The Scope

What has happened to The Scope News reals, i used to enjoy these…

I presume we will not see them anymore!

Switch the channel, and watch The Discourse instead.

Pretty much outdated stuff

Devs been kicked will not surprise if one of them been responsible for SNews

The Scope got fired because they had talent.

(drops mic)

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Scope stories, audio, ui was great but the character animations were really weak. The Discourse is a great program aswell. But would like to see more Scope and possible 2 other faction news groups?

In journalistic terms, CCP makes an important contribution through a variety of output, including a number of news channelss, developer blogs, YouTube videos and, more recently, through The Scope Galactic News Network, an in-character video news channel which covers both player activity and lore. According to a 2015 interview with The Scope’s creator, CCP senior media producer Ragnar Ágúst Eðvaldsson, the channel was started as a reaction to the mainstream media approaches to B-RSRB described above; as Eðvaldsson himself noted, “The mainstream media picked up on the highlights, how much real money was lost, etc, but if you were someone who knew nothing about Eve you wouldn’t really know what was going on” (Maiberg 2015). The implication here is that The Scope’s content is aimed at a non-EVE audience, but it is more generally informative than that, pushing out information about game changes (such as the introduction of new ships) alongside coverage of lore and player activity.

"Fans and Videogames: Histories, Fandom, Archives"
Melanie Swalwell,Angela Ndalianis,Helen Stuckey

Probably they did not see what they wanted, I mean more people playing EVE.

Soon TM

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