Is Eve having a Lore?

Yea Aiko is a very important lore npc, one of the first ganking AI.

Midlife crisis hopefully lol

So whats Ammatar? Love to kill?


There is an eve god called BOB and people workship and shout his name in vain when ever RNG doesn’t go their way.

The Amarr praise BOB and his shiny golden plate armor, but what Amarr do not realize is that Bob’s armor has duct tape reinforcing beneath that is where its actual strength comes from which the Minmatar have adopted and mastered.

Bob had a Gallentian mistress who bore a demigod son, who he abandoned at birth. In rage she named her son, Gods ColdBlood who became king winning battle after battle each time fighting massively outnumbered.

But he held secret knowledge of fittings and divine battle tactics which allowed him to slaughter entire fleets of 30 to 50 men single handedly in his officer fit Vindictor. For decades he struck fear into men’s hearts and inspired many more to follow in his foot step’s. With each battle the citizens of new Eden learnt his tactics and his fittings and started to grow in strength. He eventually vanished but left everyone longing for battle and glory, an unquenchable desire.

Some even say they see a ghost like Vindicator lurking on a gate but when they get there its gone.

Legend has it that Concord captured all the footage from the gate cameras and saved it on their database as eve online in cold blood part 1 and part 2.

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There is no Bob. Only Aiko.


Since we are on the topic of lore… That “already running arc” to drive the story forward that is apparently already ingame and unfolding, has something actually happened yet? Searched a bit but could not find anything.

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Supposedly info on it is coming to light in the EVE news/lore sections, but I also haven’t found anybody talking about it or saying they’re finding any clues.


Very strange. It sounded like it’s some in-game thing already deployed and happening, not just news articles on the website. And since they delivered absolutely nothing else to justify “the price increase will make sense”, I thought maybe this is actually something big coming. But as usual, was probably all talk… so sad…

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State of the Union “15:00 UTC” “dive in on these topics”

/If I could ask just one question I would ask; Will the Triglavian/Edencon ship tree be releasing a Titan?

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I bet those lost to Pochven are happy they are being remembered with all these parades.

Oh wait

Just bumped into an old thread I had forgotten about, that has a lot of good info on EVE lore and resources to find more:


So are we going to get Moose Antlers skins and how would this fit into the New Eden Lore?

Moose Antlers come when CCP does the “Tom Green Seeks a Sci-Fi Dating Service” crossover.

It’ll be a smash hit!

Many thanks to CPPC T’amber for showing us “Eve Online Heraldry”, though it might not be exactly how I am perceiving the google search but am visioning moose antlers.

We need an EVE equivalent of

with Iceacid as the protagonist. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :snowflake: :innocent:


I can picture iceacid in a bad ass suit lol, with the auzi accent as well it would be perfect!
Just need an antagonist now

Also, if you don’t like to read…:

The EVE Universe Lorecast |


I hear someone is looking for an Antagonist?

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