit but who’s got some good intro/guides I can scroll through before I try again?

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kudos to you for looking…really…some people don’t…


Lots of time to read while this star trek online downloads, gotta have a backup to try… Just finished with Elite “dangerous” that was a mess of a game need something different to get that foul taste out of my soul. I would not recommend that game to my enemy, its not at all what you expect. The patch they released did lessen my constant disconnects when I would come around other players, but that was only one of a giant list of bugs and glitches I ran into on top of the god awful game play. This game seems to be a hard start too but I am reading up on everything and so far I like what I see! Thanks!


I have to say that I don’t envy new players for the whole aura tutorial and beginner stuff: I find it all very confusing. I’m not suprised you have questions/issues.

But good luck and hope it all works out :slight_smile:


You won’t make it

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Oh I’m all pro baby, just need time :wink:

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Fired it back up and finished them, seems like you have to slow down for it… fine once I knew they really couldn’t damage me.

For mission running this is a good resource also…

Like anyplace Eve has its share of trolls. Once you get over the biggest part of the learning curve, Eve can be awesome. It is totally what you make of it though. Really recommend you find a good corp and join. Corp Mates make the learning curve less steep and half (or more) of the fun is group activities.


Well I had no clue the skill level progression was just time based but I had a fun week, made a few billion on the market then threw most of it away sending about 25 ships to their doom and leveling my guy… lots of places very close noobs cant go :smiley: Running missions isn’t bad, travel is fast, plenty to do to stack up loot.

Guess it will be a few months before I can compete or even see bigger content effectively, I can barely use my cruiser and I still like it just want better stuff on it but my poor sap can’t use squat yet… so I will find something else to beat meanwhile… See yall soon!

So is this an exaggeration? If not could you inform another newbie how you made “a few billion” in a week? Did it involve a credit card?

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Not at all, after all the intro quests I ended with a little over 5 million then I just flew around doubling it till I found some high dollar items some of it was luck I guess just keep an eye on that market :slight_smile: I only spent 2 days making that money, the rest I spent wasting it lol

I did go to omega for the faster training, looking back I guess I lucked out because some of the routes I took with basically my entire value in my hold where very risky.

2 days from 5 million to “a few billion” as a new player?

Male bovine excreta.

Oh…I see…
Man, you shouldn’t troll NCQ&A, cmon now…


I just found out I can see my whole history, been scoping it out looks like 1.2 billion was the most I had at once, but made over 600 mill after that, that was my first break to go out and get ships blown up… I wont share the file but ill tell ya its still there for the taking im sure… I see about 50 mill profit for less than 30 jumps rn. round trip

Ah right! From those guys in Jita local?

I thought this was the game man, things are just over inflated seems like 200 billion is a normal amount to have… I guess being a noob can be a good thing!

Well I just realized why this sounded confusing, I wasn’t turning 5mill into 10 like magic but 5 to 8 8-9 9-10 and im home again, setting a goal to double my amount and jumping around and backtracking if I had to but hitting it hard till i doubled my money then took a break and dug into the market more. I did notice all the good deals where gone by the weekend so maybe I just had good timing too, those goods didn’t last long at all that I saw earlier so clearly everyone else can see these things too.

Right so what exactly were you doing? And don’t say “hitting it hard”. Were you ratting? minning? running missions? hauling? etc. Please be very specific. I’m a new player and I’m struggling to make 10mil a day yet you’ve made 1,200 million in 7 which is about 171mil a day. Please help me out here!

Just moving items, that’s it. Low price here for these items. Buyer around 15 jumps paying 100-400k more, filling everything I can till I cant find anything left with a decent profit. Most profit I made was near 400mill on 1 item. I did get super lucky once at a gate while scanning and two criminals got blown up and their loot was open, I took that (is that ratting?) was like 30 data/relic sites worth of stuff, I kept it all tho.

I was pretty far off, I found running full speed away at a gate before I scan seems to give me a better chance to run if I see trouble coming

Ah so you made your money hauling! Good! How did you find which items to buy? Where to sell? Did you use online tools? Which ship did you fly while hauling? How is it fit?