Did ccp fire all the lore writers?


The issue is that a lot of the time it doesn’t impact everyone/a wide area so it goes un-noticed and people BELIEVE there is nothing happening. We have had 3 pretty technically Shiney SCOPE videos since October.

I also think we will see the actual impact of these threads as many of them seem to have come to a head right around Fanfest.

On a self-promotional side I have been documenting the ongoing Precursor Crisis as long as anyone. Here is my document collecting all the in game information about the Triglavians and connected entities: The Precursor Crisis - Google Docs

I also do a reading of the world news when they happen: World News - YouTube

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Not all of them, just most of them.

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The old lore used to feel like part of the game. The new lore feels completely detached from the game. I might be the only one that feels that way.


They actually hired more writers recently…

Ironically the lore used to be given out in chronicles and books while the lore now comes out more diegetically.

I love the new lore, for people who participate it feels pretty wild to see a fought you were just in on Scope. On the other side of it, The Triglavian stuff is less expositional, feels more like dark souls. Finally, AIR is looking really good as a new player experience heavy on exposition.

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NFT_Hilmar: I am the lore now!


Have they had their Amarr over all indoctrination yet?

How much did you pay for that NFT jpeg of Judge Dredd??

they realized lore doesnt bring them money. so no resources into lore anymore. mechanics and events are the future. lore is a side line.

But why bother with fake, meaningless NPC politics and dumb NPC “discoveries”?

Obviously aren’t paying much attention

Because they provide the backdrop for the world we play in, without that world, there’s not much flavour to have fun with.

Plus, not everyone’s idea of fun will align. To some, that background is quite interesting to play with.

The background used to be about capsuleers or at least subjects that were tangentially related to capsuleers.

fortnite has a lot of players and is a very successful game. can you tell me something about it’s lore?

The background’s always been about the wider Universe, the Empires, Pirates, and ALSO how capsuleers interact with them. Not just capsuleers in a vacuum, or directly just.

Its always been a factor, since game start sure, but not the only point.

does the lore really help you in any real way? does it make you fly faster? shoot harder? sleep better?
the lore is just some side stuff. the players make the real lore. you want some real lore? go watch talkinginstations and see what players do?

Note I said some people find that background quite interesting to play in and with. Not everyone will, some people, only care about the player interactions, and others just like the background as flavour.

This here, is a highly subjective opinion. One I disagree with. Player lore is great, and its important even! But its not the end all be all.

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if you care about universe lore so much, you are missing the point!

The point of eve, as a sandbox, is to find your own point dear.

For me, part of that point is enjoying the setting, and doing my own worldbuilding within it.

Okay that got a giggle that I much needed this evening, thank you!

It affects how I choose to play, who I run missions for, what I put my isk toward… aside from my pvp and industry inclinations, I’m an RPer and WorldBuilder. I write, I contextualize the actions, inactions, and choices my characters make by extension of the setting and my own world building.

Love to hear you say that while realizing the new compression arrays were directly tied into the lore for how they work, as well as how quickly and when they were released.