EVE needs an In-Game Information Portal/Archana

The third party websites that used to provide information for things like combat anomalies, exploration, missile mechanics, tracking, transversal velocity, abyssal sites, and the list goes on, have been outdated and not updated since 2015 and, so many things are not even explained, like the attribute stat boosters working even if you pod yourself or, if you jump clone in the same dock as your clone that it does not create a cool down so you can make multiple stat and implanted clones for different activities. Those kind of facts are only found through questions you don’t even know to ask, or by doing it on accident and finding out.

The information on so many subjects are not always easy to find, and the game doesn’t have nearly as many tutorials as is needed to find out.

I attempted planatery interaction the other day which I had put off for years due to not even knowing how to start it, once I installed my command center I didn’t understand what to do next, there was no tutorial, and I managed to place a couple of harvest locations but they aren’t working and I have no idea why, to find out I will have to spend a ton of time looking for a decent tutorial to explain it in a way I could understand.

Information on officer spawns, faction spawns, and escalations, are remarkably difficult to find, ship restrictions on many are impossible to find, all this crap is obnoxious as hell.

We should have a user curated/moderated Archana, that people can access in game instead of having to rely on luck to find things out.

I didn’t even know that I only needed to loot the possible spawn at the end of anomalies since the rest of the loot is just reprocess garbage and ammo. No where is that information explained.


CCP is horrible when it comes to updating documentation. There was an official wiki.at one point, but they abandoned it again because the community created wikis are just so much better and more up to date.

Here, this is where you need to go https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Main_Page


I have been using my clipboard and bookmarked links in the help channel to try and answer questions, but it is apparent that an in-game resource for self help would be appreciated. I agree with Ima that EVEUni’s site is my default resource link.

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You forget that most data in the wiki came from players and was updated by players. I myself contributed several articles there, which means it was not more or less outdated or terrible than player wikis. Besides, most player wikis aren’t being updated either on a regular basis.

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Wurm Online has a feature where anything you right click comes up with a list of options, like EVE, and one of those options is “Find this on the wiki”. Takes you straight to the wiki page you want to be on. This could be cool for EVE.

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Yes there’s a lot of junk to archive .Most of it you’ll find out asking your older peers ingame.

CCP has an old record of failing at their own game so don’t expect that from them it’s like asking a w40k mechanicus engineer to explain to you how a baneblade works,he just don’t know.

CCP devs use UniWiki to learn things about their own game.


Well some are good players but most are around newbie level of game understanding

Aren’t the ingame tutorial videos still upto date?

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