EVE University 20th Anniversary: Beautify the UniWiki Event

On the 15th of March, EVE University celebrates its 20th birthday. Founded in 2004 by the illustrious Morning Maniac, EVE University has seen over 25 000 capsuleers pass through its halls, teaching and informing them about the many complicated areas of play that New Eden and Anoikis are rich in. As part of that effort, EVE University has maintained the UniWiki since 2009. Tens of thousands of edits later by capsuleers from all over EVE, the UniWiki has grown to be the foremost repository of knowledge for all things EVE Online, linked to even by CCP themselves. Every day, its archives of information grow, thanks to your efforts - the diligent editors of the UniWiki. Transcending the complicated politics of EVE, you all contribute to this joint project, sharing your knowledge of the game with those that need it most.

If you have ever contributed to the UniWiki, a heartfelt thank you!

If you have not - wait no longer! To celebrate the 20th birthday of EVE University and the continued beauty and depth of the UniWiki, EVE University’s Wiki Manager Arin Mara is organizing the Beautify the UniWiki Event. All those who make a valid edit to the UniWiki from now until the 7th of April are entered into a raffle, with a combined total of 5 billion ISK and a handful of PLEX to be won . For more information on how you can contribute, a detailed look at the event’s prizes, and how to have your edits entered into the prize pool, check out this post. This event is open to all capsuleers, regardless of their affiliation.

For any questions or considerations, you are welcome to comment on the EVE Uni Forum post, so that everyone can see and offer an expert answer! Of course, you are welcome to hop into the EVE University Discord, where you will find our publicly available Wiki channel to discuss all things UniWiki with your fellow capsuleers!