Wiki Interface Improvements for April

Hello New Eden! I’m Arin Mara the 15th Wiki Curator and the new Wiki Manager! :slight_smile:

Wiki editors and readers want to know if a Wiki Page is up-to-date without having to look at the Page History. From today, they can! When you hover over a Wiki link the cursor will turn into a red dot if the Page has been edited in the last 30 days.

Just like my predecessor Rayanth, I am committed to making the Wiki look more like the in-game EVE Online interface. Making Wiki reading and editing a more pleasurable experience has always been my top priority and hopefully this new feature gives you a taste of things to come. :slight_smile:

I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions about the current and future changes to the Wiki. You can find me on the Wiki Subforum or #wiki Discord Channel or in-game flying an Astero :slight_smile:

Let’s make the Wiki the most beautiful and the most truthful publicly available knowledge repository in all of New Eden! :slight_smile:

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I was told by seasoned capsuleers that a browser was once a part of the game. I’m not asking for the browser to return, but If we can get the wiki integrated into the game, that would be great for newcomers like myself.

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You can use the Steam overlay and launch Eve from there even as an external (outside of Steam) game. Then overlay their browser. Far safer than using the hackjob browser that existed in Eve before. It was a risk.

Alternatively, run it as a fixed window and you won’t see the difference then just alt+tab a browser fast.

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I have Steam but play EVE Online through the non-Steam client. I’m not sure if the Steam client for EVE allows switching of accounts when I decide to start a second Omega.

Oh well, it won’t kill me to dock or warp to a safety bookmark to alt-tab an already open browser parked on the EVE Wiki page.

“Steam → Games → Add Non-Steam Game to My library”

then you can launch from inside Steam and use the overlay.


Excellent! Thank you! I never used that feature in Steam before.

You can add more accounts to the launcher just like the regular launcher. Just any purchases you make on Steam for EVE will only go to that special Steam-made EVE account that’s tied to your Steam account.


Thanks for letting me know, Destiny. :slightly_smiling_face:

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