Survey Question #1: Player Action/Event History Highlights worth Taking Note of?

Survey Question #1: What are Your Top 10 moments in Player History?

Greetings Everyone!

New to EVE, not new to MMO gaming.

One of the many things that lured me into playing EVE after a couple of years of giving up on MMO style games, was the fan-fiction culture that exists in the player community here, and the richness of the game world itself, as a setting to create my own fanfic stories.

Having said that, this post is a kind of survey, which can be seen as part of my research and development process. I humbly invite any and all reading this to participate by commenting with their recollections of player driven events or historical events!

As I play through the opening PvE content, build up my 3 characters to qualify for full membership in the Corp I signed up for, and prepare for PvP action, I will be researching EVE lore here on these forums and asking a few silly survey questions now and again here on this board.

I am seeking honest player opinion and helpful pointers to resources to look up info buried deep in the existing cannon of lore and fanfic content.

My little project has its own unique and hopefully interesting context and framework that I hope the EVE community might enjoy exploring.

But I also want to integrate and honor the actual in-game history as remembered by members of the player base. Not out for individual details, but rather cliff note summaries of interesting “events” that have occurred in game.

I’m sure everyone has a story or two… I’ve seen plenty of incidents remarked upon in various threads all over the forums here from all time frames of the game’s real life history.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is already some massive timeline or history book posted here or hosted at a fan site… I just have not come across it yet! Anyone have links to that kind of resource worth looking into?

I humbly invite anyone and everyone who’s got a good yarn to spin about epic battles, or unusual gatherings, etc, to share a brief comment summarizing the historical tidbit and the impact or significance it has with the player community.

Thanks again for all the info and suggestions!

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