What happend to the Video Background and Story Driven Content?

Is it just me, or whats happened to the the Scope Format, or the Pulse ?

I didnt see any new trailer around and i am wondering, whats happening at ccp. Is that as it should be. Or is that the “Silent before the Storm” Thing here ?

I really appreciated to get all the news from New Eden presented in a Format i like to watch, like the Scope etc…


CCP got bored so they stopped, see “Literally Everything”


Maybe nothing worth showing?

“Look, we released new ships! OK, they may be looking like old ships, but they have new stats and bonuses!” - Proceeds with reading new bonuses and numeric values

“Go mine in venture in dangerous space to get them!”

I would be soooo good at making PULSE show.


Maybe Mirage was pulled into actual development of game content so that they can possibly soon release a portion of what they promised at FF. With that kind of crunch, there’s no time for frivolous petpeevs like Pulse or Scope.

On the other hand, they push out video snippets of story things to players so that players can create their own “news stories” (see Ashterothi’s wall of text recently that he called “news”). Make players create the official content and get them to pay you for it. Sounds like a better money making scheme than wasting dev time on that stuff, wouldn’t you agree?


That is actual my idea behind it, pushing news and story forward. But i still miss the old formats.

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