Is Eve having a Lore?

Do I need to know more than what is stated at the beginning of the character selection? How can I find out more about the history of eve and who are all the jerks and factions anyway?

I would search for the EVE Online Wiki , the free interactive online encyclopedia.

That is very helpful when othersglare’ don’t mess with the data

I’m not sure if it’s in the wiki link. But wait till she reads what warp drives are. :crazy_face:

Last month event the Racing event had a lot of Lore in it. I was surprised myself. Not sure if these texts can be read anywhere though.

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Try the Intergalactic Summit here on the forums. It’s where all the roleplayers and lore talk takes place. Here’s a start. A lore link to:

The Empires of EvE


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EVE has a ton of lore and backstory, going back to the beginning. All the factions, wars, politics, criminals, traitors, shady deals, terrorists and desperadoes are there. Even the jerks.

EVE’s own lore is chronicled in a number of places, but some of the prime ones are here:

Also there are many “The Scope” news channel videos:

And even novels!

No shortage of lore for EVE and some of it is very good. Just not really accessible in-game and not “needed to know” but it certainly adds a lot of color.


Note: nothing exciting ever happened.



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With just a little reading you can get a lot of lore understanding.

The stuff is great!

Much of it would make good movies on their own.

EVE lore went out the window when CCP decided to not bother with existing content and introduced triglavians and edencom.

Oh yeah forgot the video series and movies!


EvE has multiple lores.

–Helpful Gadget


Yep. Check the Rooks and Kings ‘Clarion Call’ series out as well, excellent EVE stuff in there. Personally I think they get better as the series progresses.


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Very good explained. :rofl:

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yes, but more importantly eve is having a crisis.

It dies…